Kiev regime armed forces operation to put the end to the Right Sector

The prevailing understanding amongst the brightest Ukrainian political analysts is that the “Kremlin controlled” Right Sector is destabilizing the situation in the country. Yet another version states that it’s “Putin’s agent” Poroshenko fighting against true Ukrainian patriots. Also, that the “Anti-terrorist Operation” in the Western parts of Ukraine is “Moscow’s plot” to destroy Ukraine. The whole thing is a huge ZRADA (treason) rather than PEREMOGA (victory). But it also could be the opposite.

Reminder that the Right Sector is an extremist nationalistic terrorist organization banned in Russia.

July 18th – Video of the start to the “Anti -Terrorist Operation” in Western Ukraine [Source]
МОЛНИЯ: начало АТО в Закарпатье — боевиков «ПС» окружают, задействована бронетехника и вертолеты (ВИДЕО)

According to Yuriy Butusov, a contributing editor at infamous webzine Censor dot net, he interviewed a “competent” witness. This “competent” witnesses claim that SBU anti Right Sector operation is just a scheme, to cover up a covert operation against people of Zakarpattia.

For the exception of one main highway Kiev-Chop all the roads are open. 18 wheelers and other large trucks are moving along nicely. They could transporting an army inside and no one would notice. Sources confirm that SBU is not ready to fight the “rightsectors.” The SBU officers from Kiev didn’t even know where Mukachevo was on the map. This anti-terrorist force officer from Kiev had the hard time coping, because “he has never see a map before” in his life.

The second day of the Right Sector protests on Maidan Square in Kiev
The Right Sector’s demands:
Abolition of the Musk II Agreement;
Resignation of the Minister of Interior;
No confidence vote Referendum

Ukrainian militants targeted houses of the leaders of Rusyns in West Ukraine Zakarpattia.[source] Most significantly, it is through this region that major energy pipelines pass from Russia, through Ukraine, and into the EU.

Rusyns connect the attacks with the increased activity of the pro-Junta Ukrainian nationalists. The Prime-Minister of Carpathian Rus Petr Gretsko said that they would have to start defending their families with weapons, if Ukrainian nationalists continue their attacks.

On July 18th, 2015 On his website, Gretsko made a desperate plea from Rusyns and Hungarians to the world Congress of Subcarpathian Ruthenians and the world Council of Hungarians.
Обращение русинов и венгров к Всемирному Совету подкарпатских русинов и Всемирному Совету венгров

“In Ukraine the ongoing activities of the extremist, Pro-fascist organizations create a real threat of deployment of a policy of genocide against the Ruthenians, Hungarians, and other minorities in our region.

We are convinced that the solution to these crisis problems can become a legalization of the results of the referendum of 1991. It means the necessity to develop the region’s Autonomous status. Also, there remain unresolved issues of official recognition of Rusyns, who constitute the majority of the population of Transcarpathia, but remain a national minority.”

“The participants of the meeting call upon the world Council of Hungarians, the world Council of Subcarpathian Ruthenians integrate their structures, to attract political and public circles of the countries that Rusyn and Hungarian communities to take action to help solve these problems.
In particular, it is important to have a corresponding influence on the views and policies of the Kiev authorities, so that the most acute problems of the South-East were decided purely on the basis of the Minsk agreements.”

On July 13th, 2015 Getsko published the results of the poll

75% of responding Transcarpathians agree with the definition that the Carpathian Right Sector in Transcarpathia to be finally named named a “terrorist organization” by the Prosecutor general office.

100% of respondents Transcarpathians believe that under this scenario, the SBU (Security Service of Ukraine)+RS (Right Sector) will be called “Bandera ISIS” soon.

87.5% of responding Transcarpathians support the idea that Transcarpathia became part of the Eurasian Economic Union.

100% of responding Transcarpathians consider spiritual purity is more important than the European overindulgence and faggotry

100% of responding Transcarpathians agree that Maidan took place so it would be possible to start a Civil War in the country.

92% of responding Transcarpathians believe that the true separatists were Kravchuk and Kiev residents in 1991 ( the year Ukraine proclaimed independence from the USSR), and not those whom the Ukrainian government is calling “separatists”

100% of responding Transcarpathians believe that the Ukrainian nationalists including the SBU and all other nationalist organizations are the main threat to the Carpathians, and Central Europe.

100% of responding Transcarpathians believes that after the Greek crisis assistance to Ukraine, and especially its accession to the EU will be heavily revised

83,3% of responding Transcarpathians believes that in Transcarpathia there is a handful of Kiev representatives and one thousand of Bandera followers who are considered by Europe and Kiev to be the first rate citizens. And there is one million two hundred thousand other Transcarpathians who are being treated as second rate people.

91% of responding Transcarpathians believes that the Bandera followers and Ukrainian nationalists are given a license to kill. Ukraine is the territory were the murder is de-criminalized and even encouraged by the ruling elite.

The poll shows that the people of Transcarpathia want self-rule, the removal of all Kiev representatives, autonomy and self-determination. People want to have a peaceful life. After 23 years of independence the Kiev elite has been only enriching itself and destroying the country and its population.

As a legal base for our demands we view the Transcarpathian regional referendum of 1991, when almost 80% of Transcarpathians voted in favor of the special self-governing territory of Transcarpathia, as a subject that is not included in any other administrative-territorial formation of Ukraine! The results of this referendum are still valid and legal. “
The results of the 1991 Referendum for Independence is published here

On July 19 Budapest expressed its Readiness to Protect Ethnic Hungarians Living in Ukraine, but not Rusyns [Source]

In response, the US immediately announced about the increase of its troops in Hungary. The US will bring in M1 Abrams tanks and M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles under the pretence of the NATO drills in the country [Source]

Meanwhile, the representative of the NATO occupational authorities in Kiev is expected to replace the current Governor of Zakarpattie Region. Luhansk governor Moskal likely to be tapped to head Zakarpattia
“The appointment will take place in the coming days, until the end of the week,” a source said. “Talks about his appointment took place on Tuesday,” the source added. A source in the Presidential Administration said that the reshuffle would involve not only the region’s governor, therefore “it takes time.”

Visit of the US Ambassador Pyatt to Zakarpattia and an interview with Petr Getsko

The “Anti-Terrorist Operation” is gearing up. July 21, 2015 Video of NATO occupational armed forces moving through the “Right Sector’s” barricades. Judge for yourself how much manpower and weaponry are thrown into this “new separatists area.” [source]

“Right Sector” fascists called for a national referendum and predictably end up with a freak show [Source]

Right Sector” and other Ukrainian nationalist movement started to suspect that they are only popular when the US pays to people to support them.
The idea of Maidan 3.0 smells more and more like a fish market on a hot summer day. If it’s not okayed by Victoria Nuland is not happening. Ukrainians are just too slow to realize that. Check out the Colonel’s post with many interesting images and videos with a one-liner summary under ach video. Remarkably, the Stalin architectural classicism buildings (gray) and a building of the Russian neoclassical revival (white) framing the meeting.

Creation of the New Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine based armed forces under UN, NATO, and EU command directed against Russia [Source]
The US won’t be able to sleep and eat until it starts a war of Europe against Russia. Either that, or the US will have to pay back to its creditors, which is impossible. It can always default, of cause, and start new. But the wars in Europe are so profitable and so good for the American psyche.

Odessa is on the way to become a US NATO base. Video of 100 Humvee military vehicles arrived from the US to Odessa.
Jul 18, 2015 A batch of 100 military HMMWV vehicles arrived in the morning from the United States to Odessa, said US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey R. Pyatt.

He has also published on Twitter corresponding photos. The first 30 US armored Humvee (HMMWV, the so-called military Humvee) were handed over to the Ukrainian side in March.

Ukraine actively receives weapon from over 10 European countries [Source]

Russia’s liberals Exodus to Ukraine (on the way to the West) [Source]
The problem with being a kept person, you have to do what your sugar daddy wants. It’s getting harder and more expensive to continue anti-Russian propaganda sitting in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg and even Ekatherinburg.

Aider Mmujdabaev, an editor at MK Moskovskiy Komsomolets, an ultra-liberal yellow newspaper. In Kiev, he will be fighting for the rights of Crimean Tatars to be back under the Kiev’s control. He is the one infamous for saying about May 9th Victory Day, “I want to spit on your victory.” Fortunately for many, his bodily discharge is not transmittable via cables and Wi-Fi, so it stays with him on his computer screen.
He is following in steps of Maria Gaidar, a daughter of the one of the most nauseous figures in Russian modern history.

A disabled Ukrainian tells all about real Crimea
Рассказ украинца о реальном Крыме

“Cursed be the day when we decided to support Maidan” says Taras from the West Ukrainian Ujgorod. “You have no idea of horrors that are going on in Ujgorod. It’s very scary to live everywhere. Crimes and lawlessness of the Right Sector. In Ujgorod and Lvov especially. We have never thought that the situation would get that bad.” He brought his family to Crimea and decided to stay and ask for a refugee status. “Crimeans treat us very nicely. They told me that they would rather starve than go back to Ukraine.”

Another Ukrainian, Andrey from Kherson, left his business and moved his family to Crimea. “The country is in a grip of lawlessness, theft, crimes and murders. There are no where to sell our products. You have no idea how much I paid to get here. I decided to stay here in Crimea. I see my future in Russia.”

The author, who is disabled from childhood visited a rehabilitation center and met with Oleg, who lost both legs and his entire family to the Ukrainian shelling of Donetsk. He used to be a watchmaker in Donetsk, and was offered work as a watch repairman. He expresses his gratitude to the government of Crimea for taking care of the disabled and injured people from Donetsk and Lugansk. He says that in Crimea he is receiving his medical treatment for free and he is a process of getting an artificial legs. “My entire family has perished and I am by myself now. But I am not alone. People here are so nice to me. I will learn how to walk again. I will work to help my Motherland.”

The author, a Ukrainian blogger Страж (Sentinel) writes in conclusion:

“The Ukrainians! I am telling you — Russia is not our enemy! What’s happening in our native Ukraine is a true tragedy. We will only be able to understand the depth of our shared grief, when we learn to speak the truth to each other. Stop looking for external enemies. Stop trusting to lying Press and mass media. Look around and see what you have done! Think about it, because you are destroying yourself!

We need peace. To have peace, we urgently need to kick out lying, murderous, thieving and unprofessional authorities!

I really hope that you will see everything clearly as soon as possible, because if the government will continue at this pace destroying our country, soon we will nothing left to save!”

Our reader Martin from S.E.B. comment on July 17, 2015 • at 9:40 am UTC
Interesting shift in the Zio”german” press landscape.
The influential and widely established in Germany Focus magazine suddenly turned 180 degrees and out of a sudden admits that there are Nazis and the Right Sector in Ukraine wasn’t it all Putin’s Kreml Propaganda until yesterday??
Note: This article got 100% positive user feedback stars, unlike all normal articles (telling the US fairy tales), which usually get exactly 1 star (the possible minimum feedback).

America takes a conflict over Ukraine from cold to hot [Source]
Америка размораживает конфликт

The moment when DPR and LPR declare a unilateral withdrawal of all weaponry 3 kilometers farther away from the front line, Victoria Nuland issued new threats to Russia for failure to implement the Minsk II Agreement. Considering that Russia is NOT a part of this agreement, it’s clearly the warning to continue doing nothing while the NATO occupational forces attacking Donbass. Keep in mind that the developing the Odessa US Navy base is underway also.

“Victoria Nuland as the direct supervisor of the Maidan project gives Kiev a setting to defrost the conflict in the Donbass and the disruption of the hands of the puppet Ukrainian government agreements in the format of “Minsk-2″, says a Director of the International Institute of the newest States Alexey Martynov.

The American strategy on Ukraine is failing. For more than a year of confrontation with the DNR and LNR Washington did not manage to drag Russia into a serious regional conflict in Central Europe with the prospect of expansion it onto the entire continent. Nuland’s statements is a pitiful attempt to blackmail Moscow with the purpose to mobilize Kiev to destabilize the situation in Donbass.”

Humor: Ukraine’s PM to Greeks: Stick with EU and Be an Economic Success Like Ukraine (Video) Cameron sits there nodding his head in agreement…[Source]


Armed forces of DNR and LNR are being consolidate under the central command. Volunteer based battalions are being transformed into contract based armed forces that allow foreigners to serve in their armed forces.

Essentially, the republics move to create the professional unified armed forces that would be under one central command. No more battalions of picturesque volunteers listening to no one but their honest hearts and love for Russia. No more local authorities’ “pocket” armies with tanks. No more unfair division when some people are always fighting, while others are always guarding food warehouses. The poetry of freedom fighters and self-defenders will become a subject of literature and history, and instead Donbass gets professional contract military, including those from foreign countries.

Igor Strelkov about the formation of new DPR armed forces command [Source]
Игорь Стрелков о расформировании Минобороны ДНР и возможных последствиях

Zakharchenko: Kiev concentrated over 70,000 armed group on the boarder with the Republics [Source]
Киев сконцентрировал у линии фронта группировку ВСУ в 70 тысяч человек, — Захарченко

Partisans in Ukraine change their tactics [Source]

Bill on elections in Donetsk Republic passes first reading [Source]
July 18 – “The changes to the legislation are related to implementation of the Package of Measures on fulfillment of the Minsk agreements of February 12, 2015 and of the protocol to consultations of the Contact Group of September 5, 2015, which regulates organization of local elections under the special status of Donbass,” a special explanatory note reads.

The addendums, for example, read that residents, registered in DPR, but “temporarily away” will enjoy the right of participating in the voting. The republic’s Central Elections Commission “establishes locations and order for the local elections’ voting at foreign polling stations for those registered in the territory, organizing elections, and who have to be outside the Donetsk People’s Republic temporarily.”

About the anniversary of MH17: Locals held a memorial service for victims of the crash.

The relatives of the victims were invited. but no one showed up [source]
Родственники погибших пассажиров малайзийского «Боинга» так и не приехали на годовщину трагедии
Locals were waiting for the relatives of the victims to come and no one came. Not one relative came to the memorial of their relatives. They are busy filing lawsuits against Russia for billions of dollars.

In the article a local woman asks, Why all these people had to die? The answer is right here: All these people had to die so the US and EU could place sanctions on Russia. These people are sacrificial lambs for the US and EU to escalate their war on Russia. That’s why relatives of the victims are rushing to cash in and to sue Russians taxpayers for no reasons at all and demand billions of dollars.

The Constitutional Amendments offered by Poroshenko will expire after just one year. It’s a bomb under Donbass
Мина под статус Донбасса
Конституционные поправки, предложенные Петром Порошенко, можно будет отменить уже через год

Stunning Footage Captures Ukraine Artillery Shell Mid-Flight Moments Before Impact. Donetsk is being shelled by NATO occupational armed forces in Ukraine [source]

Donbass speaks Russian language: flash-mob of children and teens [source]
People on video say: We want to send a message that Donbass is strong united Russian region. We will win! The victory will be ours.
Take a look at the pictures of Donbass kids, they are so cute. Those are kids that a Jewish man and a father Poroshenko pleaded to shell, and bomb, and to keep “in basements” forever, to “win the war” on them.

Moments of the NATO War in Ukraine: June – July 2015
A collection of short videos and photographs
Мгновения войны – Июнь-июль 2015.
Moments of everyday day lives of the extraordinary people.
Don’t miss images of new souvenir Donetsk coin collection. Made in China, BTW. Highly recommended.

Russian Presidential Library Puts Rare Christian Books Online for Public [source]

The Saker’s political analysis grossed over 7000 views just in the first 24 hours. If Poroshenko Attacks His Days Are Numbered
Frankly, I think that NATO read it and that’s why they are not attacking, yet.


1. Putin Orders Formation Of New Military Reserve Force [Source]

2. It’s getting harder to get anti-Russia law via Duma (Russia’s Parliament)
Russian lawmaker proposing lift of import ban for Greece called “national traitor”
MOSCOW, July 16. /TASS/. Russian MP Andrey Krutov’s proposal to lift counter-sanctions from Greece has sparked controversy in the State Duma and Civic Chamber. Krutov was described as “a national traitor” and “foreign collaborationist.”

Civic Chamber member Sergey Markov shares this point of view. “Krutov’s proposal undermines our system of counter-sanctions. A questions arises on whether Krutov is a foreign agent and serves interests of someone else,” Markov said. “It would be strange if we cancelled our counter-sanctions against Greece which participates in EU’s sanctions regime against Russia. Greece could just recently veto extending sanctions against Russia, but the Greek government did nothing,” he concluded.

3.  Russia Unveils “Terminator T-1” Inspired Killer Robots [source]

4.  Is Russia being placed on “Gaidar’s” rail to financial ruin? [source]
Finance ministry and Central Bank of Russia continue strangling country economically. This time its new loans via bonds
Россию кладут на «гайдаровские рельсы»
В угоду спекулянтам из США и ЕС на страну вновь накидывают «долговую удавку»

Russia’s Finance ministry’s weekly treasury bonds auctions
June 3rd, 2015 Reuters article: Russia sells 10 bln roubles of OFZ bonds at auction, avg yield 11.77 pct

Russia’s Finance Ministry selling Russian bonds for about 12% interest rate payable twice per year. It’s clear that they are selling bonds to use the proceeds to pay interest on the previously sold bonds. Unless they prove otherwise. With an average bondholder around the world getting less than 1% for their holdings, it’s no wonder that the Wall Street speculators falling over each other to get Russia’ bonds into their hands. Do you ever wonder why there are no sanctions on buying those bonds?

What even more troubling that the Ministry of Finance touting these capital flight mechanism as victory for Russia. Remember the old wisdom, to never borrow money. You take somebody’s else money for a brief period of time, but you have to give back your own money forever.

The IMF approves of the policies conducting by the Russia’s Finance Ministry. it’s clear that the current ongoing economic and financial policies in Russia will bring the country to ruins if not stopped and revised. Russia needs to be able to issue its own money and to limit the buyers’ pool of its bonds, excluding all sanctions imposing countries specifically.

Here you can track the auctions of the Russia’s bonds.

4.   42 Billion Reasons Why Putin’s Time May Be Running Out

5.   Ukrainian Bank to sue Russia’s taxpayers for $760 million in damages fur to reunification of Crimea [Source]
The bank uses the same law firm that represents Yukos. The venue is not known yet. As I reported prior, the Kiev junta intends to file multiple lawsuits against Russia’s taxpayers.

After the reunification of Crimea with Russia, The Oschadbank of Ukraine which is filing lawsuit froze all its customers funds, has never released those funds to the customers, and voluntarily terminated its services and closed its branches on the peninsula. People stood in lines for days trying to get their money back, but the bank and the Ukrainian mass media just insulted the bank’s customers.

Russia had reimbursed the bank’s depositors. The Russia’s government has never attempted to disrupt the work of this bank. Everything they have done was a voluntary decision of this bank’s leadership. Those foreign banks that stayed and keep working in Russia are reporting the highest historical profits.

Can you imagine that your bank takes your money, closes its branches in your town, and sues you because you elected the politicians that the bank’s owners don’t like?

If this bank wins its lawsuit, it will become a precedent for any bank anywhere to freeze their customers’ assets to punish the population for its political choices.

Previously, I have reported on the legal war launched against Russia in European and American courts by the means of frivolous baseless lawsuits to extort money from Russia’s taxpayers.

As a development, on July 21th, 2015 Russia prepared a symmetrical response to the hostile seizure of Russia’s taxpayers’ and private companies assets abroad
Россия симметрично ответит на аресты зарубежного имущества
The law that will allow Russia to put arrests on the Western assets in Russia in case of hostile actions towards Russia’s assets has passed the preliminary hearing, and is heading to Duma (Russia’s Parliament).

“The Ministry of justice, which drafted the bill, explained that this amendment will allow the “jurisdictional balance” in relations between Russia and other States. “The number of claims to the Russian Federation and its agencies in foreign courts, is steadily increasing, with the consent Russia on its part in not requested”,- speak in Department. Moreover recently Russia signed several international treaties on mutual protection of investments, which provide that all disputes related to investments, are dealt with in international commercial arbitration. Russia’s recognition of the jurisdiction of foreign courts in fact constitute a waiver of sovereignty, argue the authors of the bill.”

The most awesome about this law. that it was most definitely not written by the US Department of State’s think tanks. We witness in real time, how the Washington’s suffocating grip on the Moscow political circles is loosening.

Greek Prime Minister Asked Putin For $10 Billion To “Print Drachmas“, Greek Media Reports
Rumors has it that Putin refused to support the Greeks government attempts to exit the EU.
Russia has been a Greece’s ally since the beginning of history.

In Iran’s Epic of the Persian Kings, Shahnameh, Russia is mentioned as the Greece’s ally. Read here and enjoy the superb quality 600 illustrations based on the ancient manuscripts illuminations and made by the artist Hamid Rahmanian. The coolest part you can flip pages like it’s a real book.
Here, 1971 Soviet Epic Movie, Rustam And Sohrab From Shahnameh

The U.S.

War Profiteers: Victoria Nuland and Co. Making Money on Endless Wars
American neocons have turned wars into a profitable business, a US investigative journalist exposes, nailing Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and her husband, arch-neocon Robert Kagan, for their dubious foreign strategy.

Obama’s Goals For Middle East Hinge On Putin [source]

Paul Craig Roberts: Greece’s Lesson For Russia [source]
Greece’s lesson for Russia, and for China and Iran, is to avoid all financial relationships with the West. The West simply cannot be trusted. The “globalism” that is hyped in the West is inconsistent with Washington’s unilateralism. No country with assets inside the Western system can afford to have policy differences with Washington. It is testimony to the insouciance of our time that the stark inconsistency of globalism with American unilateralism has passed unnoticed.

Washington is committed to economic and political hegemony over every other country and uses the Western financial system for asset freezes, confiscations, and sanctions. Countries that have independent foreign policies and also have assets in the West cannot expect Washington to respect their property rights or their ownership.

Washington is invested heavily in using Ukraine against Russia. All the conflict there originates with Washington’s puppet government in Kiev. Russia is blamed for everything, including the destruction of the Malaysian airliner. Washington has used false charges to coerce the EU into sanctions against Russia that are not in the EU’s interest. As Washington has succeeded in coercing all of Europe to harm Europe’s political and economic relationships with Russia and to enter into a state of conflict with Russia, certainly Washington is not going to agree to an Ukrainian settlement. Even if Washington wanted to do so, as Washington’s entire position rests on nothing but propaganda, Washington would have to disavow itself in order to come to an agreement.

As long as this doctrine reigns in Washington, neither Russia, China, nor Iran, the nuclear agreement notwithstanding, are safe.

Last, But Not Least

Guess a name of an Old Master, who painted Putin into all his paintings

The Essential Saker IV: Messianic Narcissism's Agony by a Thousand Cuts
The Essential Saker III: Chronicling The Tragedy, Farce And Collapse of the Empire in the Era of Mr MAGA