Ukraine unofficially has 272 percent inflation.  And is not a Kremlin-sponsored propaganda outlet which says so, or some rabidly nationalistic Russian blogger, but the very AngloZionist Washington Post.  In the same article, the WAPO also states that the Hrivna is in free fall:

Hrivna in free fall

Hrivna in free fall

Whether this admission is made in the hopes of getting more funding to the Kiev regime or whether its intention is to signal that it is time for everybody to get the hell out of Dodge is anybody’s guess, but I personally am much more inclined to believe the latter version.  The WAPO actually says that “it’s hard to overstate how challenged Ukraine is” and “Ukraine’s annual inflation is already 272 percent, and, even worse, is picking up speed. Indeed, its monthly inflation rate is 64.5 percent—which translates to 39,000 percent inflation over a year—more than enough to qualify it for “hyperinflation” status” (read the full article, it is very interesting).

Does anybody still believe that this regime of Nazi freaks is viable?

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