1. Adviser to Ukraine’s Minister of defense admitted that the Ukrainian Armed Forces have relocated heavy artillery to the front line in violation of the Minsk agreement (Source)
Советник министра обороны Украины признал, что ВСУ перебрасывают артиллерию к линии фронта и нарушают Минские соглашения

2. America’s Dark History of Supporting Ukrainian Fascists and War Criminals By Andrey Panevin (Source)
August 10th, 2015 – Documents declassified by the CIA under a FOIA request entitled The NAZI War Crimes Declassification Act show that not only was the CIA monitoring Ukrainian fascist groups during and after WWII, it was also actively aiding them and protecting them from prosecution. These and other documents can be found in the CIA’s Freedom of Information Act Electronic Reading Room.
Stepan Bandera, the leader of the OUN (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists), Yaroslav Stetsko a prominent figure in the OUN, Mykola Lebed a prominent Ukrainian fascist whose desire to “cleanse the entire revolutionary territory of the Polish population”, and countless of other Ukrainian fascists have been supported and protected by the American government.

“These years of supporting Ukrainian fascism have allowed the US and its allies to hone their sordid skills to perfection, to the point that, in 2015, an openly fascist Ukrainian government is terrorizing those that it considers undesirable and spewing hatred at its ‘subhuman’ Russian neighbors. In the meantime the mainstream press and their western paymasters will continue to promote the easily disproved fallacy that “there are no fascists in Ukraine”. Not only are there fascists in Ukraine, but they also occupy the highest levels of the American government and its agencies.

3. About the fake “battles” and the local “victories” of the UAF (Source)
О фейковых «боях» и локальных «победах» ВСУ

7. Zaporozhye buried dozens of nameless Ukrainians soldiers killed near Ilovaysk and Debaltsevo in 2014 (Photos)
Под Запорожьем похоронили десятки безымянных солдат, погибших под Иловайском и Дебальцево

9. Special Drive …it has come to this and again it seems a failure according to opinion of zoologists. Ukraine’s Army to Train Raccoons as Sappers (Source)
One of the sapper units of the Ukrainian army stationed in the city of Kharkiv is planning to train raccoons to search for explosives and clear mine fields, according to local media reports.

10. The Chinese foreign Minister has criticized Obama (Source)
Глава МИД Китая раскритиковал Обаму
Chinese Foreign Minister criticises Obama for Africa comments

11. Experts: part of the Russian ruling class is closely connected with Poroshenko (Source)
Эксперты: Часть российского правящего класса тесно связана с Порошенко
Why Russia still supports criminal Kiev regime

12. Soldiers UAF: We understand that 80 percent of the population of Donbass is against us

13. Arthur Senko: I found out why they keep shelling Donetsk.( Video)
Я узнал, почему обстреливают Донецк.
Turns out that The Ukrainians armed forces constantly shelling and bombing Donetsk so the local population would start hating the self-defenders.

14. Ukrainians urge to kill of the Russian war correspondent Dmitry Steshin (Source)
Украинцы призывают убить военкора Дмитрия Стешина (ФОТО)

15. America is preparing for war in Transnistria (using google translation) (Source)

16. Bravo!! The head of the Ukrainian General staff: Surrender of Debaltseve is one of the most successful operations of the UAF (Source)
Глава украинского Генштаба: Сдача Дебальцево — одна из самых успешных операций ВСУ

17. Артём Гришанов – Враг у ворот / Enemy at the gates / War in Ukraine (English subtitles) (Video)

18. Court of Kyiv refused to oblige Poroshenko to declare martial law (Source)
Суд Киева отказался обязать Порошенко объявить военное положение

19. NI: “Right sector” threatens not only to Kiev, but to the authority of the United States (Source)
NI: “Правый сектор” угрожает не только Киеву, но и авторитету США

20. News Front indicates now that Telmanovo appears to be the next major target of the ongoing UAF offensive. (Video)

21. Russian Children in the Donbass War (Video)
While politicians are playing into the category of territories, children are left without parents, disabled, hiding every day in damp basements in the line of fire, die.

22. John Batchelor Podcast Ft Prof Stephen F.Cohen (11th August 2015) (Source)
Tuesday 11 August 2015 / Hour 2, Block B: Stephen F. Cohen, NYU & Princeton professor Emeritus; The; & author; in re: [Steve Cohen on the WaPo editorial] . . . Saakashvili suddenly becomes Ukrainian? He’s under indictment n Georgia and had to flee, almost started a major war with Russia – none of this is mentioned in the odd WaPo editorial. A kind of mini-American invasion of Ukraine, the US ambassador went to Donbass then blogged about how well things are going. This is specifically a provocation. Someone has assembled this combination – the someone are in Washington, probably the same people who want to kill Minsk II. . . .

Odessa. . . . to the extent that this is a war between Ukrainian nationalism and Russia, Odessa is profoundly a Russian city – culturally historically, politically. The population is divided almost 50/50; why does the US urge Kiev to [lurch] to one side? A Russian general to the BBCL: He, himself, had long ago been in charge of training foreign armies; when you do so, you’re not just trainers but minders,, and must go to the front line with the troops. This means that more Americans will move to the eastern front, risking more Americans ‘ being killed.

In May 2014, 48 Odessans fled into a building, the pro-Kiev fascists [formally pro-fascist], Right Sector, locked the doors and set the bldg afire; when several people managed to escape, they were beaten or shot to death. This was a massacre. Now the US ambassador announces that he hadn’t been to Odessa since “the fire.” It was a terrifying massacre; the US ambassador has spoken an obscenity.

US Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker promised in a nationally televised debate to arm Ukraine and deploy US troops in Poland and the Baltic states if he won the 2016 election.

Russia and Others

1. Russian Arms Beat US in Price and Usability – Think Tank (Source)
The head of the Russian military analytic center believes that despite new challenges that are unique for country’s defense history, Russia has a number of advantages in military industry. Ruslan Pukhov, the member of the Russian Defense Ministry’s Public Advisory Board and one of the founders of the Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST) based in Moscow, has been following the development of the Russian defense industry since the collapse of the USSR. He has analyzed the key
military challenges for Russia’s defense industry. Russia has become the world’s second largest arms supplier after the US, and launched a huge army modernization program worth more than $350 billion, and it it can be considered a great achievement, according to Pukhov.

Russia has a number of significant advantages in its military industry of the US, Pukhov said. For instance, the country has some exclusive military technologies, which have markets around the globe.

In addition, Russian equipment is not as expensive as that of the US. Russian armaments could be constructed by “less sophisticated machines” that will make production cheaper.

The other advantage is the fact Russian arms are “very user-friendly,” allowing people without specific education and skills to operate them. “US fighter aircraft look like Swiss watches, but Russian fighters
look like tanks. Would you prefer to fight with a tank or a Swiss watch?” – Pukhov joked.

After all, Pukhov declared that the country’s military industry is referred in many aspects to the Russian methods of waging wars, which originated in 15th century, proving the famous saying by Otto von Bismarck that “Russia is never as strong as it looks, and
Russia is never as weak as it looks.”

Suspension of cooperation with the West prompted Russia to launch an import substitution program. The military equipment and arms import substitution plan was finalized in December 2014. Russia is currently undergoing a $325-billion rearmament program for a 70- percent modernization increase in its military’s weaponry by 2020.

2. Foreign Policy: NATO makes one stupid mistake after another (Source) (In German)
Foreign Policy: NATO macht eine Dummheit nach der anderen Weiterlesen:

3. NATO Uses German Soldiers to Intimidate Russia – Austrian Magazine (Source)
Germany is sending soldiers and military equipment to Latvia and Poland as a part of a NATO Response Force. With this symbolic act, the military alliance demonstrates to Russia its military “strength” that can be used at any moment, the Austrian Contra Magazin wrote.

4. Iran and Russian-Chinese experience with Fifth Column by Amb. M.K. Bhadrakumar (Source)

5. Review of Gilbert Doctorow’s Does Russia Have a Future? By James Carden (Source)
I cannot possibly put it better than the author himself: “The fundamental premises of international relations which have been taken on faith for too long must be openly debated. Only then can we begin to address lost opportunities with Russia…and with many other powers as well.”
Because the war in eastern Ukraine still threatens to metastasize into a full blown war between Russia and the West, Doctorow’s message is all the more timely; that his book contains essential truths about how and why we got to his point makes it essential.

6. Will Donald Trump Save America and the World by Making a Deal with Putin by Edward Lozansky (Source)
At this point it looks like the only and lonely sane voice in Washington belongs to the Secretary of State John Kerry who recently stated that he “doesn’t agree with the assessment that Russia is an existential threat to the United States…. Certainly we have disagreements with Russia…but we don’t view it as an existential threat.”

As for the huge crowd of presidential candidates, it looks like so far the only one who promises to fix the U.S. — Russia relations thus avoiding a looming disaster is Donald Trump. In his recent interview on CNN he said that he would be able to work well with the Russian president.

No matter how the media and Republican Party establishment are trying to humiliate Trump, I for one would give him a chance.

7. Syria ready to join international anti-ISIL bid: Russia (Source)

8. Russia dismisses ‘unfounded accusations’ about chemical weapons in Syria (Source)

9. On a slow fire by Israel Shamir (Source)
На медленном огне

10. One of the most moving videos I have watched recently (Source)
Syria – a black hole: Ten days in the refugee camp of Bab Al Salameh

11. ISIL Serves as Pretext for US Regime Change Agenda in Syria – Analyst (Eric Draister) (Source)

12. Counter-terrorist operation launched in Russia’s Dagestan (Source)

13.Soft Power Dictatorships Versus A Soft and Hard Power Failing Imperial Democracy By Edward S.Herman (Source)
The New York Times is a very good newspaper, except where ideology and party line demands intrude.
Unfortunately these intrusions occur often and are of great importance.
The Times is the paper of record of an imperial superpower whose leaders have long and regularly flaunted international law and used their great military and economic power recklessly, in good part because they can get away with it. They push and push, eventually starting or provoking a war when their target refuses to surrender .
The collapse of the Soviet Union worsened this situation by removing a force of containment.

15.Russia will increase the fleet of the Russian air force for about 150 units (Source)
Россия увеличит авиапарк ВВС РФ на около 150 единиц

16. Hatred of the Russian victories: cry of the “fifth column” of a lost defeats (Source)
Ненависть к русским победам: Плач «пятой колонны» об утраченных поражениях

17.  The Russian air force as part of the exercises was bombed with inscriptions “To Berlin!” and “For
Stalin!” (Source) (Source)
ВВС РФ в рамках учений сбрасывали бомбы с надписями “На Берлин!” и “За Сталина!”, – Bild.

18. Russian universities are a battleground for Russia’s future (Source)

19.Ukraine in miniature: Will the West start the civil war in Moldova? (Source)
Украина в миниатюре: развяжет ли Запад гражданскую войну в Молдавии?

20. Valery Korovin: the President of Poland made a “request for a piece of Ukraine” and dreams to bring back 1939 borders (Source)
Валерий Коровин: Президент Польши сделал “заявку на кусок Украины” и мечтает о границах 1939 года

21. What China’s Devaluation Means to the U.S. Economy (Source)

22. Mikhail Gorbachev: US Military an ‘Insurmountable Obstacle to a Nuclear-Free World’ (Source)

23. NATO Braces for Possible Military Conflict With Russia – Think-Tank (Source)

24. Burning Churches Is Legitimate Under Jewish Law by Gilad Atzmon (Source)

25. The U.S. is Plotting a Color Revolution in Russia (Video)
August 11 – Paul Joseph Watson.

26. The Baltic fleet has honored the memory of “Kursk” (Source)
На Балтийском флоте почтили память «Курска»

Never forget this date when exactly 15 years ago a tragedy
befell on poor souls who were serving the motherland. Lets pay our respect by remembering those who perished and pray for their near and dear ones to have the strength to bear this .

27. Historical chronology of the ongoing repressions against the Serbs (Source)

28. A Russian Soldier’s letter to Obama (Video)
A letter to Barack Obama from a Russian conscript.
Pasha Chemp, a poet with an invitation to Obama to come and visit Russia, instead of looking at each other through radars. “Why, instead of your face, Europe and America keep showing us your ass?”
Beautiful video and a great message.

29. Johann A. Saiger: When Germany & Russia are at war – America & England benefit (Video)
In this Interview, explains Johann Saiger his views on the current geopolitical Situation in Germany. He begins his analysis with a look back at the past world wars and draw a line up to the current events in Ukraine. (In German and No English Subs)

30. The speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation is confident that for all the violations of international law the U.S. must be taken to the international tribunal (Source)
Спикер Государственной Думы РФ уверен, что за все нарушения международного права США должны ответить перед судом


Some cars in the middle East have interesting design. Takbir! (Photo)
Автомобили на Ближнем Востоке имеют некоторый дизайн. Такбиръ!

Sanctions against Russia (Source)

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