Ladies and gentlemen, looks like ceasefire in Ukraine is now officially over.
The regime started escalating their attacks on the 10th already, and launched a full on attack along the whole western front on the day of Orthodox Easter.
What do the Russians call a NATO Rapid Reaction Force? Speed bump. The absolute histerium of Verteidigungsministerium.
Ukraine never seizes to amaze us… By legally labeling the Soviet Union “criminal regime” and calling everything Soviet ” a crime,” Ukraine outlaws and criminalizes its own existence, since it was created by the Bolsheviks. Poland is coming to take Lvov and territories, armed with the EU agreement and NATO.
Is it time for Russia to quit the “Kill Russia” club and look Pacific?
Every now and then the European nations lineup for a time honored Western tradition – a war against Russia. Like a legendary Transylvania vampire, Europe gets up from its democratic coffin in quest for Russian treasures and rivers of Russian blood. Time after time Europe shows the true face of its bestial nature.
Century after century Russia bears the brunt of the European animosity and still for centuries some in Russia look at Europe longingly, thriving for acceptance and belonging. On the true size map of Eurasia, Europe looks like a tiny appendage in comparison to the enormous Russia. To use the old British zoological metaphor, as long as Russia faces West, Europe acts like a muzzle on the Russian bears’ face. However, when Russia turns East and Pacific, towards Asia and Latin America, it discovers a honeycomb of friendly nations with wonderful ancient cultures, developed technologies, and traditionalism. Thus, Europe assumes it’s naturally destined position of an appendage clinging on to the Russian bear’s ass. Let’s call it a “tail.”
A simple explanation why the West doesn’t see the fascism in Ukraine. Don’t you hate it when people bring facts to an argument…. And last, but not least: the Polish Retarded Tower of Russophobic Paranoia: before and after design.

1. APRIL 8: Ukraine, Right Sector lawlessness in Kherson With Eng. Subs.
8th April 2015, city Kherson, future Kherson republic
Thugs of “Right sector” beat public activists from another organizations in the Kherson RSA.
It happened on 8th April 2015. In the video there are a few repetitions, may be difficult to watch it.

2. Why Poland supported Maidan
An English translation of Miroslava Berdnyk’ article. A brilliant Ukrainian historian, Miroslava has been on my must to read list since 2007. Unfortunately, her articles and materials on history of Ukraine, the Soviet Union, WWI and WWII have not being translated enough. Don’t miss this one.

3. Images of Kiev in 1985
The West calls this a “Soviet occupation.” For many people it was a wonderful time and place of happy childhood. Miroslava Berdnyk’s nostalgic journey.

4. CANADIANS: Please join your fellow Canadians in Toronto to remember the victims of the terrible Odessa Tragedy on Saturday, May 2nd.
Below is a link with the details to the event.

5. Ukraine parliament launched an irreversible process leading to the final disintegration of Ukraine
The head of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko said that the Ukrainian parliament launched an irreversible process leading to the final disintegration of Ukraine by its assertion that the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) and Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) were “freedom fighters”.
Киев запустил процессы полного распада страны, признав членов ОУН-УПА борцами за свободу – Захарченко
During the Great Patriotic War, the OUN cooperated with Nazi German intelligence agencies and fought against the Soviets. In 1943, the OUN formed the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA). The OUN actively promoted recruitment efforts for the 14. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS “Galizien” (galizische/ukrainische SS-Division Nr 1). According to scholarly research, the OUN and UPA killed at least a million people, including about 200,000 Poles.
“They’re trying to embroil Russia with Ukraine by making such a law. This attempt to glorify UPA soldiers is farcical. This ‘historic’ declaration causes nothing but disgust and revulsion. However, it IS historical, because this action today formalizes the victory of fascism in Ukraine. Very soon, most Ukrainians will conclude that the country is destroyed. The Ukrainian leadership launched an irreversible process leading to the complete disintegration of the country,” – Zakharchenko said.

6. Kiev unleashes terror in Ukraine
Since April 2014, the beginning of the Kiev junta war on the territory of Ukraine only in Donetsk People republic about 2230 persons are considered missing without a trace.

7. Ukraine cancels the cornerstone of any judicial system – the principle of presumed innocence. Here the text of the law in Ukrainian language (Write-up in Russian)

8. Full victory of fascism in Ukraine
O.U.N. (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists)
Ukrainian parliament defines WWII nationalist insurgent army as independence fighters
To gain some historical perspective, let’s look at the Bloomberg article from October 2012 on Neo-fascism in Ukraine
“Ukraine this week held a deeply flawed election,” “the biggest gains went to a party of neo-fascists,” “it’s hard to imagine a more depressing outcome.” “for the EU and the U.S. alike, the priority should be to avoid widening the fissures between the Ukrainian-speaking west and Russian-speaking east, or driving the government into the arms of Vladimir Putin, Russia’s President.” Svoboda, led by Oleh Tiahnybok “changed its name from the Social-Nationalist Party and dropped a Swastika-like emblem. Still, much of its appeal lies in hardcore ethnic-Ukrainian nationalism and a hatred of Poles, Russians, Jews and gays. These have deep roots in Ukraine’s history and should give pause.”

Peculiarities of the Ukrainian fascism by Scott
The legislation, which also targets Nazi propaganda was adopted by 254 votes in favor in the 450-member parliament, or Rada. It bans all symbols and propaganda representing “the totalitarian Communist and Nazi regimes” — from street names and flags, to monuments and plaques. It effectively cancels the existence of Ukraine, since it was created by the Communist Bolsheviks government in 1919-1920 and signed into law by Lenin.
However a separate law adopted by the same hardworking Rada on Thursday April 8, officially recognizes the role of a nationalist group that fought for Ukraine’s independence in the mid-20th century and is still popular in western Ukraine.

We are talking about OUN, UPA, those various Nazi collaborators, murderers (Petro Dyachenko) , and those that haven’t been rehabilitated yet, while many were previously (Bandera, Shukevych). Most of western media skipped it altogether.

The bill is actually interesting, since it proclaims Nazi collaborators and mass murderers of Poles, Jews, Russians, and Ukrainians as freedom fighters, and calls for prosecution of Ukrainians and foreigners who show disrespect towards OUN, UPA, or any other “Ukrainian Hero.”
Some people call this law divisive and comparable to the post-Maidan ban on Russian language that led to the Ukrainian Civil war and an escape of Crimea. Others say that it’s no biggie, just the expressive use of folklore.

The biggest mistake in war and market investments is to look at the past performance and assume that the things would be the same. The First World War was different from the Anglo-Franco Crimean War in 1853-1856. the Second World War was different from the Chechen War, the Chechen war was different from the Civil war in Ukraine. The NATO war with Russia and its allies will be different from any other war in the history of mankind. Just like the investment in Citibank in 2009 wasn’t anything like investment into the same bank today.

Comparing the fascist ideology in Hitler’s Germany to the modern fascist ideology in Ukraine is a somewhat misguided and misplaced endeavor, unless you agree that the only constant here is the demonization of the Russian nation. However, the superiority of Aryan race as a driving force of the European fascism circa mid 20 century has been replaced in Ukraine by the revenge of the Semites. Not against Germans – the exterminators, mind you. It’s a revenge against Russians, the liberators. The same Russians who spilled blood and treasure all over Europe to liberate its nations and to open gates of the death camps. The same Russians who gave the Jews the highest positions of power in their state, culture, finance, business, education, and science. The same Russians who vouched for the creation of Israel. The same Russians that agree to punish antisemitism with the lengthy jail sentences. I kid you not. The Westerners are indoctrinated to believe that fascism is pure anti-Semitic philosophy. Consequently, how dare we to call a Jew, wearing swastika and commanding the battalion of Nazis, a fascist. No, we must dubbed him a “Cossack hunter.”
Meet Tuvia Tenenbom, a self-proclaimed “theater director, playwright, author, journalist, essayist and the founding artistic director of the Jewish Theater of New York. ” He makes his pilgrimage to Lvov in futile search of Ukrainian fascists.

Traveling down this rabbit hole, he meets Nathan Chazin, a citizen of Israel who served in IDF. He wears a Star of David and the uniform of the Right Sector. Nathan is presently commanding a Right Sector battalion and is very proud of his role in genocide of Russians in Donbas.

In the Jewish community center in Kiev, the author was informed that the Right Sector is not anti-Semitic organization. How could the Right Sector be anti-Semitic with so many Jews commanding officers, like the Chief of communications Right Sector Boris Blaher AKA Borislav Bereza, a real boyfriend of Anna Duritskaya? Or a former IDF soldier, Nathan Chazin, or an ex-soldiers of Israel Army claiming to create a Jewish battalion “Matilan” for fight against Novorossia? The financing of this paramilitary forces also comes from Jews. Would Jews finance the Nazis?
Next, Tuvia meets three banderas, named after the all-time legendary Ukrainian fascist, Stepan Bandera. They are from Volosyanka and two of them are Jewish.

Tenenbom’s thesis: these nice, simple people decorated with swastikas and fascist flags, cannot be fascists because they like Jews. They just hate Russians.
Ukraine – Donbas SITREP
1. Fighting picks up in war-torn Donetsk

2. Ukrainian troops are intensively shelling the positions of the DPR army with all types of weapons, the DPR Defense Ministry reported to the Donetsk News Agency. April, 13 2015. Donetsk People’s Republic, Novorossiya.
“According to our information, Ukrainian army is still intensively shelling our positions with all types of weapons, including heavy artillery, from the settlement of Opytniy. The settlement is controlled by the Ukrainian troops,” – the Defense Ministry said. It also refuted reports of some media, which alleges that the positions of the DPR army has been ousted from Peski and there is a possibility of a breakthrough of the Ukrainian army.
“We do not confirm those reports,” – the DPR Defense Ministry said.
Meanwhile, the cannonades are heard in ALL the districts of Donetsk, including the center of the city.
The links to their articles only open from the page itself.

3. “Slavyansk. Chronicles of War” documentary by Maxim Fadeyev [eng subs]

4. Horrific Results of the April 12 bombardment of Town Hospital #21
Страшные последствия вчерашнего обстрела 21-й больницы
APRIL 13: Video. It’s in Russian, but easy to understand. Yesterdays bombardment by the Kiev occupational forces left the hospital in ruins. Just follow the war reporter Kathrin Katina to see the horrific results of the bombardment of the 21st Town Hospital in township Oktyabrskaya, Donetsk.

5. 14 April, DAN Donetsk News Agency: DNR Min of Defense Says Disinformation on Junta Breakthrough near Peski was to Panic Donetsk Residents
Вброс дезинформации о «прорыве» позиций армии ДНР был призван посеять панику среди дончан – Минобороны (Link is blocked, go to
A source at the DNR Ministry of Defense Minoborony told us, “Last night, there was disinformation circulating that our positions near Peski were cut off and that an attack threatened Donetsk. We believe that it was a premeditated provocation by official Ukrainian sources, who wanted to spread panic amongst the civilian population. Thanks to our prompt reaction to it, we foiled this provocation”. Overnight on 13 April, a number of media outlets reported that junta forces knocked the VSN out of Peski, with a threat of a junta breakthrough to Donetsk. The DNR Minoborony definitively refuted this disinformation.

6. April 13: Donetsk – Spartak-Airport , ongoing battle, 22:00
13.04.2015 22.00 Ночной бой Пески-Спартак-Аэропорт. Video

7. April 13: Interview with ‪‎NAF‬ veteran Botsman
[eng subs] “Sides became stronger, war’s gonna get more violent”
A highly intelligent military officer of the NAF assess the situation and calls for the Ukraine forces to get rid of the powers in Kiev and to start an honest dialogue about the future of the country “without the middlemen.” He also urges civilians to flee if the front is at least 30 kilometers from their homes.
“You can always come back after it’s over. We don’t want civilians killed, because it’s going to be like nobody has ever seen before.”

8. April 14-15: BREAKING NEWS: NAF moves large amounts of troops direction ‪‎Donetsk‬ airport ‪Spartak‬ was nearly surrounded last night by ‪Ukrainian‬ troops, NAF suffered serious casualties, but held strong, ‪‎Voentorg‬ saved the day.

9. NAF managed to repel all attacks on Spartak yesterday. Heavy losses on both sides. NAF have several KIA, 50 WIA and armor losses DONETSK—This speaks about demonstration of bravery of Givi’s Somali and the resilience of NAF troops and command in general. Let us hope NAF can now counterattack in force. Destroy the Ukronazis.

10. Recent Events In Donbas, Ukrainian Forces Continue the Attacks
Ukrainian Forces is using foreign mercenaries in their attack on Donetsk and Mariupol Area ( NAF locations).

11. The death of the 36 NAF soldiers in the 1st battle for the Donetsk Airport, Vostok command fault, some kind of conspiracy.

12. Heavy Infantry Fighting in Marinka Near Donetsk

12. American troops landed in Lvov 14.04.2015


14. ‎Ukraine‬ regime violated the ceasefire 66 times yesterday using artillery, tanks & mortars against Donetsk & villages

15. De-Christianization of Ukraine. 100s Orthodox church buildings destroyed by Ukrainian forces

16. NAF managed to suppress Ukraine’s advance & eliminate the threat to and springboard for attack on city suburbs.

17. Truck with humanitarian aid for ‪Debaltsevo‬ kids passes through a narrow strip of a blown-up bridge

18. APRIL 13-15: Reports Twitter and : PESKI—According to various reports, fighting continued, w/NAF either remaining on the outskirts (more likely) or regaining positions.
Fresh Attacks on Petrovsky ( Donetsk district )
LUGANSK‬—In ‪‎LPR‬, at ‪‎Bakhmutka‬ highway, the Ukraine forces offensive has largely petered out, with NAF holding their positions.
‪SPARTAK‬—As for Spartak, the NAF was able, ultimately, to hold its positions in the settlement and Ukraine forces advance was refuted.
PESKI—More important resume is that #NAF didn’t allow Ukraine to develop its initial success in Peski and successfully curtailed advance.
‎GORLOVKA‬—Ukraine forces conducting artillery strikes on the outskirts of Gorlovka since approximately 19:30 & late into the night.
LUGANSK—LPR Army’s losses for April 13, 2015: seven wounded, 4 tanks, 2 APCs and 2 IFVs damaged.
SHIROKINO—Part of Motorola’s unit reported to have arrived to Shirkino, what looks like in preparation for a sweep of its western outskirts
NAF Command is currently deciding whether to return artillery back to the line of front. NAF units have been raised for battle.

19. [eng subs] Interview with “Texas” — NAF volunteer from US, Donetsk airport area

20. Over 2 million children have suffered as a result of the civil war, there are more than 200 killed children among them.
Over 490 schools were destroyed in the DPR, along with 78 hospitals.
100,000 children have not attended school for one year, hiding in basements.

1. Russia to sue if Ukraine does not redeem $3 billion in Eurobonds – Russian finance minister

1. Germany increasing tank numbers to 328 active tanks
All battalions are to be brought to 100% strength concerning tanks, from 225 to 328.
PS. a link to the UN register of National holdings of German heavy equipment, before the discussion on “stored tanks” even begins: (from 2013) Essentially they’re rearming the ghost battalion (on paper Germany has 6 tank battalion, in practice they only have the tanks for 5).
What’s in store? According to debates on the 100+ A5 are all sold to Poland and the A4 are said to be too old to be upgraded anymore. So where are the A5 stocks to be upgraded/reactivated?
Interesting, how Germany will pay for this. Rebuilding 20 ex-Dutch A6 to A7 cost 20 millions. Where is the budget to come from? Just consider the trouble with the big-ticket projects the BW already has? There won’t be a cent more from Schäuble, that’s for sure.
“Die gebrauchten Panzer sollen für 22 Millionen Euro von der Industrie zurückgekauft und dann ab 2017 modernisiert werden, wie das Verteidigungsministerium am Freitag bekanntgab.”
Neither the number 22 million € nor the phrase “bought back from the Industry” makes much sense to me Or maybe KMW hoards hundreds of “corporate main battle tanks”

2. NATO Conducts First Test Of “Russia Rapid Response Force”
NATO completed the first military drills for its new rapid reaction force, on Thursday (9 April 2015). From Tuesday (7 April 2015) through Thursday, more than 1,500 troops took part in exercise “Noble Jump,” designed to test whether troops assigned to NATO’s new Spearhead Force, or Very High Joint Readiness Task Force, could be ready to deploy 48 hours after receiving an order-to-move.
Across Europe, headquarters personnel from Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Norway, Slovenia, Poland and Portugal tested their responses to NATO alert orders. In the Czech Republic and the Netherlands, troops and equipment were assembled quickly at airfields and railway stations as if they were about to depart. The units involved in this week’s exercise will also be involved in further trials in Poland in June.
Moscow meanwhile is urging the removal of all foreign military formations from Ukraine, including the instructors from the United States and NATO.
I have collected several pages of links reflecting some of the NATO activities along the Russian borders in March and April. I will post them in my next report.

1. BERLIN, April 13. /TASS/. Russia does not plan to renew the contract for the natural gas transit via Ukraine after 2019, Russia’s Minister of Energy Novak said on Monday.
“Alexey Miller [CEO of Gazprom – TASS] has said the transit contract with Ukraine will not be renewed after 2019. All the efforts are currently focused on implementing construction of the infrastructure for the natural gas transport to Turkey,” the minister said.
Is this a gratuitous jab at the EU? This means also that Austria will depend exclusively on Nord Stream. It’s old news, unless Russia feels necessary to remand everyone about the Ukraine losing its lucrative status as a gas transit country.

2. Russia Has No Plans to Invade Ukraine – French Intelligence
Complete silence in the Western Media on a “Russia envision” that never been.
Even French are not talking. The General himself mentions this deplorable truth once, in a context of absence of trust between the NATO members.

3. Crimea Cracks Down on Corruption

4. GENEVA, April 14. /TASS/ Russia ready to move toward common economic space with EU
According to Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov, the first step on that road could be talks on establishment of a free trade zone between the EU and the Eurasian Economic Union.

5. Guest Post: Russian-Iranian Cooperation In The Creation Of New Regional Security Systems
“It is quite obvious that Russia cannot substitute the West and in particular European countries with someone else.”
See my argument against #4 and #5 at the summary of this sitrep.

6. Behold the Polish Retarded Tower of Russophobic Paranoia
This is the original design:
And this is the end result trimmed by the Brussels apparatchiks…,nId,1712122

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