Just like the Titanic, the Ukraine is sinking faster and faster.  By now, I expect that most of you must have heard of the quasi-insurrection in occupied Konstantinovka following the killing of a mother and child by a drunken Ukrainian APC crew.  Accident can happen anywhere, of course, but the quasi-insurrection which took place following this accident is indicative of the rage and hostility of the local population towards their Nazi occupiers.  The reaction of Kiev, however, was “picture perfect”: they blamed the accident on Russian provocateurs and flooded Konstantinovka with death squads.

Then there is the mini-war taking place between the “President” Poroshenko and the notorious Jewish oligarch Kolomoiskii over the control of Ukrtransnafta (read about it here and here).  This is a clear sign of the deep process of “Somalization” taking place in which all the power in the country is divided between warlords.  Kolomoiskii is probably a far more powerful figure than Poroshenko and he controls the “neo-Khazarian Ukraine” (southern Urkraine, Black Sea cost, Odessa region) and there are many who believe that he is the man who paid for the downing of MH17 (Kolomoiski admitted to this on a private video call by Skype).  Still, he is ready to run should it be needed, and has therefore secured three citizenships: Ukrainian, Cypriot and Israeli.

As for the Ukrainian economy, it continues to behave like a 911 building and continues to tumble down at a free-fall acceleration.

One really amazing event took place recently.  You might remember the name of the most prostituted journalist in the Ukraine, Savik Shuster, who used to be the most abject mouthpiece for the junta and who got fired (temporarily) for getting the journalist Maksim Shevchenko on air for 3 minutes.  In a recent show, Shuster (who always had a fantastic talent to sense when the “winds are changing”) suddenly declared live on air:

One cannot blame Putin for what is going on with Hryvna!
One cannot blame Putin for what is going on with inflation!
One cannot blame Putin for what is going on with corruption!
One cannot blame Putin for the absence of reforms! There have been none!
No tax reform nor judicial! None!

Since Shuster has for years blamed Putin for everything and anything, no matter how ridiculous and far fetched, you can be 100% sure that if he is (yet again) changing sides it’s because he knows that the Ukie-Titanic is sinking really fast.

As for Novorussia, it is doing more or less as it was doing before.  The junta forces are *still* shelling various towns and cities, and the recent assassination attempt against Givi clearly shows that the security situation is still not under control.

Finally, it is becoming more and more evident that Kiev has simply no intention of implementing the Minks 2 Agreement.  That, in turn, means that yet another attack by junta forces is probably imminent, possibly preceded by a false flag.

Time has shown that at M2A Russia outmaneuvered Merkel, Hollande and Poroshenko and that M2A will never be accepted by the USA, at least not as long as there is a way to re-ignite the conflict and create tensions.  The position of the USA is now crystal clear: they cannot allow M2A to be implemented, but since they cannot openly forbid it, they must create as much chaos and tensions around the Ukraine in order to shift the attention to some other issue.  In other words – for the USA it is “the worse, the better”.  And that puts the USA at a huge advantage over the other actors as it is far easier to create chaos and violence than it is to maintain any kind of cease-fire and agree on anything.

Again, the purpose of the next resumption in hostilities will not be to “win” against Novorussia or, even less so, Russia, but to create as much violence, chaos and hysteria as to keep the focus on big headlines.  I suspect that by now the USA and their Nazi allies have already understood that not only will they not get Crimea or Novorussia, but that they are now looking at an eventual but inevitable loss of the entire Ukraine.  In this situation the USA has always favored the “if I can’t get it, nobody else will” strategy and they will plunge the Ukraine in the strongest possible crisis.

As for the European “leaders”, their position is exactly the one of a dog on a leash.  Their master, Uncle Sam, can and does give them some length of leash to play around, but that length of leash can be shortened at any second and there is absolutely nothing the Eurocretins can do about it.  Even if they do, at times, pretend like they can have an opinion of their own, the reality is that none of them will dare defy the will of the USA.  They will pull on the leash, some of them will bark a little, and then they will come to heel, like the good doggies that they are.

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