The general trend in the Ukraine remains unchanged:  full-scale preparations for the next offensive: (Note: the following developments were spotted by my research team whom I plan to soon give direct access to the blog’s homepage to post daily Ukraine SITREPs – The Saker)

Kolomoiskii was removed from his position as governor by US Ambassador Geoffrey R. Pyatt and USVP Joe Biden who ordered him to step down which he immediately did “voluntarily”, of course.  In exchange, he was allowed to keep his assets (both military and financial).

The various independent Ukrainian death squads will now be fused with the regular armed forces and Dmitri Iarosh will become special advisor to the Ministry of Defense.

The Right Sector Forces will now be converted into an “Assault Brigade”.

The US will now be tasked with training the “Ukrainian National Guard“.

Ukraine’s Radical Party proposes Criminalizing Denial of ‘Russia’s Military Aggression’.

This is a short lists of the US military “exercises” planned for 2015:

  • “Fearless Guardian – 2015” (total 2.2 thousand participants, including 1 thousand US military),
  • “Sea Breeze – 2015” (total 2.5 thousand members of which 1 thousand US military and 500 military from NATO or the “Partnership for Peace”)
  • “Saber Guardian/Rapid Trident – 2015” (total 2.1 thousand members, including 500 US military and 600 troopers from NATO or the “Partnership for Peace”)
  • Ukrainian-Polish exercises of aviation units “Safe Skies – 2015” (total 350 participants, including 100 Polish military) and military police units
  • “Law and Order – 2015” (total 100 participants, 50 of which are Polish military).

Keep in mind that the such official training exercises are just the tiny tip of a much bigger military aid package which includes such covert elements such as the shipping of weapons and “advisors” from Poland, the use of “private military contractors” and, of course, US special forces operating covertly.  From Vietnam, to Nicaragua, to Croatia, to Bosnia, to Libya, to Syria, to Yemen it is all the same model used.  Nothing new here.

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