Turkey turned into a geopolitical hotspot after brutally shooting down the Russian SU-24, flying anti-terrorist mission over the North Syria on November 24th 2015.
Is Turkey Waging War on Russia in Crimea, the Caucasus, and Central Asia? …. Sputnik News Interviews Saker
Why is the US Hanging Turkey Out to Dry? …. article by Andrew Korybko
Russia reacts to Turkey’s attack SITREP November 29, 2015 by Scott

In the following days Russia banned most of the Turkey produce, food, manufacturing goods, construction companies, construction workers, and companies with Turkish co-owners. Russia canceled most of the trade agreements with Turkey and demanded from the private business to do the same. Russia banned tourism to Turkey. All Turkey’s cultural centers, schools and NGOs were immediately and imminently shut down. Russia moved to cut all the relationship with Turkey with a unprecedented speed, that no one ever expected from Russian government. It was almost as if the decisions had been already made, and Russians just were waiting for an excuse to implement them.

Russia’s government introduces new sanctions against Turkey
Russian military reveals details of ISIS-Turkey oil smuggling

There were some deep underlying reasons, why Russia’s government cut Turkey loose, and I can’t talk about them in this SITREP. Here, I am just trying to outline the situation forming around the Black Sea, between Turkey and Ukraine.

I have read, from reliable sources, that until the downing of the SU-24 and the murder of the Russian pilot and a marine, it has been Russian diplomatic policy to keep quiet about a lot of potentially very damaging information, so as not to spoil chances of diplomatic resolutions of conflicts … but with the stipulation that guilty parties do not go unpunished.

By attacking the Russian military forces, Erdogan went too far, and so have other geopolitical actors by either siding with Turkey, or failing to condemn. And these include Washington, Brussels, most NATO countries and sundry Gulf States. Ukraine took it further than anyone else, by declaring Turkey as its ally in war on Russia, and commencing joined Ukrainian-Turkey armed forces that have been located in Mariupol and Donbass regions.

For the past two years, Ukrainian population suffers terribly from the occupation of the country by the Washington regime and the Brussels regime by the means of NATO and supra-national financial organizations, IMF being one of them. See, Gallup: Ukrainians Loathe the Kiev Government Imposed by Obama

Watch also a documentary of Ukrainian agony – The concealed war (Official full English version by Mark Bartalmai)

Here you can find a brief outline of the major steps and PSYOPs being taken to soften Ukraine for the US corporate vultures. It posted in December 2015, but is still timely.

To keep the population of Ukraine in a state of constant stress, the regions with predominantly Russian population is being terrorized by NATO troops, pro-Kiev junta nationalists militants formations, mercenaries from around the world and Jihadists and Daesh terrorists. See, The Head of the GRU accuses US and allies of creating the transnational “Islamist” terrorist network

The rumors that Ukraine had become a hub for the illegal gun trafficking to the countries and organization affiliated with Islamic terrorist groups, like ISIS were circulating for a couple of years, along with the rumors of a steady traffic of jihadi terrorists via Ukraine to Europe under the cover of migrants from Ukraine. They are mainly concentrating in Poland and Germany, right now.

  • Ukraine is supplying ISIS with weapons laundered via Qatar.
  • ISIS and Turkish Grey Wolves are established in Ukraine.
  • Russia has invoked the UN procedure for self-defense against ISIS and its supporters.

Finally, there is a very interesting development with the state of Ukraine’s healthcare. In December 2015, Ukraine and especially its southern regions of Odessa and Kharkov, started experiencing a deadly flu epidemic. About 6% of the Ukrainian population suffers from the unusual deadly flue virus H3N2 and H1N1, which is swine flu that takes two days, turns into severe pneumonia and death. [source]

People ask questions, like: Have NATO bio labs located in Kharkov and Odessa released H3N2 flu virus? Hundreds have died in December only. It takes about two days for an infected person to die. The majority of dead are men. Hospitals and emergency rooms are filled beyond capacity, many schools are closed. Some towns declared the state of emergency. Ukrainian media is completely silent on the matter, along with the Kiev junta. People are writing to the Russia’s media, asking to interfere and to prevent the population from dying out. The elevated level of mortality is being seen in Odessa, Kiev and Kiev region, Kharkov, and Vinnitsa.

Irena Sysoeva, the member of parliament for healthcare, writes on her FB page that 5.7% of population are effected, 70% of all infected are pregnant women and children. Kiev authorities have been silent on the matter. Officially 25 people died of flu in December. Unofficially, many hundreds.

It could be that Americans are developing new biological weapon against Russians. Genetically, Russians in Russia and in Novorossia are identical. 50% is Haplogroup R1a1, and 20-25% I1 , I2. That’s why NATO labs located in Odessa and Kharkov. Are they making a bio “gift” for Russia?

The significant spike in the European and American clinical trials on humans in Ukraine confirms the worst.

EBA – The European Business Association, Ukraine. was proud to co-organize one of the biggest clinical trials conference in Ukraine in November 2015.
Clinical Trials Subcommittee of the Health Care Committee of EBA
The Clinical Trials Subcommittee unites R&D (Research and Development) pharmaceutical companies and CROs (Contract Research Organizations).
The main activities of the Subcommittee are focused on conducting
clinical trials in Ukraine and the harmonization of local regulations through cooperation with state bodies.

Clinical Trials
Clinical trials investigate the effects of medicines by testing them on humans. Clinical trials are an essential stage in the development of new treatments, and they also have a wide range of benefits for patients and the state.
On November 20th, 2015 the 5th Scientific Conference ‘Clinical Trials in Ukraine’
took place. The Conference was organized by the State Enterprise ‘State Expert Center
of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine’ (SEC) and the European Business Association Clinical Trials Subcommittee

The Conference was supported by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (MoH) and the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine.
This event gathered over 680 clinical trial professionals, medical doctors and scientists from Ukraine, and international experts from the Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, and Austria presented such reports as:

Clinical Research in Europe: Changes and Development Strategy by Magdalena Matusiak
Designs for BE Studies, Sample Size Estimation for BE Studies (Helmut Schutz, BEBAC)
Planning, Design Bioequivalence Studies, Statistics (Maryka Pechena, Quinta Analytica)
Ethical Review in the EU: REGULATION (EU) No 536/2014 (Eugenijus Gefenas, Lithuanian Bioethics Committee, EUREC).

The organizations of this conference are very proud that “the application rate for clinical trials has increased since mid 2015”
The application rate for clinical trials has increased since mid 2015 (please see the table below). https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153930285460362
This positive trend, inter alia ,is caused by significant improvement of the regulatory and fiscal environment for clinical trials operations in Ukraine:
• import VAT rate for investigational products was reduced from 20% to 7%
• import permits were abolished
• regulatory approval timeframe was reduced from 60 to 55 days
• study submission procedures were simplified
• verification procedure of the insurance agreement text was simplified.

See also, American flu kills Ukrainians [source]

Are Ukraine and Turkey brothers forever?

1. Kherson region is being taken over by Turkish militants and Tatars, and becoming a branch of Islamic Caliphate [source]

2. Erdogan re-settles Crimean Tatars from turkey to Ukraine Video
Крымских татар из Турции Эрдоган отправляет на Украину (ВИДЕО)

3. Cyber-berkut : Ukraine sells Soviet time bobs to Qatar [source]
«КиберБеркут»: Украина продает Катару советские авиабомбы
Why Qatar buys air bombs in Ukraine? [source]

4. Turkish mercenaries of Kiev preparing attacks on Azov coast: Donetsk Defense Ministry, December 25th, 2015 [source]

5. Why is Belarus arming Ukraine and Middle East terrorists? [source]

6. Erdogan’s wolf trace: Crimean Tatars will turn into Ukrainian Turkomans [source]

7. Daesh leader says to the Muslim in Georgia: Wait and we will wait with you [source]
Лидер ДАИШ — мусульманам Грузии: Ждите, и мы подождем с вами

8. Ukraine: Conversations about Turkey. A glimpse of future [source]
Бесіди про Туреччину. Погляд у майбутнє

9. Ukraine and ISIS

10. ISIS in Ukraine issued statement in support for ISIS and against Russian anti-terrorists actions in Syria

Statement by Ukrainian Muslim Volunteers in ATO about ‘Ukraine and ISIS’ Provocations of Russian Side

December 3, 2015
The InformNapalm international volunteer community joins the Open Statement by the Ukrainian Muslims. We also urge you not to fall for the misinformation and information speculations of the Russian propaganda. Our actions in the information field for the collection and making publicly available data on the pilots of the Russian Federation air forces, executing criminal orders of the Kremlin in Syria, also have been slandered by the Russian media and named ‘help for ISIS’. Although, in fact, these investigations are aimed at informing the world community about the hybrid actions of the Russian occupation forces, which bomb peaceful settlements, kill women, children and the elderly.

The text of the Statement

“In recent days the Russian propaganda attempts to present Ukraine and, in particular, the Ukrainian Muslims, especially Muslim volunteers in ATO, as allies or even secret agents of ISIS became more frequent.”

“Attaching the ‘ISIS’ label on the opponents cannot be treated as something new in the Kremlin’s politics. It all started with naming ‘ISIS’ the moderate opposition in Syria, which is bombed by the Kremlin under the guise of fighting against the ‘Islamic State’, while actually completely different forces (including troops of the Sunni opposition to the Assad’s regime) fight with it. Now the Kremlin is trying to present Turkey, a NATO member whose forces strike ISIS, as ISIS’s ally.”

“As for Ukraine, then during the whole period of the Russian aggression against it, the Kremlin tried to discredit Ukraine in the eyes of the international community, portraying the patriots and freedom fighters as the Nazis, executioners, etc. Now it is trying to use the fact of Muslim volunteers’ participation in the war on the side of Ukraine, linking them, of course, through Turkey, to ISIS.”

“This pursues several goals. Firstly, to discredit Ukraine in the eyes of its European allies. Secondly, to strike on the emerging cooperation between Ukraine and the Muslim world (from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey to the oppressed Muslim peoples of the Russian Empire, who are the natural allies of Ukraine).”

“We, Muslims, who participate in the ATO in one way or another, declare that we do not represent ISIS in Ukraine, and we urge you to recall that the leaders and propagandists of ISIS (for example, the famous Abu Jihad) in their time conducted a campaign against participation of the Muslims in the the ATO on the side of Ukraine. Their ideologists openly called us apostates, denying the right to be Muslims, because of our decision to be on the side of Ukraine rather than emigrate to ISIS and join them.”

“Anyone familiar with the ideology of ISIS, knows what they consider to be their enemies the supporters of Ichkeria, and all those who fight in the armies of non-Muslim states.”

“As for us, we support the European choice of Ukraine as the one which guarantees the right for free religious life of its citizens, including Muslims. And we do not want the terror, that exists in totalitarian Russia, to come to our home, as it happened in the Crimea. Ukraine was also supported by members of the liberation movements of the Muslim peoples of the Russian Empire. ISIS conceptually can not have any relationship with these two facts, because they deny both the life of Muslims in non-Muslim countries and the struggle for national interests.”

“In view of the above, we address to the Ukrainian military-political leadership, intelligence agencies, media and citizens with an appeal not to succumb to the Russian provocations, aimed to expose the Ukrainian Muslim volunteers as ISIS supporters and Ukraine as its ally.”

“Neither Ukraine, which has become a victim of the Russian aggression, nor any of its Muslims, struggling together with their country for the religious freedom (and thus bringing liberation from Moscow’s oppression of Muslims of the Russian Empire) did anything to make excuses for. The only one who have to justify himself is the insidious enemy who fights against the freedom-loving forces under the pretext of the fight against fascism or ISIS, and who is actually the main fascist and terrorist of the modern world.”

Amina Okueva (Dzhokhar Dudayev’s battalion)

[NB: the “Dudayev Battalion, a fighting force of radical Islamists consisting of Chechens, but also including fighters from throughout the Caucasus as well as some Ukrainians.

Oleksandr ‘Veter’ Ogorodnikov (‘Krym’ [Crimea] company)

Oleksandr Bondarenko (Ukrainian Muslim Center)

Original is here
Заявление украинских мусульманских добровольцев о провокациях российской пропаганды на тему «Украина и ИГИЛ»

Slavic-islam.info organization based in Germany
IP Address . IP Location Germany – Bayern – Nuremberg – Hetzner Online Ag ASN Germany AS24940 HETZNER-AS Hetzner Online GmbH (registered Jun 03, 2002)
Dates Created on 2012-03-23 – Expires on 2016-03-23 – Updated on 2015-04-19
The site was initially created In support of Bosnian Muslims, as it appears. A domain is under privacy protection.

Check out some search results:

New Kyiv Center Aims to Consolidate Pro-Ukrainian Muslims and Pro-Islamic Ukrainians writes Paul Goble in the Interpreter Magazine. According to this veteran anti-Russia warrior on Khodorkovsky’s patrol Paul A Goble: the Ukrainian Muslim Center in Kiev, was organized by Aleksandr Bondarenko, editor of the Ukrainian pages of the Slavic-Islamic League, Ali Nuriyev, an Istanbul blogger, and and Alexandr Ogorodnikov of Odessa’s Slavic Jamaat.

Interesting that “Discussions about the possibility of forming such an umbrella organization began in 2007, but personality clashes among some of the people involved and suspicions of outsiders about what such a group would in fact do – many feared it would be a Trojan horse for Islamist radicalism – prevented agreement on such a body.” “Many Muslims from traditionally Islamic communities and many non-Muslims believe that converts from non-“ethnically Muslim” nations like the Ukrainians are likely to be radical.

It’s important to notice that the reaction of the Ukrainians on Islamization of the war against Donbass region or ATO as Kiev junta calls it, has been muted so far.

Kherson region, to defend themselves and their families from junta’s militants and jihadists, people are forming partisan groups similar to the legendary partisans of the Great patriotic war [source]
Жители Херсонщины уходят в партизаны, чтобы спастись от участников «блокады Крыма»

I wrote back in May 2015 that while we’re fighting the Islamic State, a.k.a. ISIS, in Iraq and Syria, and the American officials tout the alleged danger of an attack on the US homeland; Washington and the Caliphate are fighting on the same side in Ukraine. A remarkable series of articles by Marcin Mamon in The Intercept has documented an aspect of the Ukraine conflict that no one else has paid any attention to: the role played by the “Dudayev Battalion,” a fighting force of radical Islamists consisting of Chechens, but also including fighters from throughout the Caucasus as well as some Ukrainians.

Turkey and ISIS

1. ISIS Oil Plot Thickens: Turkish MP Has Evidence Erdogan’s Son-In-Law Involved In Illegal Crude Trade

2. US State Dept dismisses Russian evidence of Turkey aiding ISIS
via ‏@TheInescapeable

3. Never seen before video of #Daesh Dagestan terrorists in Turkey, resting, getting treatment. Turkey and ISIS is one and the same [source] in Rusian
Starts with 20:30

4. Are These The Tankers Bilal Erdogan Uses To Transport ISIS Oil? [source]
Name: Sakarya
IMO: 9257199
Flag: Turkey
MMSI: 271043415
Callsign: TCVU3
Former name(s):
– Eternal Confidence (Until 2012 Dec)
Vessel type: Bulk Carrier
Gross tonnage: 17,953 tons
Summer DWT: 29,905 tons
Length: 170 m
Beam: 23 m
Draught: 5 m
Home port: Istanbul

5. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Germany under the leadership of Adolf Hitler was an example of an efficient presidential system

Some of Erdogan’s actions after downing the Russian SU-24

1. Erdogan goes to Turkmenistan to talk about replacing Russia’s gas [source]
Эрдоган поедет в Туркменистан договариваться о поставках газа
2. Erdoğan’s tirade against Russia ignores energy realities [source]
3. Erdogan’s visit to Riyadh: Turkey and Saudi Arabia plotting against Russia December 29th, 2015 [source]
4. Turks Warn “We’re One Step Away From Civil War” On Erdogan Crackdown [source]

Military capability of Erdogan’s hawks

Before we look at the Turkey Armed forces capability, here an insightful roundup of the Erdogan character and his politics, expressed by one of the ZeroHedge readers:
“Constantinople” means “City of Constantine”, ie Constantine + Polis (city).
Istanbul is a Turkish transliteration of the Greek term, “On (or to) The City” (“eis tan polin” in Greek). It was a figure of speech, much like New Yorkers say, when they have to travel back to Manhattan after a weekend in the Hamptons, “It’s time to go back to The City”.
So, the Turks can’t even name a city that they conquered, they just call it “The City”. But then, Turks never had surnames before Attaturk gave them surnames. Mustafa Kemal made up a list of some twenty-odd surnames, and every Turk had to choose one. Modernization and all. If Erdogan can take a break from [removed allegations, Scott] and dreaming of a revival of the Sublime Porte, maybe he could think straight. I guess he’s just following his leader, [removed, Scott] Obama.”

1. Turkey Armed Forces Strength Ranked 10 out of 126 [source]
2. The image of Turks as Muslims has been over-idealized [source]
«Образ турка как мусульманина был сильно идеализирован»
3. The war capability of “Erdogans hawks” [source]
Боевые возможности «соколов Эрдогана»
4. The conditions of the Turkish armed forces from the show “Military Secrets” Sorry, in Russian only [source]
Состояние Турецкой армии на сегодняшний день (Военная тайна, 04.12.15)

Turkish military is one of the most capable and powerful in the world

Yevgeny Satanovsky a Director of the Institute of the Middle East (27:30)
Let’s talk about the Turkish military
December 2nd, 2015

1. Military take an active part in the political life of Turkey.
2. Turkish military is about 500,000 servicemen, without the Costal Guards and Gendarmerie (military police). 3600 tanks, about 40 jets are capable to carry nuclear missiles. The Turkey’s Incirlik base stocks at least 50 such US weapons.
“Incirlik Air Base is the largest nuclear weapons storage site in Europe with 25 underground vaults, each of which can hold up to four bombs for a maximum total base capacity of 100 bombs, according to FAS. There are an estimated 50 B61 thermonuclear bombs stored there — a quarter of the U.S. stockpile of the weapon, which can be carried by F-16s and other aircraft.”

Turkey’s military capability is 2nd after the US in NATO and 17th place in the world.
See above links to globalfirepower.com for the statistics.
Turkish Armed Forces
Turkish Land Forces

The most battle worthy is the 3rd Army (Erzincan) Army that directed against Armenia; and 2nd Malatia Army directed against Syria. Right now the Turkish military is going through modernization process, after which it will increase its capability, …

Turks don’t have air-space forces like Russia, but they might be able to use the US capability in this respect. They have at least 5 air bases that we know practically everything about including their personnel vehicles license plates numbers.

The most qualified forces are located near Syrian border and near territory of the Northern Iraq, which says a lot about Turkey’s plans for these territories.

Now is the time when we should calmly talk about the Turkey’s armed forces. Out Institute of the Middle East exists exactly for this sort of purpose. So, we could analyze the reality of the situation, without listening to the hysterical screaming about us “being crazy to start a war with NATO.”

There are some technical aspects that we call “what’s your problem.” We don’t want to create this situation, but we can…

OK, here is a kind and thoughtful question from Saint-Petersburg: “Where are we going to bury all of them?”

First, Turkey has a big territory. Second, there is plenty of room in the seas. Third, why would we do that? Are we going to have a war with Turkey? No. But, we have to be prepared for the war. If we don’t want war, we have to be well prepared for it. The Great Patriotic war was a terrible example of not being prepared for war. We have learned from this experience, and we don’t want to repeat it.

Comrade Stalin used to say: “If there is a man, there is a problem. If there is no man, there is no problem.” The fact that Erdogan has won the last elections and went completely ballistic, doesn’t make neither the US, no the Europeans happy. He is for some reason convinced that he won everything from everybody, because he finally pushed the Europeans to the limit. The USA is standing aside, like they have nothing to do with anything. He is the most erdoganiest of all erdogans. Look, in Ukraine his militants annulled the electric grid of the entire Crimea, and no one touched them even with a finger. And Poroshenko is his biggest friend and ally. Erdogan is very similar to Saakashvili by his mentality and by the way he acts. For the exception, Erdogan has stronger nervous system and doesn’t chew on random objects. Of cause, Saakashvili had never had this kind of money, like Erdogan. I am talking about the personality in general. Erdogan acts without thinking about the consequences. He just throws things at the wall and hopes that they will stick. If they don’t, he doesn’t care.

When Saakashvili had attacked the Russian troops in South Ossetia, he tried to call the US president, but he was refused. He called the vice-president, but also was refused. He talked to some Washington apparatchiks, and they were nice to him, so he decided that they gave him the green light. The green light to where? Just like Saddam Hussein after taking to an American Ambassador, decided that they gave him a permission to attack Kuwait.

We can look at the 18th century wars, and the 19th century wars, we can see that the Europeans have always facilitated wars between Russia and Turkey and always, without exception, had been taking the side of Turkey.

If we look at the situation today, when Turkey is a member of NATO, the mechanism is absolutely the same. I don’t know. Maybe we should denounce the Moscow Treaty of 1921, as a signal. [source] [source]

Maybe we should back ratify the Treaty of Sevres of 1920, which left absolutely nothing of Turkey. If it wasn’t for the Soviet Russia, there will be no Turkey today.

I am not a politician; I don’t work for the government, that’s why I can say things that Lavrov, for example, can’t say. Agree, that the Minister of Defense can’t call Erdogan “a son of a dog,” like I have done. People, Europe and the US hate Erdogan. They will be only happy if Erdogan resigns. They will thank us. Especially, they are grateful for what was made public at the Ministry of Defense briefing. They can’t reveal this information, being in NATO, but we can. He knows that they know that he isn’t trustworthy. And they know that he knows that they know that he isn’t trustworthy.

Thank you for your time,


The Essential Saker II: Civilizational Choices and Geopolitics / The Russian challenge to the hegemony of the AngloZionist Empire
The Essential Saker: from the trenches of the emerging multipolar world