Russia’s Constitutional Court takes first step toward achieving a full sovereignty of the country by stating that the decisions of the Western supra-national organizations like the European Court of Human Rights won’t have power if they violate the Constitution of Russia.

This is the first recognition of an unlawful grip that the US government, political, and financial institutions hold over Russia for the past twenty five years

Russia may in some cases recede from its international commitments if their interpretation violates the Constitution [Source]

Same in Russian Конституционный суд разрешил не исполнять решение ЕСПЧ [Source]

Yukos case may be subject to Russia’s Constitutional Court investigation — judge

After this first step towards sovereignty the next should be a question of capital flight.

The Constitution of Russia guarantees that the country’s natural resources belong to people of Russia. “Land and other natural resources shall be utilized and protected in the Russian Federation as the basis of life and activity of the people living in the corresponding territories.” The Constitution of the Russian Federation

Today, supra-national banks own and benefit from country’s natural wealth. One of the most important issues for the Russia’s Constitutional Court is to put an end to violations of this cornerstone principle of the Russia’s sovereignty.

Europe’s economic war against Russia goes along. Lukoil is leaving Romania. Russian oil company to close refinery in Romania if lien is imposed on its property [Source]

Previously, Romania arrested the company’s banking accounts and commercial stock back in October 2014. Romanian president expressed desire to “nationalize” the company’s assets. [Source]

It’s obviously that the West would never lifted sanctions on Iran if it wasn’t for the rise of the BRICS and SCO. BRICS/SCO sow panic in Exceptionalistan

Leaders of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) realize that global security cannot be entrusted to a country that sees war as a acceptable means for achieving its geopolitical objectives.

Putin is saying: ‘We’re going to issue our own debt, we’re going to run our own system, we’re going to fund our own projects, and we’re going to do it all in our own currency. Kaboom. The only thing you’re going to be doing, is managing your own accelerating economic decline. Have a good day.’ [Source]

Meanwhile, fascism is oozing out from every European pore. How amazing it is to watch the veneer of “civilization’ just peeling off.

Things are escalating and speeding up. It’s all started going downhill since the US and EU staged their putsch in Ukraine and named Russia as their enemy.

The End Of Freedom Of Speech In Spain [Source]

Tsipras Stunner: Creditors Said “There Is No Point In Holding Elections” In Bailed Out Countries [Source]

US Military Coup for Euro Meltdown? [Source]
“The rapid expansion of American military forces across Europe over the past year has invoked the pretext of “defending” NATO allies from alleged Russian aggression. But an altogether different contingency is that Washington is preparing for a military coup in Europe – in the wake of economic collapse stemming from the Greek debt crisis.”

“The control of government by private corporate interests, with no democratic accountability, attests to the definition of fascism. As analyst Randy Martin comments: “What is taking shape in Europe and more so in the United States is the complete subjugation of government by finance capital. It is not an exaggeration or empty jargon to say that we in the West are succumbing to the rule of financial fascism.”

“Don’t forget that the NATO military alliance of 28 members is really just American military power outsourced in various European disguises. NATO formations across Europe are therefore tantamount to US military occupation of Europe,” says Martin. “This is exactly what Russian government figures have perceptively been saying for a long time.”

Freedom Or The Slaughterhouse? The American Police State From A To Z [Source]


1. Ukrainians stopped having sex, and… it’s Putin’s fault [Source]
Maybe Ukrainians are being brainwashed by some new psychotropic weapon. It’s ether sex or aggression, you can’t have both.
They should start prating on Putin’s portraits like those people in Shri-Lanka that I wrote back in spring.

2. Ukraine Wants to Sell off Its State-Owned Assets to Foreigners but Will Anybody Buy? [Source]

3. Ukrainian Chaos Could Spill Over to Europe – Russia’s Foreign Ministry [Source]
The new spat between the Right Sector terrorists and the Ukrainian Law Enforcements is for control of a border town of Mukachevo, a major international transportation hub for goods like oil, gas, consumer goods, food, gold, drugs, arms, migrants, diamonds, amber, etc. You name it, it’s being transported through this enormously wealthy town. Everyone who lives in Mukachevo is involved in theft, bribery, racketeering, and money extortion of merchants, transportation companies, and illegal migrants.

Despite of what Russia’s Foreign Ministry says there is absolutely no threat to Europe that can come from this local mafia fight. The Right Sector is on its way out in Ukraine. They have done their part of terrorizing Russian population of Ukraine and stomping any attempts of dissent. NATO needs them only to keep terrorizing Donbass, and as terror brigades to ship to other countries places like Armenia, Syria, and Russia.

4. Apparently Canada’s exalted ‘leader’ is signing a deal with the Ukinazis tomorrow.
Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Stephen Harper to sign Canada-Ukraine free trade deal Tuesday
Annual bilateral trade worth less than loans Canada has provided to Ukraine since 2013 [Source]

Arel said the free trade agreement would be of symbolic value, showing the world that Canada had confidence in Ukraine’s efforts to clean up its politics and its business environment.

Currently, almost all of Ukraine’s economic output goes to pay its debts [Source]

How Canada’s Embassy Participated in 2014 Ukraine Regime Change [Source]

4. About Saakashvili being governor of Odessa.
Keep in mind that for the US State Department it doesn’t matter what sick twisted criminal clown they place to govern occupied territories of Ukraine. As a criminal on a run, he is going to be very loyal in implementing the main task of removing all the Ukrainian governance of the Odessa region and replacing it with the US rule, to remake this region into a gigantic NATO base and the US NAVY port that would threaten Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe, Turkey and Caucasus.

NATO representatives visited Odessa [Source]
On July 14, 2015 Representatives of the Advisory group NATO visited Odessa, as reported by the press center of the Command of the Naval Forces of Ukraine. The purpose of this visit is to discuss the pilot project of the revival of the military Hospital in Odessa, which is currently being coordinated by the General staff of the defense Ministry.

The NATO delegation and first Deputy chief of staff of the command of the Naval Forces Admiral Dmitry Taran held talks regarding the conduct of operations on the coverage of the above and below sea surface situation, control of Maritime navigation, etc.

They also discussed the standards and requirements of the NATO Alliance communication requirements and training of troops.

Then NATO officials visited the flagship of the Ukrainian Navy frigate “Hetman Sahaidachny”.
From Odessa, the NATO delegation went to Nikolaev, to discuss prospects of development of the training center of the Navy.

Also NATO officials will talk with the Ukrainian military on the current state and directions of preparation of its Air Force.

Upon completion of the visit will be determined the main priorities of Ukraine’s cooperation with NATO in relation to the naval forces.
Here you can read a machine translation of the article about this visit and view some images

Recent US Government and Army procurement tenders for Odessa and Ukraine
a. A renovation of a military hospital is under way in Odessa.

Eye Care Hospital for Veterans is by name only. It’s been under the massive reconstruction since 2014.
“Solicitation Number: N33191-15-R-1206 NAVFAC EURAFSWA awarded a firm-fixed price (FFP) of $482,000.00 to construction company ACE LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, DUNS #364229669, with an office in 62B, PEREMOGY AVENUE, KYIV 03113 Kyiv, Ukraine. “The work includes, but is not limited to, the Renovation of an Eye Care Hospital for Veterans located in Odessa, Ukraine. ”

“The procurement method to be utilized is FAR Part 15 – Contracting by Negotiation using Source Selection procedures. The solicitation will utilize source selection procedures described in FAR 15.101-2 Lowest price technically acceptable source selection, which require offerors to submit a technical proposal and past performance, as well as a price proposal for evaluation by the Government.

The NAICS Code for this procurement is 236220 and the annual size standard is $33,500,000.
In accordance with FAR 36.204, the estimated cost of construction is between $500,000.00 and $1,000,000.

The contractor shall complete all works within 400 calendar days after contract award.
Offerors can view and/or download the solicitation, and any attachments, at when it becomes available, free of charge. The solicitation will be posted on or about 17 December 2014. All notices/amendments related to the solicitation will be posted to

This solicitation is available in electronic format only. Documents will be in the Adobe Acrobat PDF file format via the Internet. The free Acrobat Reader, required to view the PDF files, can be downloaded from the Adobe website.

Contracting Office Address: PSC 817 Box 51 FPO AE Naples, 09622-0051 United States .
Place of Performance: Odessa, Ukraine. Points of Contact for this tender are Erik S. Torngren and Edel Esparza. Both of them have emails.

b. Environmental Remediation and Contamination Mitigation Services, Multiple Award Remediation Contracts (MARCs) Solicitation Number: W912GB-15-R-0030

Agency: Department of the Army Office: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Location: USACE District, Europe.
Jul 01, 2015 2:04 am PRESOLICITATION NOTICE for W912GB-15-R-0030: Multiple Award Task Order (MATOC) Indefinite-Delivery, Indefinite-Quantity (IDIQ) contracts for Environmental Remediation and Contamination Mitigation Services, Multiple Award Remediation Contracts (MARCs).

1. ANTICIPATED PROJECT TITLE: Environmental Remediation and Contamination Mitigation Services, Multiple Award Remediation Contracts (MARCs) for Romania, Georgia, Ukraine, Hungary, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Turkey, Kosovo, Moldova, Bosnia-Herzogovenia, and Serbia.
2. AGENCY: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Europe District (NAU)
3. NAICS: 562910, Environmental Remediation Services
4. CONTRACT SPECIALIST: Erica Taylor, her email is at and she is located in Wiesbaden, Germany.
5. PLACE OF PERFORMANCE: Romania, Georgia, Ukraine, Hungary, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Turkey, Kosovo, Moldova, Bosnia-Herzogovenia, and Serbia.
“7. DESCRIPTION: USACE Europe District intends to issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) W912GB-15-R-0030 for Firm Fixed Price (FFP) IDIQ MARCs covering US Army Garrisons (USAG), other Department of Defense Agencies and /or other U.S. Government agencies or partners, for Romania, Georgia, Ukraine, Hungary, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Turkey, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Serbia. The IDIQ MARCs shall provide services related to Environmental Remediation and Contaminant Mitigation Services.”
“8. TYPE OF CONTRACT: This RFP will be for at least two FFP IDIQ MARCs. The primary purpose of these MARCs is to provide assessment of hazardous material/waste contamination situations (primarily POL, BTEX and CHC); provide any soil or groundwater remediation actions which are required; and provide local environmental management expertise as the need arises. This contract will also address contaminant mitigation for, but not limited to, substances such as asbestos, non-remediation related soil excavation and disposal, lead and radon.”

“Examples of remediation work to be performed under this contract shall include but not limited to:
• Installing and operating/maintaining pump and treat groundwater systems (to include reports, Host Nation consultation, trend analyses, system optimization);
• Installing and operating/maintaining remedial injection systems (to include reports, Host Nation consultation, trend analyses, system optimization);
• Installing and operating/maintaining air sparging or vapor extracting systems (to include reports, Host Nation consultation, trend analyses, system optimization);
• Any other state of the art remediation systems (to include reports, Host Nation consultation, trend analyses, system optimization)
• Treatability studies, evaluation of engineering controls; various pump tests/pilot tests;
• RI/FS with reports written in technical English and German
• Design analysis, decision documents, and design prepared using technical English;
• Groundwater modeling, fate and transport analyses, or other technologies;
• Consulting, providing recommendations and reporting remediation results;
• Remedial Action Operation or Long Term Monitoring”

“9. TYPE OF SET-ASIDE: This acquisition will be an unrestricted action under full and open competitive conditions. Small and Small Disadvantaged Business requirements are waived for this project due to its location OCONUS.
10. SELECTION PROCESS: The Government intends to utilize a source selection process to evaluate contractors for award on a best value tradeoff basis.
11. CONTRACT MAGNITUDE: The term of the resultant contracts will be limited to a one (1) year (12 months) base period, and two (2) twelve month option periods. The contemplated contracts’ shared capacity will not exceed $9,900,000.00 for the base and all option years. This MATOC procurement envisions that there will be two (2) or more contract awards.”

“14. ANTICIPATED SOLICITATION RELEASE DATE AND AWARD DATE: The Government anticipates releasing the solicitation on or about 10 July 2015. The Government intends to have proposals due on 23 September 2015 and award the contracts in the first quarter of US Fiscal Year 2016 (October 2015 – December 2015). Actual dates and times will be identified in the solicitation. Responses to this pre-solicitation are not required. Additional details can be found in the solicitation when it is posted.”

Pay special attention to the fact that this Solicitation confirms that there are “US Army Garrisons (USAG), other Department of Defense Agencies and /or other U.S. Government agencies” on the territory of Ukraine.

c. US military buying for Ukraine 5 P5-B-UAG M1152 with Ambulance Box
This is from the “High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles Solicitation Number: W56HZV15R0173 of Department of the Army, Army Contracting Command, Location: ACC – Warren (ACC-WRN)(DTA)

Added: Jun 04, 2015 10:36 am with a Desired Delivery Date: 30 July 2015
Pursuant to FAR 15.203(e), the Government is hereby issuing a Letter Request for Proposal (RFP) to AM General for a Multi-Country Foreign Military Sales (FMS) requirement for a quantity of 2,052 each High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWVs), 30 each Ambulance Shelters, and Contractor Unique Spare Parts for the Governments of Tunisia, Kenya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Ukraine.
The breakdown of required vehicles, ambulance shelters, and spare parts are as follows:
Tunisia J7-B-UAX M1165A1 Special Operations Tan Camo – 12 each
Tunisia J7-B-UAX M1165A1 Special Operations Green Camo – 16 each
Tunisia J7-B-UAX M1152A1B2 w/FRAGs Tan Camo – 2 each
Tunisia J7-B-UAX M1152A1B2 w/FRAGs Green Camo – 2 each
Tunisia J7-B-UAX Spares – 1 Lot (2 years)
Kenya J7-B-UAO M1152A1B2 w/FRAGs Green – 2 each
Kenya J7-B-UAO Spares – 1 Lot (2 years)
Kenya J7-B-UAQ M1152A1B2 w/FRAGs Green – 2 each
Kenya J7-B-UAQ Spares – 1 Lot (2 years)
Iraq P1-B-AAE M1151A1B1 w/FRAGs Tan – 115 each
Iraq P1-B-AAE Spares – 1 Lot (1 year)
Afghanistan J3-B-UDL M1151A1B1 w/FRAGs Tan – 675 each
Afghanistan J3-B-UDF M1151A1B1 w/FRAGs Green – 349 each
Afghanistan J3-B-UCW M1151A1B1 w/FRAGs Tan – 34 each
Afghanistan J3-B-UEM M1151A1B1 w/FRAGs – 542 each
Afghanistan J3-B-UDY M1151A1B1 w/FRAGs Tan – 26 each
Lebanon Option Quantity U3-B-UAA M1151A1B1 – 125 each
Lebanon Option U3-B-UAA Quantity Spares – 1 Lot (2 years)
Iraq Option Quantity P1-B-AAE M1152A1B2 Cargo w/FRAGs – 150 each
Ukraine P5-B-UAG M1152 with Ambulance Box – 5 each
Afghanistan J3-B-UEA M1152 with Ambulance Box – 25 each

German media also reports about the US Plans to Expand Its Involvement in Ukraine

Novorossia Donbass
1. Fights In Donbass 14.07.2015
UPDATE 13:30: Popasna is under shelling,Ukrainian Army is using 122mm howitzers and 82mm mortars — Resident Source — Confirmed
UPDATE 13:30: Today Ukrainian Army used 122mm howitzers on militia and civilian positions near Krasnohorivka and Staromykhailivka , At least 30 pieces of shelled were released — Militia,Resident Source — Confirmed
UPDATE 13:15: Near Shchastya fights with small arms and mortars are in progress — Militia Source — Confirmed
UPDATE 13:00: In the area of Novotoshkovka fights are in progress ( Mostly infantry fights ) At least one ukrainian soldier was heavy wounded , Shelling can be heard near Novotoshkovka — Militia Source — Confirmed
UPDATE 13:00: Today in Gorlovka again were heard heavy shelling , At 07:30 started the shelling on the West Side of the city , The shelling continue — Militia Source — Confirmed

2. Nicolay Starikov visits Donetsk. Video of his press-conference
В Донецке состоялась встреча жителей ДНР с российским писателем, общественным деятелем Николаем Стариковым (видео)
Coup in Kiev started the war against Russian Mir (Peaceful Russian World) It’s not just a war on Donetsk and Donbass, it’s a war on every Russian person. No matter where we live, here, in Russia or around the world, it’s a war on everyone of us.

3. A car belonging to the Head Secretary of DNR exploded in Donetsk on 14.07.15. It is still under investigation. An explosive was placed under the car seat. [Source]

In the last 24 hours there were w torrent of rumors of an insider job, arrests in the top commanders, a government coup, and everything else. According to the official news, none of these has been happening, so we have to wait for official confirmations before making any conclusions.

4. Kiev Post website is taken down by CyberBerkut [Source]

The Essential Saker III: Chronicling The Tragedy, Farce And Collapse of the Empire in the Era of Mr MAGA
The Essential Saker II: Civilizational Choices and Geopolitics / The Russian challenge to the hegemony of the AngloZionist Empire