The war to topple Russia’s government enters its third year. In the 30 days of January 2016 the following events took place:

• On January 15, Nuland met with Kremlin advisor Vyacheslav Surkov as speculated to deliver a nuclear strike threat. [source]
• Prior to the Zurich meeting between Lavrov and Kerry, the Russian flag behind Kerry was hung upside-down by US staff sending a very clear signal. According to the US Code, Title 36, Chapter 10, Sect 176 (a), the display of the flag upside down is a “signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.” [John Helmer]
• A US presidential hopeful Carson utters the epic, “Putin is a one horse country. Oil. Energy.”
• Lavrov ignored Nuland and refused to shake her hand, delivering a message from the General Staff, the intelligence services, and the Foreign Ministry that “If Nuland conducts this war, the outcome will be decided by arms, at the front.” [source]
• Kiev junta orders and receives a blackout of the cases against it in the ECHR via Tymoshenko appointed to ECHR judge Ganna Yudkivska [source]
• The US claims to be closer to bringing Russia from the “cold,” where it’s never been, clearly refusing to hear the Russian government and its people saying that things will never be the same between Russia and the West. This is a simple message to our abusive “partners:” Go Away, We Don’t Want You! [source]
• Alaska and Hawaii Ask UN to Recognize U.S as Occupiers [source]

I have written before about the clear and present dangers represented by unknown Western government apparatchiks who are capable and known to initiate wars, with disastrous effect on countries and regions. Nuland is not alone to start a war, Evelyn N. Farkas, a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia/Ukraine/Eurasia, is another one.

Ganna Yudkivska, who is prone to bending European and international laws in the Kiev junta’s favor, makes a third. In reality we have an umpteen number of nameless unelected officials coming up with more and more strategies to upset status quo and plunge countries, regions and continents into all-out wars. The power that these small nameless people wield over our lives and over our children’s future is obscene and horrendous.

They are not just these women, who get drunk on limitless power over millions of small people who they see as insects; enter Swedish General Anders Brännström, who telegraphs us the Swedish intentions to attack Russia in order to get out of the economic and demographic quagmire into which they have plunged their countries.

But that’s the problem that Sweden wants to create for itself and no one else.

I don’t know about you, but I personally refuse to perish just because some C- average graduates of third-rate American Universities who don’t have a clue about culture and history decide that their mindless psy-op (MISO) would look good on their resumes.

While French politicians and business communities are railing against anti-Russian sanctions and visiting Crimea and Donbass on a weekly basis, Canal+ televised a revealing documentary Ukraine: The Masks of The Revolution about the bloody Kiev coup d’état. The documentary made such a profound impression on audience, that it will be shown the second time. [All because we got them a puppy.]

While Iran, a Russia’s ally, buys 125 French Airbuses, creating jobs for French manufacturers, Peugeot intends to build an auto manufacturing facilities in Iran, giving boost to their economy and creating jobs for Persians. Total Oil is also set to sign huge contracts with Iran. The Stream2 is being built to ensure uninterrupted flow of energy resources directly from the Russian producers to Germany, Austria and the rest of the Western Europe, bypassing the Eastern European countries where the US still has its stronghold. Huge efforts are being underway to decouple economies of Western European countries from American control. Well aware that the migrant crisis has been orchestrated by the US, the European countries started building their own military, separate from NATO, and outside of the US control. That’s why the US is sending an additional 10,000 of its troops and equipment to the Baltics.

All these have been done without Washington supervision, and very much to their chagrin. All these to create a common Eurasian politico-economic space from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, independent from Washington and Wall-Street, a new universe where the US is not present and is not welcome.

Remember that President Putin said that Germans cannot be held accountable for the Nazis crimes in perpetuity. It means that the US occupation of Germany since 1945 has to come to its end. Now, it’s a very good time to offer that Washington occupational forces should pack up and go home.

In two to three years Americans should be pushed out of Europe, before they attempt to ignite another war there.

When the time is right, Russia and Germany together will clear Ukraine of Nazis. Russia will be sweeping them up on the territory of Ukraine, Germany will be catching them in Europe. Let them parade around with torches and Nazi flags: we know their names, we have their pictures, we know where they live, we know what they have done. They won’t be able to escape justice.

Of course, the American empire including the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Poland, Israel, and the Baltics will do everything to slow down this process, but they can’t stop it. Today, British companies like OTP Holidays are refusing to service tourists from Russia, in response Russian banks like Gazprombank are leaving Britain for good.

My Dad, who worked as a military adviser for Colonel Gaddafi years ago, talked about endless nuisances and provocations that the US diplomatic staff in Egypt was conducting on a daily basis against Libya. It took a huge amount of work for the Soviets to remedy those situations and to prevent armed hostilities between the two nations, provoked by the United States. The moment after the Soviet military was removed from the region, was when these countries succumbed to the American thirst for chaos.

A glimpse of hope, however, is being offered by the simple fact that America itself is not prepared at all for any disruption that would come after a nuclear or even conventional war on its territory. Those who know how the US cities and towns operate are aware that even weather events like rain, snow, heat, and strong wind, puts lives of millions people in complete disarray. Remember Hurricane Sandy, two weeks without electricity in major cities like New York, Philadelphia and Atlantic City, with no food and no water in stores. The US doesn’t have government structures that would be able to remedy war devastation. More importantly, the US government doesn’t have any good will to help the population. Depending on the community, civil war will break out immediately.

Let’s keep in mind that US government officials and the ruling class have so much contempt for average American that they are liable to make the situation worse just to clear out some parts of the population. Like they had done successfully in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.

“Our plutocracy, whether the hedge fund managers in Greenwich, Connecticut, or the Internet moguls in Palo Alto, now lives like the British did in colonial India: ruling the place but not of it. If one can afford private security, public safety is of no concern; to the person fortunate enough to own a Gulfstream jet, crumbling bridges cause less apprehension, and viable public transportation doesn’t even compute. With private doctors on call and a chartered plane to get to the Mayo Clinic, why worry about Medicare?” [source]

“In an expose titled “Top Secret America,” The Washington Post revealed the private side of this shadow government, made up of 854,000 contract personnel with top-secret clearances, “a number greater than that of top-secret-cleared civilian employees of the government.” [source]


The occupation of Ukraine by the US and its allies enters its third year. The results are spectacular: collapse of economy and finance, collapse of industrial production, collapse of the social sphere, education and medical care, a massive exodus of several million people in two years, demographic collapses, depopulation of entire regions, bombing of major Ukrainian cities, biological warfare on the population, massive forest fires in the Chernobyl region, widepsread hunger and cold, spike in violent crimes, organ trafficking and tens of thousands of people including children missing.

In my last week SITREP I had a discussion with a couple of commentators about Poles beating up migrants from Ukraine. It could be, I thought due to the Kiev junta official ideology of Bandera worshipping that rubbed Poles the wrong way. But then I asked myself, why were Poles so receptive to Ukrainian migrants in 2014-2015? Why would Poles start attacking Ukrainians just now in 2016? Poland has been supporting Ukrainian Maidan and participated in its organizing, including its ideology.

Poland has been working to annex large territories of Ukraine, I have been writing about this many times. But something has changed

The Mysterious Ways of Russia

Russia works in mysterious ways. There are some hidden processes in Ukraine that the West will never know of and will never understand. We can only see the reflection of these processes in others. For example, Poles beating up Ukrainians so they would start to doubt benefits of Euro-integration.

I still maintain that Poles attacking migrant workers from Ukraine is the best argument against Maidan’s false promises that “Ukraine is Europe” and “the US will help us.” I could write hundreds of articles proving with numbers in hand how devastating for the Ukrainian people the EU Association agreement has become, but it fades in comparison with a dozen Polish football fans clubbing a hundred Ukrainian laborers in the middle of the night.

Grass is not greener on the other side of the fence, but we can make our grass greener if we add some fertilizer.

Whose fault is it that the Polish establishment is dead set to use fertilizer for explosive purpose, rather than for feeding plants? Take for example the former Minister for Foreign Affairs of Poland, Grzegorz Schetyna (schetyna or hair stubble in Russian, Ukrainian and Polish that is growing on pigs’ backs). In his interview with the newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza in summer 2014 he said, “Ukraine is a colony. We just have to decide whose colony it is.” This kind of honesty coming from a politician should be applauded and appreciated. Being an American colony, Polish politicians manage to provide us with examples of God honest truth. Sometimes I wonder if some of them are Putin’s agents.

One old Serb proverb says: “There is God in heaven and Russia on earth.” This century, God and Russia work together. Take for example the troll factories that the Kiev junta has been running for the past two years. They have employed tens of thousands of people. Every news outlet, every article of every significant blogger had one or two Ukrainian troll operating. Their comments have been extremely stupid and offensive, and show pro-Ukrainians as violent, dimwitted, fascist morons. Which doesn’t reflect the fact that Ukrainians and 15 million Russians populating Ukraine are normal adequate people. However, troll factories paid by the US, EU and oligarchs did their dirty job. If pro-West Ukrainians had any sympathizers among Russians at the start of the Maidan, their anti-Russian trolling turned everyone off. At this point people feel that to support pro-junta Ukrainians is to have no respect for themselves.

Recently, this enormous psy-op undertaking has been harshly criticized by the real president of Ukraine Geoffrey R. Pyatt, mostly because trolling has exposed thousands of people in Ukraine to the truthful timely information about their country. It’s zrada (treason) every way you turn.

What I also see as positive is the decentralization processes in Ukraine. Some experts say that that will cause chaos and horror on the Russian borders. To me, to reject the federalization and decentralization of Ukraine is to act pro-American. It’s very well explained here.

It’s a clear way out of Western occupation for the regions. Kherson and Odessa regions can now come to Zakharchenko and ask to join the DPR, which is officially part of Ukraine. So, there are no questions of violation of anyone’s territorial integrity.

I predict that Zakharchenko will be the president of this liberated from the foreign occupation Ukraine.

1. Ukraine looking at temporary closure of crossing points along engagement lines in Donbass [source]

2. “Glory of the Ukrainian nation is a death of the Russian federation” [source]

3. Ukraine: Point of no return [source]

4. On February 1st, 2016 Yatsenyuk informed captivated audience that the Kiev junta demands from the Secretariat of the Energy Community, the EU body, to “close” the Stream2 project [source] even so the agreement is between Russia and Germany and doesn’t concern the EU at all.

The Kiev junta is unhappy with the Stream2 project that will leave Ukraine’s oligarchy without gas transfer fees and without a lever to interfere with Russia’s and European political and economic stability. Ukraine is supported by 10 countries: Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Poland, the so called “Club of the East European losers” who can’t comprehend that their time of free money is up, and that it’s time for them to get off the gas pipe. They claim that Stream2 is a political project directed against Ukraine. No, it’s not. It’s an economic project directed against the US and for Western Europe. [source]

These East European nations seems stuck in the past when the Soviet Union was paying for everything, and when Russia under American occupation was paying for everything.
The gig is up, former comrades, go and beg your American pimps for money.

5. As we know, Russia will cut Ukraine off as a transfer country in 2019. Instead of developing trade and economy, the Kiev junta is loading up Ukraine with more debt. Head of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) Valeriya Gontareva expects that the Ukrainian government this week will sign the final version of a Memorandum on cooperation with the International Monetary Fund [IMF], and that the third loan tranche will be disbursed within three to four weeks.

6. East Ukrainian militias claims Right Sector radicals attack Ukrainian marines near Mariupol [source]
One armored personnel carrier and two trucks were destroyed in the fight that followed

7. In case you ever wondered who exactly in behind Ukraine’s disastrous economic and political activities: Russia’s top security official says Ukraine’s economy is controlled by Western companies [source]

8. The US Vice President’s family continues to buy gas reserves in Ukraine Lugansk and Dnepro-Petrovsk regions for pittance [source] Aleksander Kwaśniewski, an ex-president of Poland is also on a take

9. All 12 steel manufacturers in Ukraine informed the Kiev regime that they are about to close production due to huge loses. Bottom line, after losing the exclusive Russian market, they can’t compete with Austrians and Brazilians [source]
Correct me, if I am wrong, but if you cool down those steelmaking furnaces you can’t restart them, you have to build everything new from scratch.

10. Chief Prosecutor general of Ukraine called the “Right Sector” an “unlawful armed formation.” He also said that use of patriots for political purposes without strong support for the government is equal to breaking the state apart. He also said that the Ministry of Internal Affairs has to disarm all unlawful armed formations. Junta used the ultra-nationalists to come to power, and to destroy the previous power structures, and to kill any kind of dissent, and now these formations are not needed any longer. In addition, it’s a part of the Minsk II Agreement, so things are moving along.

11. Euromaidan unmasked: Europe shocked by the bitter truth on Ukraine. The hard-hitting documentary by Paul Moreira “Ukraine, les masques de la révolution” [Ukraine: Masks of the Revolution], released on Monday night by Canal+, created a turmoil both in Ukraine and France well before the premiere.

12. “just the mention of failed government and partition of the country in reference to Ukraine throws American plans for East Europe into disarray and raises concomitantly the specter of readjustment of the dramatic alterations of Russian territories, lands and peoples that have taken place since the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. The USA/NATO demands that the separation between Russia and its lands in diaspora remain fixed. For Russians the diaspora is unnatural. Nor from the Russian perspective is the present historical current toward reunion as seen in Crimea to be considered expansionist; it is simply the natural flow of history toward the restoration of the greater Russian nation.” [source] [Very good article]

The Middle East

1. Iranian Drone Flies Over US Aircraft Carrier In Hormuz [source]
According to a Friday report by Fars news agency, the drone managed to capture a video during the surveillance mission over the USS Harry S. Truman.
Meanwhile, a midget Ghadir-class submarine belonging to Iran’s Navy was also deployed close to the US aircraft carrier with a mission to gather intelligence and capture footage, the report says.
The Iranian submarine was able to take “clear” photographs of the aircraft carrier without catching the attention of the staff on board, the report added.

1. Producer of a Polish TV station was fired for apologizing to the Russian Ministry of Culture
Update: Russia has already offered a job to this producer.

2. Russia has good reasons to consider NATO a threat, according to a Polish member of the European Parliament.

3. Being offensive and disrespectful to Russians has already cost a huge chunk of the Polish economy [source]
And it is just the beginning.

Starting February 1st, Poland lost fees from Russia’s long haulers
Warsaw regime refuses to prolong licenses for truck haulage between Poland, Russia, TASS reported on January 30.
The Russian side proposed to prolong the 2015 licenses through to February 15, 2016, so as to avert the halting of cargo haulage, but unfortunately the Polish officials turned this proposal down.

As a transit country Poland doesn’t even have the right to ask for a license. However, Russia agreed to negotiate. Poland wanted to have 100,000 of its trucks to transfer the territory of Russia per year, but Poland only agreed to let 20,000 trucks from Russia.

Starting with February 1st, Poland has lost the rights to haul trucks across Russia. Poland also lost fees paid by Russia. Russia started to transport trucks by ferry directly to Germany, bypassing Poland entirely.

At his Q&A conference on January 26, 2016 Lavrov said that the US is fencing Europe in, but the European countries are also doing an excellent job of cutting themselves off from the outside world.

Now, all those thousands of Polish truck drivers who lost their jobs, can go and beat up Ukrainian migrants that are looking for jobs in Poland. This will keep them occupied and out of the Warsaw regime’s hair, for now.

Dishonest like a European
Latvia’s regime concocted an annual report for the EU on Integration of Latvian society. The report is written in the spirit of neo-nationalist propaganda, and considered by the observers to be a pure falsification. [source]

Meanwhile Estonia is getting ready for “mass revolts” of its Russian population, by making life for Russians even more unbearable. 33% of Estonia’s population is Russian. Russians are considered non-citizens of Estonia [source]

Essentially, the US and local national elites are trying to create the situation mirroring the Ukrainian one, by starting a genocide of the Russian population in order to provoke Russia to interfere and to get NATO involved into an armed conflict. In preparation, the US is sending 10,000 troops to the Baltics.

We have to expect that they will reveal agent provocateurs, like Nikolay Strelkov, who will get organized and armed and working for the interest of NATO and against the interests of Russia, who needs peace and quiet on its borders more than anything.

Russia has other ways to influence the situation in the Baltics rather than armed conflicts. Let’s keep that in mind, if any armed groups would appear in the Baltics as a false flag attack. The Baltic countries are directly ruled by the US. As the process of pushing the US out of Europe is accelerating, so the pressure of the US on occupied countries to remain there.


1. Meanwhile, yet another “die-Russians-die” netlenka (masterpiece) from the depth of the US shadow government
Lights Out for the Putin Regime. The Coming Russian Collapse, By Alexander J. Motyl

Who are the actors here?

CFR’s flagship magazine Foreign Affairs magazine is the American Council on Foreign Relations propaganda beacon.
Alexander J. Motyl is a Ukrainian-American historian, political scientist, poet, writer, translator and painter. His short lived male-model career is omitted here.

He is a resident of New York City. He is professor of political science at Rutgers University in New Jersey. So, we have an artist/poet who also is an “expert” in Russia due to his Ukrainian ethnicity, posting what amounts to a MakeAWish list for the CFR, which is a part of the shadow of the American government. I would have to write an article on every sentence here to debunk it. In short, everything that Mr. Motyl (moth in Ukrainian) writes is a lie. Imagine a huge, fat, ugly poisonous moth crawling all over your light bulb, that’s an effect this article achieves. I feel pity for the students of the Rutgers University, getting into unplayable debt for the next 40 years to pay to listen to this wonkier. If I were them, after this article I would ask for my money back.

2. Mystery visit by Biden to Turkey. immediately after Turkey summons the Russian Ambassador, claims that Russia violated its airspace [source]

3. Edogan is getting ready to invade Syria. [source]

4. Turkey lost billions in trade after downing Russian jet [source]

5. After baseless accusations that Russia once against “violated territorial integrity” Turkey calls for improvement in relations [source]


1. Sergey Lavrov’s remarks and answers to media questions at a news conference on Russia’s diplomacy performance in 2015, Moscow, January 26, 2016

2. Will Belorussia follow Ukraine on a road to ruin? [source]
Most likely, it will not. It looks like the government of Belarus is letting extremists express themselves, to get them out on the meetings, to film them, to take their pictures, to reveal their connections, and money channels, to let them implicate themselves in every possible way. When the time is right the law enforcement will round them up swiftly. It took almost ten years after the Great Patriotic war to locate and catch the majority of Nazi collaborators. Now, thanks to Social media it will take no time at all. That’s why neo-Nazi’s are allowed to have meetings, and fundraisings for those who went to Donbass to kill people there. In Ukraine, some local judge just jailed a punitive battalion terrorist for torturing a self-defender (opolchentsa). This process of clearing society from the fascists will continue.

3. Russia’s Lukoil selling assets in Lithuania, Latvia due to local anti-Russia sentiment

4. “Friends, enough hatred. It’s time for violence!” [source]
What should be done to anti-Russian liberals from the point of view of a Russian blogger

5. How much longer can we not be in war? [source]
“Any call for revolution is cannibalism. And not just political.
That’s why those who call for revolution in Russia should be flogged. To death.”
It will save millions of innocent lives.

6. Vyacheslav Morozov: Intermediate results of “Ukrainian campaign” or Why Yankees are so unhappy [source]

Russia is not aiming “to rule” Ukraine. Russia’s goals and objectives of the so called “Ukrainian company” have been implemented in full, namely:

a. Preventing the establishment of American military bases in Crimea “+” period: indefinitely
b. Reduction of the export of hydrocarbons on prepaid transparent scheme + differentiation of delivery routes switched to such solvent consumers as Germany “+” period long-term
c. For the military-industrial complex, – eliminating dependency on Ukrainian manufacturers — implemented 85%
d. Taking off an “agenda” Ukraine’s accession to NATO due to “autonomy and federalization” of Donbass — implemented
e. Defusing and eliminating the threat of “a great fratricidal war” for the enjoyment of the US and the West — implemented.
f. Defusing any attempts to shift the blame for theft during 25 years of independence onto a “war” with Moscow — implemented. Now we can watch how the Nazis run an economy, and laugh from a distance.
g. Russia, as a result of the coup in Kiev, received the demographic boost of about 2 million citizens, all of them are Russians who are educated and patriotic people.
h. The US received a significant blow in an information war: Kiev coup was televised day by day manual on technologies of “color revolutions” as to the destruction of the foundations of independent states.
i. Russia has received a “vaccination” to any color revolution. The internal opposition in Russia has been defeated and marginalized. Putin’s approval ratings consistently above 80%. We are almost ready for any war.

7. If you are interested in Russian science, and military and industrial innovations, I recommend you visit this web portal: MadeHere (Made in Russia)

Dollar Free zone
• Islamic banking makes its way to Russia [source]
Ali-Express cutting out dollar in transactions with Russia
Chart of Western Media reports of Putin’s billions, annually
• January 8, 2015 Illicit Financial Flows from Developing Countries: 2004-2013
• The Hunt is On: Non-residents’ bank accounts in the UK and US are being raided by the governments [source]
It’s becoming a great boost to stop capital flight from Russia and China
• Paul Craig Roberts: The West Is Being Reduced To Looting Itself

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