Some time ago, I found myself lost in the middle of Appalachian Mountains. I’m considered to be a generally decent driver, especially when it comes to golf carts. Mountains and golf courses are not very dissimilar. In both locations occasionally, you might run over a seedy, balding, middle-aged hog.

My GPS system was stuck on the “no signal” mode. The map showed only one road over the bridge and across a mountain river. However, when I got to the bridge, it wasn’t there. The river, however, was. Eager to get to the highway before dark, I turned around, naturally, and went back the way I came, just like I do while shopping for groceries. It might come as a surprise to you, but dwellers and inhabitants of the Appalachian Mountains don’t have electricity. Those who do have it, use it sporadically and not for any commonly accepted purposes. Soon, I found myself in total darkness, and no matter which turn I took, I ended up in front of the mountain river and the remnants of a bridge.

After five or so attempts to escape the damn place, it looked like I might have to spend the night there. Backing up from the river edge to park my car, I realized that my path was blocked by a truck. Its headlights in a rearview mirror blinded me for a moment, but I knew it was a truck. I put the brakes on, and heard the truck’s door open and slam shut. A tall figure walked towards me. The figure was wearing faded jeans, a red and black flannel shirt, and holding a long handle lumberjack axe. When he approached my car, I rolled down my car window.

“Hi, there,” I said. “I’m Scott.”

“Jim.” We shook hands.

“Thanks for stopping,” I said. “Look, I am absolutely lost. Do you know how to get out of here?”

He smiled with his wrinkly face, and showed one perfectly preserved tooth in his mouth. “You can’t go this way,” he said. “River took the bridge.” He raised his right hand and pointed with his three-foot long axe into darkness.

“Yes.” I said “I noticed that the river took the bridge. Can you help me to get back to the highway?”
He gave it a thought. “You won’t find your way back in this dark,” he said.

“I will try,” I said. “Don’t wanna sit here in a car whole night, you know?”

“OK,” he said. “Just follow me, and I will get you to the highway.” He got back to his truck, and I drove behind him, turning left and right, up and down the sides of the mountains, having no idea whatsoever, where I was going. In about half a hour, I noticed distant lights, a gravel road tuned into payment, and I saw a road sign. I have never been so happy to see a road sign in my life. The Appalachian stopped his truck, I pulled alongside of it, lowered my window, thanked him and waved goodbye.

I want this story to become an allegory of what I see as the beginning of getting out of the woods process. We are not fully back on paved highway yet, but we avoided crushing down from the destroyed bridge in the dark, and we have met some forces of good to guide us to the safe grounds.


1. After it became clear that the Dutch voters overwhelmingly rejected an agreement with Ukraine [source]
Washington immediately initiated a witch hunt for Russia’s influence in the EU, blaming political parties and oppositions for being on the Kremlin’s payroll. Because only a Kremlin stooge can defend interests of his own country and protest against an openly fascist junta being in the same union.

2. On top of the Dutch snubbing the all important American interests, another zrada (treason) came from the legal side of the fence. The General Court of the EU ordered that several Ukrainian businessmen and former government officials, including former prime minister Mykola Azarov, be removed from the blacklist, arguing that a letter from Ukrainian prosecutors used to target the individuals did not provide evidence against them.
As pro-Washington blog puts it: Court deals new blow to EU on Ukraine sanctions

3. Growing hostilities towards Ukrainian migrants in Poland resulted on January 17 in attacks on the migrants shelter in Kutno. 120 Ukrainians were attacked in the middle of the night by men in black masks and severely beat men and women alike. Several were hospitalized. Some attackers were arrested and latter released by the Police without any charges being filed. After this attack, some migrants have decided to return to Ukraine.

Being against any violence perpetrated by men against women, no matter how politically motivated, I don’t see anything wrong with the Poles teaching the Ukrainians a lesson. What Ukrainians refuse to comprehend is that they cannot glorify Stefan Bandera and his terrorists who killed hundred thousands of Polish civilians and simultaneously come to live and work in Poland. Just like they can’t declare Russia an “enemy state” to kill Russians in Ukraine, and after that to go and work in Russia.

4. Andrey Knyazev, an expert: US planning to reformat Ukraine [source]

5. Trutnev and Poroshenko got into wrestling match in Davos [source]
During closed-door negotiations, Poroshenko and Yury Trutnev, a Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, jumped to their feet, grabbed each others’ “items of clothing” and started wrestling each other to the ground. Trutnev, who has a black belt in karate, apparently won. President Putin while being briefed on the accident reportedly told Trutnev to be careful next time.

6. The USA intends to create a new military defense holding on the basis of PJSC “Motor Sich[source]
January 27th, French Bulletin “Intelligence online” in the article “Les republucains volent au secours de Kiev” continues the publication of the USA plans to create in Ukraine a new production vertical on the basis of PJSC “Motor Sich”
The US Congress, where the majority are Republicans, wants to increase the size of American assistance to Ukraine in the field of intelligence and military equipment.
The USA intends to create in Ukraine a new defense holding company, the center of which is JSC “Motor Sich”, specializing in the production of aircraft engines. It is reported by the French publication Intelligence online, with references sources in the American defense industry. It is assumed that the Ukrainian company, which will be combined with a number of other Ukrainian defense firms, will be modernized with the help of American equipment and technology.
The creation of the new holding, according to authoritative Russian military blog bmpd, kept by the staff of the Center for analysis of strategies and technologies, is part of the U.S. strategy directed at military support of Ukraine. As reported by Intelligence online in December 2015, the new holding company will be created with the help of major U.S. corporations, including L-3 Communications and Raytheon. According to interlocutors of the edition, on the basis of “Motor-Sich” expected to create defensive holding, able to repair and upgrade the armament for the Ukrainian army.

7. Turkey, NATO and Ukraine set to create a new military alliance in Black Sea [source]

8. Russian rabbi slams Ukraine president for ‘using Jewish card’[source]
Poroshenko was lying when he told Israelis that Jews can’t go to synagogue in Russian-annexed Crimea, Rabbi Boruch Gorin charges

9.Poroshenko ordered to destroy the Nazi Right Sector militants [source]

Ukraine junta now claims that Right Sector is Putin’s agent and acts on the orders of the “aggressor state.”


1. DPR Defense Ministry: Situation Report, 28.01.2016


1. Swine flu from Ukraine is spreading to nearby regions of Russia. Ten people have died in Rostov-on-Don in January [source]
According to the local authorities by January 27, 327 people have contacted flu virus H1N1. Ten have died.

As I reported earlier as rumors that the US funded and operated bio-chemical labs located in Eastern Ukraine have released this deadly virus.

These rumors were confirmed by the intelligence services of Donetsk People’s Republic. In Baturin’s press conference. See, 20 Dead, 200 Hospitalized After Reports US Lab “Leaks” Deadly Virus In Ukraine

2. His Holiness Patriarch Kirill: I expect the Council to bring about even more consolidation of the Orthodox world

“Neither Ukraine will not be considered at the Council, nor the possibility of granting autocephaly or legalization of the schism will be discussed at the Council. Patriarch Bartholomew publicly confirmed it. He said unequivocally that no efforts for legalizing the schism or for granting autocephaly to anyone unilaterally will be taken during the Council or after it. All those who have provoked this unrest in Ukraine should understand it. The Orthodox world will not support this unrest, this schism. There is only one way to overcome the schism. It lies through negotiations and the achievement of results on the basis of the holy canons. Those who wish to be in communion with world Orthodoxy should reunite with the Ukrainian Orthodox Church on the basis of the existing canons. There is no other way and no other message to Ukraine from the Patriarchs.” [source]

First after 12 centuries Pan-Orthodox Council the Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church will take place at the Orthodox Academy of Crete in Hania, Greece, from June 16 to 27, 2016.

3. Mayor of Moscow, Sergey Sobyanin, reports that Moscow has become one of the safeties megapolis in the world [source]
level of criminal activity in Moscow is lower than in London and New York

“In Moscow, the level of crime is lower than in New York, London and Paris. According to the overall figures of crime, Moscow is almost at the level of Berlin, one of the calmest cities of Europe,” Sobyanin said. He said last year, the economic and social situation was worsening every month, but nevertheless “all worst forecasts from the point of view of economic decline and thus the worsening of a crime situation, failed” [source]

4. Swedish court of appeal decided against the so called “Yukos shareholders” [source]

5. Kadyrov announced an agreement between Chechnya and Mazkorp Arab Emirates in creating a first Islamic bank on the territory of Russia [source]

Attempts to create banks in Russia working according to the Islamic principles of finance have been made in 2015. Back then Tatarstan came up with the initiative of attracting capital that would bypass the West financial sanctions as a first Islamic bank of the Federation under the auspices of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB). There were reported hundreds of billions of dollars ready to be poured into the development of different industrial and agricultural projects in Russia. The idea was discussed with Russia’s Central Bank, and of course was stopped in its tracks, by pro-Washington central bankers.

On Thursday Kadyrov reported on his instagram account

“Dear friends! Today I had an important business meeting. From the UAE it was attended by the leaders of MAZKORP Helal Hilal Suhail, Rashid Almazrouei and Wael Saab. We discussed the task of opening Islamic Bank in Grozny. This issue is in its planning stage. At this meeting we agreed to proceed with the project. For Chechnya, the opening of this Bank is of great importance. Today, in our Republic the Emirates’ capital is involved in the construction of large facilities. The only obstacle for future development is the lack of Islamic banks. МАZCORP also intends to take equity participation in the construction of a pharmaceutical cluster “Magnus-Grozny,” and to invest in the construction of a multifunctional high-rise complex “Akhmat-Tower.”

Also, Islamic bank to appear in Russia’s Chechnya

What’s extremely important to understand is that Kadyrov is moving ahead with something that Tatarstan failed to accomplish last year, which is to break Washington’s hold on Russia’s finances. Remember, it was said many times that the Western economic sanctions were designed to slowly strangle the country. That’s why Russia’s central bank and it’s Ministry of Economic Development fight so hard against allowing Islamic banking, as that would give Russia channels of capital that are beyond the control of the CB, Wall Street, London, and Brussels. If it’s not derailed, this would be a huge step in breaking the chokehold of the colonial laws that Russia was saddled in 90s during the American occupation, and current economic sanctions.

Last year the Central Bank flatly refused to issue licenses to Islamic banks. Ever wondered, why the Head of The Central Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina didn’t go to Davos, as she planned? Maybe, she is not allowed to leave Russia, unless she issues those licenses? 

There is no doubt that Kadyrov negotiates with a full support of Putin and his patriotic forces in government.

Also, it’s not a coincidence that Kadyrov’s involvement in creating ways to bypath the power of the Central bank, is announced only now, after Kadyrov took a stance against the Western facilitated campaign to single Chechnya out and break it from the rest of the country. Kadyrov declared an all out war on the enemies of Russia, its state and its people, which is not a small detail to be overlooked.
I wrote about this epic battle here.

PS: There are some exciting developments in the Kadyrov vs. 5th columnists battle and involve the secret services of some unfriendly countries. All of its twists and turns are being packed into my new book.

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