Confusion and fear are engulfing the markets today. All Trading Halted On NYSE, CNBC Stunned. All trading halted on China’s stock market. [Source]

The Troika Turns Europe Into A War-zone [Source]
Europeans are completely clueless about what’s happening here in Athens. They can’t see to save their lives that their silence protects and legitimizes a flat out war against a country that is, just like their respective countries, a member of a union that now seeks to obliterate it. Europeans need to understand that the EU has no qualms about declaring war on one of its own member states. And that it could be theirs next time around. Where people die of hunger or preventable diseases. Or commit suicide. Or flee. All Europeans on their TV screens can see the line-ups at ATMs, and the fainting grandmas at the banks, the hunger, the despair. How on earth can they see this as somehow normal, and somehow not connected to their own lives?


1. Everything Russian Must Be ‘Eradicated’ From Ukraine – RFE Columnist [Source]

2. The West continues its attempts to erase Russia, not just from the world , history books and moves, and the history of art, but also from the geography.
A dedicated tool for destroying Russia is an anti-Russia, which is Ukraine. Kiev Rada is deciding on banning the word Russia in all its official uses.
Russian Federation May No Longer Be Russia in Ukraine [Source]

Schizophrenia: Ukraine banns the word “Russian”
Шизофрения: на Украине запретят использовать слово «русский» (ВИДЕО)

3. What’s behind the story of Ukraine refusing to pay for gas, after all Brussels gave the money earmarked for gas?
Yatsenyuk said that they are not going to subsidize Russia by paying the market prices [Source]
Яценюк обязал Россию продавать газ по рыночной цене: «Мы дотировать «Газпром» не будем»

Has Europe just got tired of throwing good money after bad? Maybe they started to see that the Ukrainians are incurable in principle. Behind the Kiev refusing to pay for gas is the story of the missing money that the EU gave to Kiev to pay for procurement of gas supply for the coming winter .

To ensure uninterrupted gas transit to Europe in looming winter, Ukrainians need to stockpile of 19 billion m3 of gas. Ukraine officially notified the EU that they needs money to pay for this amount of gas. Brussels, after grumbling for a week, coughed up the required by Kiev cash to pay to Russia. However, savvy Ukrainians decided that they would be able to get Miller’s prices $60 below than set by Gazprom. Somewhere along the way they pocketed the difference. However, Russia simply ignores their shenanigans. Kiev ends up with just enough money for 12 billion m3. No more. What do they do? They turn around and demand from Brussels to give them more money for those mysteriously missing 7 billion cubic meters. To say that the EU was greatly startled is to say nothing.

Novorossia Donetsk Lugask

1. DPR and LPR submitted a proposal to the UN to create a warn tribunal to investigate war crimes against people of Donbass [Source]

2. Ukraine military demands bribes and ransom to allow food shipment across the border with the People’s Republics [Source]

3. Fights In Donbass 07.07.2015 [Source]
UPDATE 22:00: Fights continue in Gorlovka ( fights in progress ) , In Pesky infantry fights are in progress and in Spartak mortar and artillery fights ( Ukrainian Army is using 122mm howitzers and 82mm mortars ) — Militia Source — Confirmed – See more

4. New Russia Press reports news in Romanian and Spanish now.
Lupte In Noua Rusie 06.07.2015

5. Anti-Maidan and Trophy Tank T-72 [Source]

6. Pushilin on Minks negotiations: We have some progress, but still no peace [Source]
Пушилин: динамика переговоров в Минске оставляет желать лучшего

More here: Завершилась встреча контактной группы. Прогресс есть, но мира не будет [Source]

7. Ukraine military shelled mother & baby center in Telmanovo [Source]

ВСУ обстреляли роддом в Тельманове из тяжелых орудий

8. Facebook deleted the account of Truth about situation in Ukraine

Russia and Beyond

1. Pivotal Moment: What Does India, Pakistan Membership in SCO Mean? [Source]
Both India and Pakistan are set to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization as full members with their accession expected to conclude by 2016.

2. Moldova is being pushed and conditioned for accession to Romania. [Source]
Presidents Iohannis-Timofti meeting: Romania is Moldova’s ‘great chance’ for integration with the EU

“Fighting corruption, strengthening the institutions and economic stability are the only way to success. I say again: Moldova has a great chance that we never had at the time of accession. This chance is called Romania, a full member of the European Union, today’s most powerful supporter of Moldova in the process of integration. I take this opportunity to welcome the outcome of local elections in Moldova.”

This is despite of the obvious fact that Romania is the next Greece, and it will go down very fast, especially considering that Romania is being pulled into the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Romania (AmCham Romania) in his interview says that “Romania needs a long-term strategic country project. Its current strengths can no longer sustain a steady investments inflow in this new global economic context.” [Source]

While the US promises Romania a carrot with the TTIP, European Union seized financial package to Moldova till the new government is formed. [Source]
Евросоюз приостановил финансирование Молдовы до формирования властями нового правительства, способного вести переговоры о будущем соглашении с МВФ о финансировании, а также об урегулировании кризиса в банковском секторе

The moment the EU said no money for you to Moldova, it turned around and agreed with Russia on the status of Russian peacemakers in Transnistria, their rotation and supply. After tense a couple of months, Moldova suddenly reverted to status quo that has existed for twenty five years.

See here: Moldova is ready to help with supplies to Russia’s troops in Transnistria.
Молдавия готова помочь в снабжении российских военных в Приднестровье [Source]

It might be also that Russia agreed to lift sanctions against Moldova and to start buying its produce.
It looks like Pedro-the Candy maker and his loyal Georgian Tie-Eater are being passed by. [Source]

Perhaps, Moldavia started to realize the quagmire they are being pushed into with the EU. It was just revealed in connection with Greece that the Western European country are using the Eastern European and South European courtiers to unload on their populations billion dollars of debt. That seems to be the case now, since the EU abruptly stopped financing Moldova and demands from Moldova to start negotiations with INF. [Source]
ЕС приостановил финансирование Молдавии до формирования нового правительства
7 июля, По словам главы делегации ЕС в Кишиневе, новому кабинету министров необходимо будет также “незамедлительно начать переговоры с МВФ”

3. US Justice Department applies to seize Gulnara Karimova’s assets [Source]
Jacopo Dettoni in Almaty, July 3, 2015 – The US government is seeking to seize assets worth almost $300mn from “an international conspiracy to launder corrupt payments” allegedly carried out by Russian telecoms MTS and Vimpelcom and linked to an unnamed member of Uzbek President Islam Karimov’s family that other ongoing legal proceedings identify as Gulnara Karimova.

4. France will have to pay to Russia for disruption of Mistrals contract $ 1.2 billion [Source]
July 07, – Earlier Vadim Kozhin said Moscow was arranging a reimbursement of the monies paid for the Mistrals and it hoped to draft a final document with France on the issue “within a month”

5. Meeting of BRICS, SCO, EAEU leaders to show Western inability to isolate Russia — expert [Source]
July 06, – A new economic partnership strategy may be discussed which may be seen in a broader geopolitical context against US-driven Trans-Pacific Partnership trade initiative which does not include China

6. People living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones at their good neighbor.
Days after the European Court of Human Rights announced the award to Georgia of over $70mln for extradition of Georgian illegal migrants in 2006, Moscow reacted.
Russia withdraws from agreement with Georgia on handover of inmates
July 06, The agreement on handing over inmates to serve their sentence in the neighbor country was signed between Russia and Georgia in Moscow on March 19, 1996 [Source]

MOSCOW, July 6. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin has approved a government proposal on suspending the agreement signed with Georgia concerning the transfer of inmates, according to the presidential decree posted on the official legal information portal on Monday.

The agreement on handing over inmates to serve their sentence in the neighbor country was signed between Russia and Georgia in Moscow on March 19, 1996.

The president has ordered the Foreign Ministry to send a respective notification to the Georgian side “on Russia’s intention not to become a participant of the Agreement between the Russian Federation and Georgia.”

The proposal was earlier introduced to the Russian cabinet by the Justice Ministry and agreed with the Foreign Ministry and the Supreme Court.

Rumors (or something like that)

If you look on the map of Crimea, you see the delta of river Dnepr. It’s the fourth major river in Europe. It begins in Russia, goes through Belarus and Ukraine, absorber over 15000 rivers and creeks on the way. Crimea received 85% of fresh water through the canal, which was built in 1961-1971. It stretched from the Khakhovka Reservoir to Kerch. Through this system of canals, Dnepr flows into Crimea, or rather it did until May 2014, when Ukrainian cut the flow of Dnepr to Crimea.
Ukraine builds dam cutting off Crimea water supply

Since Ukraine started dumping fresh water of Dnepr to the Black Sea, it created the ecological disaster among the saltwater creatures, and it caused the ecological disaster in Crimea, resulting not just in shortage of water for people and crops, but the rising level of soil salinization.

Here some World Water News on Crimean water

This entire time, Russia was offering money for water, that was refused by Kiev authorities.

Dnepr is not a Ukrainian river only, it originates in Russia and gain its strength in Belarus. The idea of redirecting Russian part of Dnepr and redirecting other rivers flowing into this rivers to river Don has been around since May 2014. It’s possible to engineer. It will be beneficial for Russia’s and Belarusian agriculture to keep all this water. It would give a large middle finger to the Western companies grabbing land in country that doesn’t belong to them. [Source]

If this is indeed true, the redirecting river inflow to Dnepr on territories of Russia and Belarus will result in significant drop of the water level in Dnepr, in disruption of continuous deepwater route from the mouth of the Pripet to the Black Sea; the chronic water shortages in the Kryvyy Rih industrial regions; and disruption of irrigation of arid and arable lands all over Ukraine especially the southern Ukraine and steppes of the Black Sea Lowland. It will also render the chief ports in Kiev, Cherkasy, Kremenchuk, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhya, Nikopol, Kakhovka, and Kherson, useless.
Considerer that all the arable lands now either owned by the Western companies or in a process of transfer to them. Here are some links to the Western Corporate takeover of Ukraine agriculture  [Source]

Back in November 2014, The Ecologist reported that Ukraine Opens Up for Monsanto, Land Grabs and GMOs

“Loan conditions from the World Bank and IMF are forcing the deeply indebted country to open up to GMO crops, and lift the ban on private sector land ownership. US corporations are jubilant at the ‘goldmine’ that awaits them.”

If Dnepr dries up, 32 million of acres of arable land pie will turn into one dry cookie.

That’s what people are saying.

An unconfirmed video that allegedly shows Dnepr being redirected in Smolensk this summer. [Source]
набережная и русло Днепра в Смоленске июнь 2015

An official version of the conducted works is that the river is being cleaned as part of the preparations for the celebration of the 1150th anniversary of Smolensk. Only, the celebration of this anniversary took place in 2013.

Here some images of Dnepr in Smolensk

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