By George Eliason for The Saker Blog

To paraphrase a saying so relevant today it’s scary, those that don’t understand history are bound to be bitten on the buttocks by it. Do you hear that sound? That’s history running up behind you.

Israel just had a Holocaust commemoration that featured celebrating the memory of unrepentant WWII murderers and torturers along with the memory of their victims. That’s a win, win for everyone, right?

The absolute perfect conglomerate of historical events brought the memory of WWII monsters to the red carpet. Axis forces won. Allies lost. It only took 75 years.

Ukraine’s newly minted President Zelensky took the stage and made a point of commemorating the Banderovits Waffen SS, death camp guards, and the UPA along with their Jewish, Soviet, and Ukrainian victims.

History gave the older Ukraine and other Central and Eastern European Axis countries a pass on Holocaust participation. Although they were more enthusiastic about it than Nazi Germany counterpart directly responsible for many events and most of the actions of the Holocaust, Israel loves them.

After the war, Germany apologized for the atrocities committed under Adolf Hitler.

The Ukrainians (OUNm, OUNb, OUNz, and the UPA), the Croatians, the Albanians, and associated riff-raff that fed Hitler’s death machine never apologized. They were never compelled to. Never felt bad about adding millions to Hitler’s body count. And they were allowed to try rewriting their own histories as unsuccessfully as Ukrainian Information Operation managers are trying to do today.

Instead, Ukraine’s IO (Information Operations) managers made a play to gain Hitler allies in the OUN and UPA leadership equivalency with the Soviets.
They succeeded.
Auschwitz was the trap. History, family service, and suffering were the bait. It really was almost an elegant effort. Almost.
What did every journalist and talking-head setting the record straight miss? What are Ukraine’s IO managers counting on? You not being able to conceptualize the following:
Since before the 1920s, there have always been two Ukraines. Separate, ideologically opposed, and different as the color black is to white.
The older Ukraine is a vile national idea (1917) that opposes humanity, staffed Auschwitz, and takes joy in making people suffer. The younger started as the Ukrainian Socialist Soviet Republic (1922).
As late as 1945, the older Ukraine’s nationalist leaders were in Berlin begging Adolf Hitler for money and support for more troops against the allies (Western Europe, Soviet Union, US).

Why would Ukrainian president Zelensky support the view of Older Ukraine instead of scaling back Ukrainian nationalism and stopping the war as he was elected to do?

“How was it possible for a Jewish candidate to win the 2019 Ukrainian presidential bid if Ukraine is a rigidly nationalist country?” answers this question.

The younger Ukraine was soldiers manning the Soviet effort to take down Adolf Hitler and destroy fascism from the planet.

The concept of Ukrainian as a nationality has a definitive start date and author in 1910. The origin of Ukrainian nationality was formed in what became the old Ukrainian’s original homeland and where the Diaspora government settled. The original Older Ukrainian’s homeland was Canada of course.
The older Ukrainians were the first to adopt the Ukrainian nationality and congeal under a Diaspora nationhood.

“In fact, the diverse nomenclature for the Ukrainian ethnic group caused a great deal of confusion not only at the turn of the century but also at a later period.

In 1910 a group of Ukrainian public schoolteachers led by Taras Ferley, then a socialist, founded in Winnipeg a Ukrainian Publishing Company with Y.V. Arsenych as its president and T. Ferley as its secretary. The company began publication of a newspaper Ukrains’ky Holos (Ukrainian Voice). The first editor of this paper was Wasyl Kudryk. The paper was really a pioneer in transforming the “Austrians”, Ruthenians”, “Galicians” and “Bukovinians” into Ukrainians. It popularized the term “Ukrainian” as a replacement for “Ruthenian”.

The people of the province of Galicia and Bukovina, generally called themselves “Rusyny” (Ruthenians), Galicians, Bukovinians and Austrians” the Greek Catholic Church, to which at that time the overwhelming majority of Ukrainian immigrants adhered, preferred the term “Ruthenian.”-Vasyl Veryha

Wasyl Veryha was a Waffen SS officer in the Galician Division, premier Diaspora historian, and president of the World Congress of Free Ukrainians, and had a senior position at the University of Toronto Libraries. According to Veryha in his Master’s Degree thesis, Ukrainian as a nationality was not accepted fully until the 1950s. Ukrainian was first formulated acceptably as a nationality in Canada in the 1930s.

According to George Masni, former UCCA (Ukrainian Congressional Committee of America) Arizona president (akin to a governorship for Ukrainian-American Diaspora), “Veryha designated Canada as “original Ukrainian land” because he felt that it was only there that he had the freedom to freely and fully express his Ukrainian viewpoints.”
In his last interview, Wasyl Veryha said he was proud of his work in the Waffen SS Galicia. He would do it all over again. No regrets. No apology for the Holocaust from this original Older Ukrainian.

Where did the older Ukrainians come from before they congealed under a nationality?

There can be no better commentary on this than from the best known old Ukrainian leader on the planet today. I am referring to the WWII monster and hero to all the Ukrainian Diaspora as well as being the icon for post-2014 Zelensky Ukraine today- Stepan Bandera.

“I was born on January 1, 1909, in the village of Ugrynov, the Old, Kalush district of Galicia, which at that time belonged to the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, along with two other Western-Ukrainian countries: Bukovina and Transcarpathia” spent my childhood in Ugrinov the Old, in the house of my parents and grandfathers, growing up in an atmosphere of Ukrainian patriotism and living national-cultural, political and social interests. There were a large library at home, often active participants of the Ukrainian national life of Galicia”-Stepan Bandera’s memoirs.

According to Older Ukraine nationalist scholar Taras Kuzio “Indeed, why did Bandera, the alleged ‘revolutionary,’ not return to the revolution in his homeland?”, which was Galicia, which became Soviet Ukraine, not the non-existent nationalist Ukraine.

On two continents and in three countries, separated by decades, world leaders of older Ukraine, who probably never met agree on this. There was never a Ukraine state for them to go back to.

However, in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, there were 3 highly nationalist western border (Ukraine) countries from which the Ukrainian Diaspora population grew out from.

Ukrainian Diaspora world leaders were shocked when they were gifted more than the region Galicia, Bukovina, and Transcarpathia in 1991.

Because most of the older Ukrainian’s history is outside the borders of today’s Ukraine, the vile politic brought to Kiev in 2014 was allowed to fester and mature, unnoticed and unchecked.

“But after the Bolsheviks strangled Ukrainian independence, the struggle for its restoration extended beyond the borders of Ukraine by the State Center of the UPR in the exile, which for 72 years (!) Continuously represented the Ukrainian Republic at the international level. State independence of Ukraine was restored on August 24, 1991. Solemnly constituting its powers on August 22, 1992, the State Center of the UPR in exile led by the last President of the UPR, Mykola Plavyuk, made a historic statement that “proclaimed on August 24 and approved by the people of Ukraine on December 1, 1991, the Ukrainian state continues to state national traditions of the UNR and is the successor of the Ukrainian People’s Republic “. Democratic traditions and state symbols of the UPR have inherited modern Ukraine.

Therefore our flag is blue and yellow, the coat of arms – Tryzub, the anthem – “Ukraine has not died yet …” Even the name of the Ukrainian hryvnia currency is inherited from the time of the UPR.”-Mykola Plavyuk, last exile president of the older Ukraine.

This shows clearly all the symbols of the nationalist pro-Hitler Ukrainian state were given by the older Ukraine to the unsuspecting younger Ukraine in 1992 by the Diaspora that tried to kill them in WWII and suppress them thereafter.
There is no reason Ukrainians living inside the borders of present-day Ukraine would have any idea the politics of the separate older Ukrainian Diaspora country with a distinctly opposing history and claiming governance over them. Nor could they expect the rabid politics that would be forced on them in 2014.
The younger Ukrainians, whose state began under the Soviet system, thought of nationality the same way American’s do today.
Ask the average American what their nationality is and you’ll get a host of old countries as a response. American is not a nationality.

Josef Stalin suppressed the history of the older Ukrainians so the families would not be targeted or discriminated against by the families of the people they murdered.

Volodymyr Zelensky carefully combined the history of both very separate and distinct people called Ukrainians because it elevates the status of the monsters of Auschwitz to heroes by default. Zelensky is on his way to having the Jewish world quite literally protecting the legacy of Bandera’s OUN and the UPA.
The almost elegant part is once again, a WWII Donbass hero who stood against the vile nationalism was named by Zelenskiy as the hero of Auschwitz.

At the same time, Zelenskiy’s nationalist forces attack and kill Donbass women and children in frontline villages. Some of whom are probably the hero’s family Zelensky named.

Allowing him to combine the very separate and distinct histories of older and younger Ukraine, the world denigrates acknowledging the real suffering and real heroes the Great War produced.

Zelensky has the gall to promote Nazism on Israeli soil and celebrate older Ukraine’s Nazi past in front of the world.

To really understand how vile and ingrained the old Ukrainian political thought is, consider the following. It was meant to garner sympathy and understanding or the Banderovites perspective.

If you are Jewish or have family that fought in WWII to rid the world of nationalism, read it twice.

From an article, My Brothers Spirit, A Short Story of Childhood-“Everything was for the military, by the military. They’d even posted SS guards,” my father broke in. “We were lower than dogs to them, easy to kick around anytime. If someone was dying then it was up to that individual to find an empty corner, or better yet – get out! None of us ever received any of the medicines. I begged the Fraulein to give our son some medicine. It was Danchik’s misfortune to become ill at such a time.”…

“When Danchik finally died,” my mother broke in, choosing what part of the story was more important to dwell on. “I could blame only one person, the head nurse. And when she ordered the body to be removed and the bed made ready for, in her words, ‘… someone who can help the Fatherland, not this Ukrainian pig.’”

“That’s when I lashed out at her, I managed to scratch her neck and kick her in the groin a few times before the SS guards used their clubs on me. I was surprised, like you Helen, that I was allowed to live. They just threw me out and left me unconscious in the mud. I don’t remember who carried me away. But I never let go of Danchik.” My Mother’s words were astounding me. I had never imagined her to be so powerful.”

“So finally, I’d decided to go on the black market. It took me two days to raise the money, sold my only revolver, but I was able to make the contacts and rushed to the infirmary.

When I returned to the hospital with the new serum I’d noticed that my wife’s bed was taken over by a battle-scarred soldier, his legs were bleeding severely. I asked the Fraulein where my son was. She told me that he had died while I was away. I then asked about my wife.”

Do you feel bad for them? Zelensky would cry for them. He wants you to cry for them. I mean they had bad days when they weren’t exterminating people. That can be hard on death-camp prison torturers.

This sympathetic account is about an OUNb family that tortured high profile people on the way to Auschwitz for information. They are Banderovites and the story of maltreatment is probably not exaggerated. The Germans hated older Ukrainians penchant for torture and murder because it was beyond a scale they could understand. They feared and hated them.

“So, what we have is a UPA OUNb officer at a concentration camp having a really bad day. Still feeling bad? You are probably feeling confused as your sense of justice and humanity are both in play.

The reason stories like this get published is to do just that. Confuse and overwhelm you emotionally. You can’t hate the boy. You can’t hate the woman that was called a pig. You can’t hate the dead baby. You can’t even hate a father selling his weapon during a war to save his family.

Let me help. He worked at the concentration camp at Stuttgart. This was a Gestapo operation at the Hotel Silber that specialized in torturing and transport of political prisoners. Stuttgart ghettoed Jews and was a transport hub for Dachau.

 In 2005 the remains of Holocaust victims were found in a grave at Stuttgart.

The Ukrainian nationalists (OUNb) starved 3 million prisoners of war to death. They murdered over 250,000 Jews on their own, thank you very much. They couldn’t wait for Adolf to get started, so they held the first Holocaust killing over 30000. They even celebrate that today. The OUN murdered about 500,000 Ukrainians. After WWII, they murdered another 35,000 until Stalin was able to eradicate the nationalist infestation”.Democrat Says Americans Owe Nazis for Suffering and Gives ISIS Eulogy on C-SPAN

Remember, death camp prisoners don’t have pistols. Pistols are an officer’s sidearm. Prisoners don’t have the opportunity to go to the black market and sell their only pistol. Death camp prisoners can’t purchase specialty medications or get treated at a Waffen SS hospital.

At the same Holocaust commemoration, Polish President Duda and Ukrainian President Zelenskiy got together blaming the USSR for the Holocaust and the outbreak of WWII.

President Duda went on to say Zelenskiy should honor the memory of Simon Petliura which he did upon his return to Ukraine at the Krut memorial in Kiev. The memorial enshrines students that supported Petliura and died when the Soviet army came to push Petliura out from establishing power.

Who was Simon Petliura?

Initially, Petliura agreed to the idea of a Soviet Ukraine. He was put off by the fact he would not lead it. Petliura attempted to form a country called the Ukrainian National Republic in 1917-18.

During this time Petliura murdered 30,000 + Jews and 100,000 Ukrainians.

This is the man Zelenskiy and Duda want to honor at a Holocaust commemoration?

After the Soviets pushed him out, Simon Petliura established the Ukrainian Government in exile. This became the seat of power for the Older Ukrainians.

According to the last President of the Older Ukrainians in the Diaspora Mykola Plavyuk, We gave our credentials to the hands of the President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk. Our move is due to the decision of the Labor Congress of the Ukrainian People’s Republic of 1919 and the decision of the Head of the Directorate of the UNR Simon Petliura, which obliged the President and the Government of the UNR to end its activities since the restoration of Ukraine’s state independence and the election of its people in a manner. As you know, this happened on December 1, 1991.

Volodymir Zelenskiy acknowledged his power stems from the mass murderer of his own people, Simon Petliura. Petliura’s policy is why the 1st President of post-1991 Ukraine was not Mykola Plavyuk. The Ukrainian President thinks the OUN and mass-murdering Stepan Bandera are cool.

Every Ukrainian President from 1991 onward paid homage to the Older Ukrainian nationalism of Petliura and Bandera. No exceptions.

Another Petliura policy was eternal war with the Soviet Union and its successor, Russia.

Another Petliura policy that Bandera cemented is no Ukrainian nationalist policy (platform) can be changed. Was this the downfall of Yanukovych?

When you couple this with the fact that most of the extermination camp guards, torturers, and executioners in WWII were Older Ukrainians, either Petliura followers or OUN Bandera and Melnyk followers, you can understand why this Information Operation is almost elegant.

The Jewish people commemorated their families’ extermination camp deaths by honoring the murderers and allowing the memory of the Soviet Union freeing Auschwitz to be denigrated.

Today, this means there can be no peace in Ukraine until Donbass is depopulated and run through filtration and reeducation. For five years, Kiev has tried to run out the clock and get support to back it if Moscow needed to defend the lives of the Donbass republics.

This is why they are The Nazis Even Hitler Was Afraid of.

Never again? The sting you should feel right now is history biting you in the ass.

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