Last week while we were celebrating the success of Russian athletes, other people were busy cooking up some fake news mixed with Hollywood-style horrors and injustices.  To make a long story short, a blogger living in Ukraine known as varyag2007 has been almost, not quite, but very close to being arrested by the SBU. We were informed that the arrest is going to take place if not now then most definitely in the distant future. I am talking about the self proclaimed “anti-fascist” blogger Miroslava Berdnik

I have read her blog since 2007, and I’ve found it educational. However, something about her claims of being “prosecuted” by the Kiev authorities just isn’t adding up. Since Maidan, a Washington backed anti-government coup in February of 2014, she has been regularly posting alerts about her being threatened by the SBU and the Right sector nationalists.

I have mentioned her several time on The Saker:

  1. June 05, 2015 After the murders of Oles Buzina and Oleg Kalashnikov Ukrainian Wikipedia names famous historian and journalist Miroslava Berdnik a “terrorist.”De-facto it means that the authors of this Wikipedia article are calling for the murder of Miroslava Berdnik. Wikipedia is backed by the CIA.
  1. Here is one of Berdnik’s articles recently published by fortruss:

Ukrainian nationalists were preparing an armed uprising in Western Ukraine as a pretext for German invasion on the eve of WWII

Gradually, I came to the realization that her regular  “arrest” alerts were coincidental with  fundraising events. For two and a half years she has been perfectly safe living in Ukraine since the SBU, or Ukraine’s National Security Service, is being run by the CIA. Americans wouldn’t place a woman with an Israeli passport in danger.  I trust we can all count on that. As for the infamous punitive armed formations collectively called the Right Sector nationalists, we all know that they are being funded by Jewish-Ukrainian Oligarchs, like Kolomoysky who is Mrs. Berdnik’s personal friend, see the pic .

Since Maidan, she freely travels to Israel to visit her son, an officer of the Israeli military force, Tzahal. She also gives annual “reports’ in Knesset. I would think that if her son felt that she was in any sort of danger, he should do anything possible to persuade her to stay in Israel. She also has a husband and 22 year old daughter who both live with her.

Essentially, what Mrs. Berdnik has been doing since 2007 was to promote an extreme hatred between Russians in Russia and the Russians living on the historical Russian territory called Ukraine.  The thesis of her work is “the historical hate” that according to her the Russian people feel towards each other.

Using “Nordic” imagery like her username “Varyag” or her user pics with faces of Russian sailors and soldiers, day in and day out she has been expressing her personal hatred for everything what she called “Ukrainians,” “Russian nationalists” and “fascists” which in her vocabulary are synonymous. She has been appealing to her Russian readers for support,  understanding and donations.

She also has a staff working for her and by some unconfirmed rumors her activities are funded by the state of Israel. That’s why she has to report to Knesset every year on the money they extend to her organization.

The trick is that in her narration, the biggest culprit and the source of all evil is the enslaved Russian population of Ukraine that is now under dual oppression of the NATO and European “democratic Russophobes” and Russia-hating Zionists.

A few days ago she posted this message, that on August 23rd, she is being called to the SBU for ” interrogations” concerning her “anti-government” activities. She wrote that she might even be ARRESTED  (sic!)

“I am ready for anything,” she writes. “I am ready to take anything that life throws at me without complaints, despite my poor health.” “This is a tactic of intimidation,” she write. “This tactic is very familiar to me since I was a small girl in the USSR.” Her father, Oles Berdnik, was a dissident, a founder of the Helsinki Group in Ukraine and fought against the USSR. As we know now, the sinister “Helsinki Group” was a CIA run organization that coordinated and facilitated the work with the Communist elite to destroy the USSR.

Do you remember when the ethnic anti-Russian mafia organized the Red Terror in the Russian Empire to kill millions of innocent Russian people? Do you remember how in 1918 the US proclaimed that Russia doesn’t exist anymore? The Russian Empire was renamed into the Soviet Russia.  The same evil Soviet Russia that was run by the evil Stalin that overcame the European fascism, losing in the process a quarter of its population, including two of my grandfathers?  That evil Soviet Russia that they renamed into the USSR, to split the Russian population apart along artificially created borders? The same country that needed some economic and political reforms, but instead was destroyed and had buried all of us under its ruins, because people like Mrs. Berdnik’s father worked so hard to destroy it?

So, the Western territory of the former USSR is called Ukraine. Ukraine is being run by the bunch of people with Israeli, Americans, Canadian, and even Georgian passports.  Now, those Kiev authorities act very mean towards Mrs. Berdnik, and her heroic family of heroes. They are in so much danger that even their son, a heroic officer of the most heroic army in the world cannot save them. Considering that her son carries with him everywhere a large automatic gun and fights with evil Palestinian children, he just doesn’t have the time.

According to research done by the leading geo-political analyst in Russia called Cat Motya, an Israeli citizenship bearing ethnic opposition to the Russian government is demanding from the FSB to exchange Miroslava Berdnik, who is absolutely free to travel to Israel, for those Ukraine’s military intelligence officers that recently were arrested during the terror operation on Russian territory in Crimea.  The same officers that the US State Department called “fake” during one of the regular US state department briefing during which the US State Department informs us how well the US rules all over us.  Not even a donkey’s fart somewhere on the Golan Heights is being left without the US State department’s statement.

The following is the psy-op formula that Matvey came up with:

A citizen of Israel, acting as a historian anti-fascist blogger, is being “arrested” by Kiev authorities most of whom are citizens of Israel. The presumed arresting organization is the Ukrainian National security service SBU, which is operated under the auspice of the CIA and has the US flag over its main headquarter. Her arrest is being decried by the citizens of Israel who live in Russia. They demand her immediate release in exchange for the ethnic Russians arrested for their service  to the foreign governments like the US and Israel as the mercenaries and saboteurs. They had conspired to murder Russian citizens and they had killed two Russian officers. Two good Russian men are in graves right now. The children of one of them are left without their father. The second officer died at the age of 22. He didn’t even had a chance to have children. The Russian citizens are dying while the Israeli citizens are screaming about being in mortal danger. In perpetual and permanent mortal danger, if you believe them.

This bloody political theater for some reason is being called “the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.”

Talking points:

  • Russia and the Russian officers are the victims here. There are no other victims, but the Russians;
  • Russia is a foreign country for all of these people;
  • The state of Israel and its citizens declared Russia and its citizens to be the enemies;
  • The State of Israel has to start taking responsibility for the actions of its citizens abroad in the foreign countries;
  • The State of Israel has to save its citizens who are claimed to be in mortal danger from the fascist Kiev junta.


Right now is the best time for the state of Israel to act and to recall all of its citizens from Ukraine. For their own good. No one wants these good people to suffer in the bloody hands of Ukro-banderovets. Let’s, however, remind the state of Israel over and over again that ultra-nationalists and followers of Bandera in Ukraine have been funded by the Jewish Ukrainian oligarchs and the Ukrainian Jewish lobby in Washington. See my article,

STAND for Ukraine Act H.R. 5094 and its authors

Today, the Director of Research & Development of the Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Elad Ratson has started following my twitter account for absolutely no reasons whatsoever.

Maybe we should all ask him and his colleagues to “save” Mrs. Berdnik from the clutches of SBU and to facilitate the repatriation of her entire family to Israel? We all want her to continue her propaganda uninterrupted, don’t we? God forbid, anything happens to this formidable Jewish female fighter with fascism at her old age and fragile health!

News in Brief

  • Miroslava Berdnik showed up for the questioning by the SBU. She wasn’t arrested.

A former minister of Justice of Ukraine, Elena Lucash acts as the attorney for the famous blogger.  Olena Lukash(Ukrainian: Олена Леонідівна Лукаш)

is a Ukrainian jurist and politician and former Minister of Justice of Ukraine, who had been under the investigation for misappropriation of the public funds, according to the EU Union law website.

She also has been on the wanted list by the Kiev Junta for involvement in the crimes against Euromaidan protestors, which is hard to comprehend since she is living in Kiev and works as an attorney. Her younger sister Tetyana is a Merited Jurist of Ukraine (2010), and a member of the Central Election Commission of Ukraine. Lukash’s husband Lieutenant General Hryhoriy Ilyashov is a former director of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine. He was replaced late June 2014.

So, these people are staging a political comeback on the bodies of the Russian officers that Junta had just murdered. Similar to what they have always done walking on the graves  of the Russian people.

Answer, no one.

Another thing…

  • Efraim Inbar, a professor of Political Studies at Bar-Ilan University in Jerusalem and Director of its renowned Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies (the BESA Center) of Israel just gave birth to an analysis titled:

“The destruction  of the Islamic State is a strategic mistake.

Why? Because, he figured that ISIS helps to fight the enemies of Israel and such evil nations as Syrians, Russians and Iranians, that’s why.

Since the leading Israeli analyst calls Russia “an enemy,” the state of Israel should immediately issue a recall all of its citizens from Russia, starting with Yakov Kedmi. The state of Israel acts irresponsibly by allowing hundreds of thousand or so of its people to stay on the enemy territory.

P.S. The following are infamous images from the “ATO fighting” on Donbass.

As you can see it’s all staged and filmed by trained film crews. Hundreds of these crews around the globe are staging and filming fake videos of fake events for our consumption.

Ukraine’s deputy minister of defense admitted that the most famous image from “ATO” (Anti-terrorists Operation) on Donbass was staged by a film crew

I can’t stress this enough. The so called “Russian – Ukrainian conflict” is a pure fiction. There has never been such a thing as a conflict between the Russians in Russia and the Russians in Ukraine. What has been taking place is the mass onslaught of the Russian population in the Eastern part of Ukraine that has been organized, facilitated, perpetuated, funded and sponsored by foreign governments including the state of Israel.

Asher Cherkasky, a backer of the Nazi punitive armed formation “Tornado” has been awarded


As a bonus, I would like to remind all those who call themselves our enemies. It’s your own choice, not ours.

Russia is our Motherland

So big and different. It’s cold and warm. With hundreds of ancient cities. With thousands of lakes and rivers. With endless forests,  steppes and mountains  It’s a multiethnic country strong in its unity. With its great past and even greater future.

Russia has three allies: it’s Army, it’s Fleet and it’s Air Force. Russia trusts only them.


“Polite People” in Crimea, February 2014

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