Graham Philips rebukes US Today slanderous article that portrayed Donetsk as a lawless city in Eastern Ukraine [Source]
Calling out the Western Media #1 – USA Today Attempts to Do Over Donetsk

Here is article that enraged many people, not just Graham Philips, “Donetsk has become eastern Ukraine’s lawless city” [Source]

Here is yet another rebuttal of the same article, A Resident of Donetsk responds to bias USA Today Article about her city [Source]

USA TODAY article claims that people in Donetsk are just like ISIS, killing each other, burning people on the streets, stealing, and looting the last kilos of baloney from stores.

The article based on an interview with Khaled Sijer, an alleged restaurant owner in the center of Donetsk who told USA Today that “he would never consider calling the police for help if he needed it, even if the problem was unrelated to the militias. At this point, he said, everyone has some connection to a militia that could cause a much larger problem.”

“The militias run this city now,” Sijer said. “There is no law here. The police are powerless. Everyone knows that.”

An online search didn’t yield a restaurant, owned by Khaled Sijer. Not one listing of the Donesk restaurants named “Khaled Sijer.” The following is the list of the best restaurants of Donetsk Рестораны Донецка

Another person interviewed for this article was Olexandra Matviichuk. During the unholy Maidan days she was a Soros funded EuroMaidanSOS Coordinator cooperating with over 400 lawyers throughout Ukraine. They flooded the Ukrainian criminal court systems with approximately 5000 complaints, crippling it at a time when the foreign organized violent coup against the democratically elected government of Ukraine was underway.
Nowadays, Olexandra Matviichukacts as a head of the Center for Civil Liberties in Ukraine, a subsidiary of the Soros Open Society Foundation. Hacked Emails Expose George Soros As Ukraine Puppet-Master [Source]

The slanderous article de-humanizing Donetsk’s citizens was published by USA Today on May 18th and authorized by a bizarre double personage, Sheren Khalel and Matthew Vickery.

According to some online sources, Sheren Khalel is a freelance multimedia journalist who works out of Israel, Palestine, Iraq, and Jordan. She is 26, she is a Webster University graduate and also a former officer of the SPJ student chapter in St. Louis, part of DePauw University.

According to her personal twitter account, Sheren Khalel is a freelance journalist covering conflict. Currently in Iraq. Her twitter account

In addition to the USA Today, Sheren Khalel is also a journalist for Aljazeera, which is the Washington and Tel-Aviv financed western shill. Here is the link to Khalel’s profile on the Aljazeera website [Source]

Matthew Vickery is also a Aljazeera and USA Today freelancer. [Source]

Vickery is an independent multimedia journalist based in the Middle East with a focus on the Levant and Iraq. He is also curiously identified as “Scottish photojournalist Matthew Vickery, who is part of Khalel’s freelancing entourage.”

Just recently, on April 15th, Aljazeera proudly displayed another pro-war article of these two freelancers, ‘Christian Taliban’s’ crusade on Ukraine’s front lines [Source]

“As officials work on peace deals with separatists, a rogue religious battalion vows to fight its way to Moscow.” Sheren Khalel claims that “Christians” are fighting against Russians in Ukraine. Just as we thought that the Western information war on Russia had reached the bottom , somebody came knocking from beneath.

It’s proven to be impossible to try to establish a timeframe for Sheren Khalel and Matthew Vickery’s travel to Ukraine On her twitter, she claims to be in Donetsk recently, or how she puts it “last time I was in Donetsk.”

Here she claim on March 31, that “#Ukraine is giving exit stamps when leaving their territory to enter #DNR and entry stamps upon return, acknowledging the de facto country.” However, she doesn’t provide any images for this alleged stamp. [Source]

March 30, she posts a picture of a bridge that was destroyed last Sept. It’s clearly a winter picture of a bridge. There are no colorful September foliage, nether this picture is taken in March or April, when trees are getting green. [Source]

Sheren Khalel has not provided any images of her being in Ukraine and in Donetsk.

Along with the article in USA Today that describe people of DPR as “lawless,” and the article in Aljazeera that labels the Ukraine’s Civil War as “the Christian was on Russians,” Sheren Khalel and Matthew Vickery authored article for Haaretz

On February 3rd, these two published material titled, Ukraine led by ‘miserable Jews,’ says rebel leader [source]

“Head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic says the country’s traditional nationalists would ‘turn in their grave’ if they could see who was leading the country today.” Thus Sheren Khalel and Matthew Vickery marked people of Donetsk as anti-Semites.

Sheren Khalel and Matthew Vickery, have not stopped calling people in the Eastern Ukraine “lawless anti-Semites in war with Christens.” On May 4, 2015, a duo published an article in Foreign Policy, the division of the Washington Post Company, titled: “In Eastern Ukraine, Doctors Are ‘Terrorists’ and Antibiotics Are Herbs

The article is based on a interview with a doctor “Alexander Petrovich Stanitskly, the head of the traumatology department.” Needles to say that this doctor who treats people with herbs and kind words doesn’t exist, and even the last name “Stanitskly” is a made-up name.

Sheren Khalel and Matthew Vickery author articles that are completely false and designed to de-humanize people of the Eastern Ukraine and to cause hatred towards Russian Ukrainians as an ethnic group.

If the people in Donesk, a restaurant owner, a doctor, some militia members are not real, what about the journalists that invented them? Sheren Khalel might own a phone number from Saint Louis, MO, US. However the same phone number is listed for God’s Little Footprints, a child care center, and also listed as phone number for Maurice Worthy who also lives in Saint Louis, MO. Allegedly on Jan 28, 2015 – Maurice Worthy, of St. Louis County, was charged with assault on a law enforcement officer by allegedly dragging an officer during a traffic stop.

Perhaps, they are all friends and share phone numbers and underwear. Why does it look like Sheren Khalel didn’t exist prior to 2014? There is no records of her graduating from high school. There are no school awards. She never participated in any extracurricular activities. There is no records of her parents, or relatives. She just appeared from thin air in 2014. She made herself known using a Kickstarter, raising funds to “Please, help to keep me safe.”

A brilliant move, I must say. Right upon graduation, her articles appeared in USA Today, Haaretz, Aljazeera, and Foreign Policy. You, hundred thousands of holders of BA in Journalism who can’t get published, eat your heart out.

If these look bizarre, it is. If you make a timeline for Sheren Khalel and Matthew Vickery’s published articles, looks like they magically travel though Middle East countries, Israel, Ukraine and Donetsk, being in several parts of the globe at the same time. You never see their pictures at some geographically identifiable place. It looks like Sheren Khalel and Matthew Vickery, if these people are indeed real, work from the US and never put a foot in any of those countries, they claim to traverse.

This is a link to SPJ Code of Ethics  that Khalel is violating by spreading disinformation, de-humanizing innocent civilian population of the eastern Ukraine and facilitating terroristic attacks on the civilians and on Russia and the Russian people. Complaints can to be filed with SPJ and with the Webster University.

We know the West de-humanizing certain ethnic groups before and during the war on these people. It’s clear now that the West is de-humanizing Russians living in the Eastern Ukraine while conducting the war against them The West is de-humanizing and demonizing Russians in general because it’s a pretext to the war on Russia. Europe’s problem is with Russia, not Putin, writes Thomas Graham [Source]

Maybe, to repel these attacks, Russia should hire an army of attorneys and flood the US court system with lawsuits against every single journalist and every single newspaper that authorized and published de-humanizing article about the Russian people. And make this all public information. Of course, it’s all cost money, but it would be cheaper than the war.

Today, June 3rd, sure enough, we have yet another article about Donetsk of the authors, Sheren Khalel and Matthew Vickery, Chased by war: Syrian refugees caught in Ukraine warzone [Source]

“There are about a dozen Syrian refugees stranded in Donetsk who fled Syria only to end up on an unlikely European battlefield.” The article talks about two Syrian refugees: Abdelsattar Nassar, the owner of the Shisha House Cafe, and Khaled Sijer, that we have already met.

Shisha is a Russian chain of oriental café houses and kalian smoking rooms. Here is the Donetsk Shisha’s website:  You can see that they have young customers, that have standup comedians’ performances, and serve alcohol and pork.

My question to our readers from Donetsk, is it possible to talk to these Syrian refugees to see if they need any help. I would also ask them, why do they claim to the Western media that Donetsk is a lawless city with everybody being afraid of the “militias.” Who are those “militias”? Is this the Militia, a law enforcement police force? Are those some kind of military people? I would also ask the authorities of Donetsk about Sheren Khalel and Matthew Vickery. When did these people visit Donetsk? What mandate did they have?

1. Ukraine: it’s time to run, but no Ukrainian is welcome anywhere [Source]
The New York Time reports that Ukrainian Migrants Fleeing Conflict Get a Cool Reception in Europe [Source] may 30, 2015 – Warsaw

2. Research on foreign militants engaged in ATO against Donbass [Source] [Source] О наемниках в зоне АТО In Russian, but lots of pictures

3. Further meetings of Minsk Contact Group and subgroups are planned for 16th and 23rd of June [Source]
2nd June 2015. Novorossiya. – Further meetings of Contact Group and subgroups are planned for 16th and 23rd of June – Deynego.
Further meetings of members of Contact Group to regulate situation in Donbass and also subgroups are planned for 16th and 23rd of June. It was announced today to Lugansk Information Center by official representative of LPR at Minsk discussions Vladislav Deynego.

4. Pregnant 22 year old is recovering in Lugansk Hospital [Source]
June 3, 2015 – Lugansk region – For 3 days Kiev militants had been preventing a pregnant woman to cross the border and to seek medical help on the territory of the Lugansk People Republic. As a result, when a woman was delivered to the hospital she needed 2 brain surgeries.

5. “I’m hungry. Am I a separatist?” [Source]
June 2, 2015 – 2nd June 2015, city Lviv, fascist state Ukraine
Members of fascist organization protested against social and economical politic of Kiev junta.

Yesterday, June 1 in the city Lviv was held “March of Dissents with the new tariffs”. People, mostly young, gathered near the monument of Franco [Malorussian/Ukrainian novelist of 19th century] and marched through the center of the city to the building of the regional council.
Protesters held red and black flags and scream slogans: “Indifference – a step to treason”, “Rise up, oppressed and hungry,” “I want to eat – I’m a separatist?” “Indexation of salaries!”. Lviv residents walked through the streets, chanting: “oligarchs parasites do not give the people live!”, “The new tariffs is genocide!”.

The public movement “Autonomous resistance” organized this action. Video in Russian and from Russian TV. Ukrainian journalist Elena Boyko comments with great sarcasm.

The “Autonomous resistance” is fascist organization in Ukraine, as many others. Their members sure that Ukraine is above all and they scream this and other fascist slogans during their marshes. They using red – black flag of UIA (UPA) and they sure that Kiev junta army fighting against Russian army in former East of Ukraine.

Maybe because all socialistic organizations are banned or oppressed in the fascist Ukraine; fascist organization as “Autonomous resistance” took functions of defending of social rights.

6. 1 year anniversary of the Kiev Junta air strike on Lugansk square [Source]
June, 2, 2015, Lugansk, LPR – A year ago by the air strike on the square and the building of the Lugansk Regional Administration in the center of the city Kiev regime had demonstrably and convincingly shown its attitude to noncombatant people in Donbass, reminded head of the Council of Ministers of the LPR Gennadiy Tsypkalov.

This was the day when the dwellers of Lugansk realized that Ukrainian Army is able to mercilessly open fire on the unarmed population, the politician said. “By its air strike the junta, which had seized power in Kiev, had demonstrably shown its attitude to the inhabitants of Donbass, whose lives mean nothing to it”, — Tsypkalov added.

War on Donbass Novorossia
1. Breaking! Armed Forces of the DPR claim that the units of the 28th mobile brigade retreated from the locality of Maryinka to the south-west of Donetsk.
12:00, June 3, 2015, Donetsk, DPR

According to this information the flag of the DPR was already hoisted over the center of Maryinka. The settlement is under full control of the militia forces, which are ready to rebuff the attacks of governmental troops. The Ukrainian side disproves the information about the loss of Maryinka and claims that the situation there is under control.

According to several reports, fighting is going on in the area of the Donetsk airport as well.
Both sides are actively using cannonry and the MRLS, particularly, locality Krasnogorovka (under control of governmental troops), as well as settlement Oktyabrskiy withing Donetsk city limits. There are KIA and WIA on both sides, the numbers are being specified.

Be reminded that in the night from June 2 to June 3 several localities of thre DPR (Donetsk, Gorlovka, Staromikhailovka, Yenakiyevo) had been subjected to massive Ukrainian shelling, and on June 3 at about 4:00 AM the DPR Army resorted to an assault on the position of Kiev forces in the area of settlement Maryinka.

2. Donetsk, June 3, the DNA.
As a result of shelling by Ukrainian forces 60 civilian inhabitants of Donetsk got wounded, told Director of the Republican Traumatological Center of Donetsk Aleksandr Oprishchenko the correspondent of the Donetsk News Agency. “About 60 persons were hospitalized with injuries, and these are only those brought to our Center”, — he said.

Oprishchenko stated that five people are in the extremely severe condition: “The wounds are of different severity; several people lost their limbs. Some of them are being operated on right now”, — the Director said.
According to him, the hospital has everything necessary for the provision of the first aid. “Blood bank has not failed us as yet”, — he concluded.

3. Military units under Kiev control opened fire from MRLS “Grad” on locality Staromikhailovka in the Donetsk Peoples’ Republic on Wednesday, reported head of the local administration Petr Lisnyak.
June, 3, the DPR, Novorossiya

“The situation is tense: since about 3.30 AM we are being fired at from firearms, large-caliber machine guns and MRLS “Grad”; the outskirts of the locality had been subjected to artillery strikes,” – Lisnyak told the correspondent of RIA Novosti, having remarked that all the inhabitants had been hiding in the bomb shelters, and at the moment volunteers are distributing food and water among them. The shelling is going.

The MoD of the DPR informed that “in the course of the last 24 hours 43 instances of the ceasefire regime violation were registered, 32 of them with the use of mortar-guns, four – of tanks and six – of APCs”.

Towns Gorlovka, Yenakiyevo, Debaltsevo and the area of the Donetsk airport were subjected to Ukrainian shelling. Besides, localities Shirokino, Sakhanka, Spartak, Zhabichevo and Kalinovka were shelled .

The representative of the MoD of the DPR reported that a civilian died as a result of shelling of the town of Yenakiyevo by Ukrainian forces.

“The shelling was carried out from Markov Yar (a suburb); it started at about 4.30 PM. Ammunition exploded in the area of the filtering station of Yenakiyevo, as a result of it one woman died. Also a pipe of the central gas supply system was damaged”, – said he.
beginning with February 15 the sides of the conflict in Donbass declared ceasefire determined by the Agreement signed in Minsk after an almost 16-hour-long talks. Nevertheless, in spite of the ceasefire regime, lately the hostilities in the East of Ukraine resumed.

4. Fights In Donbass June 03, 2015 [Source]

5. Shells strike home in Donetsk’s Kirovskiy District [Source]

6. June 1, 2015 – Gorlovka [Source]
Ukraine: Drone footage captures shell damage in Gorlovka

Russia and Beyond…
1. Islamic banking in Russia may ease effect of sanctions – head of Sberbank [Source]
May 30, 2015 – The head of Russia’s Sberbank, welcomed the introduction of Islamic banking in the country’s traditionally Muslim regions, saying it would help attract capital from Arab countries.

“In circumstances where we have problems with raising funds on the international markets, it is a very important thing,” he said, adding that he had recently held a series of meetings in the Republic of Tatarstan with Arab investors.

2. Here is just one example of pure perfection the Russian-Tatar unity produces [Source]

3. A day in court for Estonian Internal Security Service Agent [Source]
June 2, 2015 – Eston Kohver, an Estonian national is accused of espionage (Article 276 of Russia’s Criminal Code), smuggling weapons (Part 1, Article 226), illegal border crossing (Part 1 Article 322, nine crimes) and the illegal bearing of arms (Part 1 Article 222).

4. Ex-president of American Chamber of Commerce to be expelled from Russia [Source]
June2, 2015 NIZHNY NOVGOROD – Scott Blacklin will be expelled from Russia on June 5 over entry rules violation.
Blacklin came to Russia with a business visa, which allows its holder engage in business activities or enhance his or her professional skills. But, as a matter of fact, he worked as a lecturer at the Nizhny Novgorod University.

5. Son of Ukraine’s Crimean Tatar activist found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in Russia [Source]

6. Sergei Chemezov, head of Rosteh: Russia has a chance to create her own modern industry [Source] Что нас ждёт? Мы получили возможность создать всё своё

Chemezov says that the business is growing with Boeing, Renault-Nissan, Daimler, and General Electric. On the other hand they stopped all the contacts with their former partners from Ukraine. Now, they are producing parts and engines that they used to buy from Ukraine. Rosteh own products are better than Ukrainian used to be. The Ukrainian defense industry has almost completely folded. That’s why Rosteh doesn’t plan to sue its former Ukrainian partners for the breach of contracts. Ukrainian companies closed down, people left. Ukraine doesn’t understand the civilized way to handle the complex business relationships.

Contrary to rumors, Rosoboronexport has never had problems operating. Now, facing the Western sanctions, the company asks its customers to pay in rubles and yuan.

The Western companies that left the Russian market due to the sanctions will never be able to come back.
It’s an important interview with lots of information on the Russian economy.

4. International Conference on Life With Sanctions: International Experience [Source]
June 2, 2015 – Moscow – The conference is organized by countries of the Custom Union in the Moscow Lomonosov university and the Institute of Countries of the Eurasian Custom Union and also those countries experiencing economic sanctions from the US and its allies. [Source]

Materials of the conference along with speeches and research papers will be published on

5. Zamir Kabulov, We expect problems on Afghan’s border [Source]
Замир Кабулов: “Я бы не исключал прорыва на афганской границе”

June 2, 2015 – Interview with Zamir Kabulov, Russia’s special envoy for Afghanistan. Kabulov thinks that the US heavy weaponry and troops will be move to Ukraine to enforce Kiev militants.

6. In Germany NATO tank ran over a car [Source]

Last, But Not Least…
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