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of the readiness of small armoured artillery boat “Nikopol” before exit at sea from 09:00 23.11.2018 to 18:00 25.11.2018
1. The purpose of exiting: relocation at the Berdyansk port.
2. Superior during exit: 2nd rank captain Gritsenko D.V.
3. Task set before exiting at sea: create tactical boat grouping No. 5 (hereon in TBG No. 5) before 01.11 consisting of: small armoured artillery boat “Berdyansk”, small armoured artillery boat “Nikopol”, Commander of TBG No. 5 – 2nd rank captain Gritsenko D.V. with the placement of the command point of TBG on the small armoured artillery boat “Berdyansk”.
Prepare tactical grouping No. 5 for relocation from the Odessa port to the Berdyansk port through the Kerch–Enikale canal (KEC).
Carry out exit from the Odessa port according to the special order. Carry out covert passage outside the coastal and marine areas of observation of the Black Sea Fleet and Coast Guard of the FSB of the Russian Federation.
Carry out passage through the KEC via tug. The tug is offshore tug “Yana Kapa”.
While fulfilling tasks the main efforts must be focused on covert passage to and through the KEC.
When arriving at the Berdyansk port, be ready to fulfil stabilisation tasks in the Azov Zone:
4. The decision of the commander of the small armoured artillery boat “Nikopol” for the implementation of the set tasks: Before 01.11 enter into the structure of TBG No. 5. At 08:30 23.11.18 start preparation of the boat for combat and a campaign. At 09:00 23.11.18 depart from the Odessa port and carry out a passage to the KEC. After arriving at the KEC, meet the tug “Yana Kapa” and pass through the KEC.
At the time defined by the special order, enter the Berdyansk port.
While exiting at sea, strictly observe security while using weapons and military equipment, as well as navigation security. While fulfilling tasks, the main efforts should be concentrated on covert passage to and through the KEC.
5. The main measures for exit
(Table column headings)
No. /  Name of main measures / Fulfilment of basic security measures for planned tasks / Who allows exit and when it takes place / Notes
(Table row data)
1 / Control ships military training: “Verification of readiness of boat before exiting at sea.” / – – – – – – – – / 01.11.18 temporarily performing duties of commander of military unit A2951 3rd rank captain RUD P.G. / – – – – – – – – –
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