Some people say that god created Ukrainians so we could make fun of them, but I don’t believe that ethnic Ukrainians themselves share this sentiment due to a complete absence of a sense of humor.

I grew up someplace else, but graduated from high school in Kiev, where I studied with other hardworking, determined, intelligent, and success driven students. Now, most of them live in Moscow, Germany, Israel, and Canada. What actually has happened in the past quarter of a century is an example of social engineering of a nation into a completely different breed of people. Those normal intelligent people who remain in this country are being ruled by a fascist mob.

There were some signs of premonition, though. Once, our next door neighbor, a director of a large medical center, met my mom in the hallway and told her, “We, Ukrainians are feeding you, katsap [Ukr. slur for Russians]. Eat, eat, until your bellies explode.” He was drunk and later apologized.

After graduating from high school, I took my application to the Kiev State University department of Slavic languages and Balkan countries. I graduated top of my class and was a member of the Children (Malaya) Academy of Science, however people in the admissions office looked at my papers and said, “You’re Russian, so you should study in Moscow. Kiev University is for Ukrainians only.” When I came back home and told my mom, she got very pale like she saw a ghost. “Last time I checked, we lived in the Soviet Union,” she said. “We are one country with equal rights for everyone. How could they not take your application? Something horrible is going to happen here. We have to leave Ukraine immediately. Before it’s too late.” And we did.

She still shudders, when we talk about this, goes to church and lights a candle for the Archangel Michael, the Archistrategos, for taking us out of Ukraine before it fell into the abyss.

Just to give you a measurement unit for Ukrainian neo-Nazism, compare this with Israel, a militant religious ultra-nationalist society obsessed with purity of blood, that accepted me to one of their Universities without any qualms.

Two weeks after the previous SITREP several interesting events took place in Ukraine, each with a different degree of tomfoolery. Poroshenko paid Maidan number 3, which wasn’t. For numerological purposes we will name it Maidan 2 3/4. It started with an unsuccessful attempt of some fractions in Ukraine’s parliament to remove the prime Minister, Yatsenyuk. Poroshenko wants to replace Yatsenyuk with his man. Yats, as we all know, was appointed by the US State Department, and that’s why he proved to be irreplaceable. Maidan 2 3/4 ended victoriously with customary pogroms of the offices of companies with Russian capital. This assault on the Russia’s investments into Ukraine points that organizers of these pogroms were the US and EU companies that want complete control over Ukrainian economy.

“Maidan” anniversary ended up in pogroms of Banks and Offices in Kiev. Eng. Subs
Any Maidan without approval of the US state department is illegal. [source]

The Western-run Ukrainian media responded to this new Maidan and pogroms with their customary blaming Russia. For instance, or Svoboda Slova is a Ukraine based NGO organized by Dmitrij Dacenko, a Lithuanian born serial NGOs creator based in London. He published an “analytical” article titled: Pogrom in center Kiev is a mindless Kremlin technology that failed.


This is a very interesting turn of events.

On Sunday, armed groups of Ukrainian neo-Nazis organized pogroms of offices of Alfa-Bank and Sberbank.

Andrew Kramer on torching of the “Russian” bank offices.
“The pro-Western government, which has not hesitated to impose sanctions and trade restrictions on profitable Russian businesses here, such as airlines, has mostly left the banks alone.”
“The Russian banks are now receiving or are likely to receive an infusion of funds from their parent corporations in Russia in order to stay afloat, according to banking analysts, and are a source of much-needed capital for Ukraine.”
According to Mr. Kramer, those who torched and firebombed buildings with people living there in the middle of the densely populated urban areas, were “Ukrainian activists.” Not terrorists, mind you.
Maybe Mr. Kramer knows something…

And now hard truth:
Alfa Bank Ukraine is owned by ABH Holdings S.A., a private investment group with a headquarter in Luxemburg. Official owners are Mikhail Fridman from Lvov and German Khan from Kiev, both are citizens of Israel. Both have distanced themselves from Russia, and both were very active supporters of Maidan.
Alfa Bank Russia and Alfa Bank Belarus are also parts of this holding.
Offices of SCM Group, a company of Rinat Akhmetov, a Ukrainian businessmen were also destroyed. Akhmetov, by some accounts, financially backed Ultra-nationalist groups, private military companies, and foreign mercenaries that were running all over Donbass in 2014 acting as the Right Sector and Strelkov-Girkin groups.
Sberbank is a Russian bank. Bank’s director, German Gref is an open anti-Putin neo-liberal, who demands the return of Crimea to Ukraine, who says that people should never be allowed to elect government officials, who demands a full privatization of Sberbank and was refused by Putin. Immediately after Maidan, Gref deposited from $5 to $7 billion dollars, of Russian taxpayers money, in the Ukrainian branches, to support the new junta! These money have never been recovered. Mr. Gref also refuses to open branches of Sberbank in Crimea and Sevastopol.

Essentially, neo-Nazis just went and smashed offices of the sponsors of Maidan.

New government coalition in Ukraine: old oligarchs and new oligarchs play musical chairs game on Titanic. [source]

After failing to get rid of Yatsenyuk, Poroshenko decided to build a majority, just like Joe Biden told him. Political life in Ukraine after boiling over for a moment has returned to its designated place, under the rug. Maidan brought forward a situation of unlawfulness, that it just keeps expanding, like a vortex. It’s not just that there is no coalition in the government. It’s much worse. It’s an illegal state of governmental demise, where every participant is only interested in preserving his or her place at the state troth.

Of course further scandals are anticipated, because it was just announced that Europarlament will take a direct role in the formation of “coalition 2”. Or, like Yulia Timoshenko says it “kaolition.” Expect great things coming next week from Brussels

Poroshenko has already booked a flight to Fashington for the end of March. He has to give a report on the successful work in building democracy and unity in his government.

The further Ukraine goes into the Post-Maidan forest, the more it looks like the worst case scenario. The total dependence of the government on external powers Kiev is not even trying to hide. It’s the price of such dependency that is being paid by the nation’s economy, culture, identity, and by every Ukrainian, by struggling with many ills and problems of modern Ukrainian life, that no one mentions.

Kiev junta continues to disintegrate in two distinct ways: 1. Rats are leaving the ship; 2. Regions demand political and fiscal autonomy.

1. Rats are leaving the ship
1. Ukrainian Deputy Procurator General Vitalii Kasko, has resigned. Mr. Kasko told journalists in Kyiv on February 15 that “the straw that broke the camel’s back” was a move by Prosecutor-General Viktor Shokin to take all of Kasko’s activities under his control. On February 16, Procurator General Viktor Shokin resigned after Poroshenko asked him and Yatsenyuk to step down. Shokin has faced accusations of stalling high-profile corruption cases against allies of Viktor Yanukovych, the former president who was toppled by protests in February 2014. Poroshenko said that Shokin and Yatsenyuk should quit “in order to restore trust in the government.” “The announcement to replace [Shokin] is a signal of Ukraine’s seriousness about its reform process,” U.S. State Department spokesman Mark Toner told reporters on February 16. Batkivshchyna, an ally in Ukraine’s ruling coalition, has quit, calling the alliance a “clans’ coalition that brought the nation to the extreme point of destruction.” The leader of the party, Yulia Tymoshenko, made the announcement on February 17 and urged other lawmakers to also walk out of the coalition.

2. Regions demand political and fiscal autonomy.
Dnipropetrovsk region deputies voted in favor of economic autonomy. The administrations of two districts of Dnepropetrovsk region unanimously adopted an appeal addressed to Poroshenko, Rada and the Dnipropetrovsk regional Council urging them to pass a bill on the economic autonomy of the region.
According to the Kiev newspaper “Izvestia”, in their address, Krinichansky and Verhnedneprovsky district councils state the necessity to adopt the autonomy bill is dictated by the difficult economic situation in Ukraine:

“We have to admit that, despite of all the efforts of the government to change the country’s economic situation for the better, it can’t do it. Thus, great importance is to search for new methods of financial provision of local self-government. A new method and tool, as the experience of leading world powers can become a mechanism for creating special economic zones, priority development areas and autonomies”.

Decisions by the regional councils of Dnipropetrovsk region was supported by the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada. In particular, Oleg Krysin of the “Popular front” said:

“I heard about this initiative, I will certainly take it positively. But as a supporter of a comprehensive and systemic solutions, we must understand where and how the subjects of this economic zone will receive access to financial resource. So, I’m certainly have a positive attitude toward this initiative, and I will support it”.
MP from “Opposition bloc” Yuriy Miroshnychenko proposed to give special status to more areas in Ukraine:

“You know, I’d spread the idea of special zones in Ukraine. Today in conditions of total pressure on business, in the conditions when the legislation and executive powers, to put it mildly, don’t contribute to attracting new investments and creating new jobs, there is a need to create special economic zones”.
As a reminder, the bill “On the status of the Dnepropetrovsk special (autonomic) economic region” was developed by activists of the “Civil Rada of Dnipropetrovsk region”. Initiatives RDTs were supported by 6 MPs: Vadim Rabinovich, Natalia Korolevska, Serhiy Taruta, Rubincam Dmitry, Andrey Shipko and Eugene Musaevym. [Source]

And, more here:
Cherkasy regional Council supports the real decentralization

According to the Kiev newspaper “Izvestia”, Cherkasy regional Council by majority voted to appeal to Poroshenko and Rada with a call to amend the Constitution and to start the direct elections for governors. This decision was supported by 51 of the 60 members.

In his address to the deputies of Cherkasy regional Council noted that the heads of the regions who are being appointed from Kiev often have no idea about the specifics of regions and are not able to take adequate decisions.

“A long time ago we had governors that were elected by people. [Last time, it seems, during the Soviet time.] We used to elect our governors. I am for the right to vote. I believe that all posts be in the country should be elected by people”, — said the Deputy from the Renaissance [Vozrogdenie] party Alexander Presman.
Nestor Shufrych, an MP from “Opposition bloc” agrees:

“These initiatives are long overdue. The Governor or other heads of the regions and districts, should be elected by the people.”
On January 28, 2016 the Kyiv regional Council by a majority of votes had adopted an appeal to Poroshenko and deputies of Rada and all regional councils of Ukraine, to amend the Constitution to make an appointment of heads of local state administrations only by direct elections of governors. [source]

There is a distant possibility that all Ukrainian woes will be over soon…

US Westinghouse Fuel Delivered to Biggest Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plant

“The first batch of nuclear fuel from the Westinghouse company has been delivered to the Zaporizhia NPP as part of the nuclear fuel diversification program for Ukrainian NPPs developed by the [Ukrainian energy company] Energoatom.”
The representatives of Westinghouse stated that “IF” the first run is successful, their fuel will be loaded into power blocks 3, 4, and 1.
[source] [source] [source]

It is a scientific fact, that nuclear power stations in Ukraine had been designed and built to work only with Russian made fuel. No amount of “modernization” short of building new stations, can change this fact.

Russia urged the EU and Ukraine not to make this substitution, due to the fact that the Russian VVER type reactors that Ukraine has are not compatible with the Westinghouse type of fuel. However, as always in the West, hate trumps common sense. According to the European Atomic Forum (FORATOM) 28 September 2015 report:

“For the VVERs in operation in those five Member States the fuel is currently 100 % supplied from Russia due to long-term contracts or technological and commercial constraints. However, Europe’s nuclear industry has demonstrated its technical capability to make the fuel for these reactors11,12. Although it could take time for the EU industry to substitute for Russian Federation fuel fabrication, this would help reduce dependency on a sole external supplier.”

“If Ukraine decides to change all the fuel, from the point of view of the IAEA, it is impossible, it’s not just some metal part, it is very important from the safety point of view. I think that, Ukraine has rules in regard to nuclear safety. There are regulators, and they should not allow this to happen”, — said the head of the operational safety section of Department of nuclear installation in IAEA Miroslav Lipar in May 2014.
...Westinghouse’s actions in Ukraine aimed solely at achieving its own business objectives, which threaten nuclear safety in the region.


Social life in Lviv (Lvov) with Ukrainian national anthem on a background. Lviv is Ukrainian Piermont, in case you wondered.

1. Junta in Kiev wants to rename Ukraine into Russia, and Russia in Moskoviya.
Several political cartoons. [source]

2. After declaring themselves to be founders of Russia, Ukrainians declared themselves to be founders of Canada. [source]
Just a reminder that the first ever GULAG concentration camp was build for Ukrainians in Canada by the Canadian government. Rare history images here

3. March in celebration of 2nd Anniversary of Maidan and Junta in Kiev. Look how this look not staged. Look how happy those people are.
They are screaming “Glory to Ukraine” ad “Revanchism will not happen”
Don’t say that Ukraine has died and it’s a funeral procession [source]

4. Dutch strategy to influence Ukraine “yes” vote leaks out [source]

About 10 percent of voting stations in the Netherlands will not be open for voting in the Ukraine referendum on April 6th, according to a survey done by NOS among the Dutch municipalities. [source]

5. Report: Ukraine “doing nothing” to recover stolen Dutch art [source]
The 24 stolen 17th century paintings surfaced in the Ukraine last year when former militia leader Borys Hoemenjoek tried to sell them back to the Westfries museum for 50 million euros.

6. US lawyer rides mh17 — jerry skinner attacks Malaysia, Russia for billion-dollar payoff [source]

7. Sberbank’s office attacked in Ukraine’s Mariupol [source]

8. Ukraine Now Reduced Back to a Turkish Vassal
The Maidan coup utterly destroyed Ukraine as a state – politically and economically. All that’s left now is for Ukrainians to bow to their foreign masters, including the Turks, just as they have for centuries [source]

9. Some good news: 52% of corn import comes to the EU members from Ukraine [source]

10. Some bad news: Ukraine State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service just canceled norms, regulations and safety procedures, claiming that those were “Soviet” rules, that new democratic Ukraine doesn’t need. [source]

All these with a basic background of an epidemic of swine flu, and the rise in communicable diseases, HIV, tuberculosis, black plague, polio, and others. [source] [source] [source]

Ukraine hosts dozens of the US owned and operated, military grade secret bio-chemical labs. No local authorities are allowed to visit and inspect these labs. It was reported last month, that virus that “escaped” from one of those labs “might” caused the Swine flu epidemic.
It’s obvious that Ukraine has become the US testing field for use of highly dangerous viruses on the general population, as a method of population control and reduction.

11. History of Ukraine in 2 minutes

Novorossia Donbass

1. Donetsk Blog Feb 18: Baltic Snipers At Work – Right Sector Provocateurs – Railway Sabotage – Civilians Killed & Wounded [source]

2. Ukrainian forces shelling Donetsk airport for second time over last 24 hours – media [source]

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