By Colonel Cassad
Translated by Ollie Richardson and Angelina Siard
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A sanctions list was published that includes a list of Ukrainian goods that are banned from importation to the territory of the Russian Federation within the framework of the adopted package of sanctions against Ukraine.

The list turned out to be very extensive and problems are now guaranteed in a number of spheres of the Ukrainian economy focused on exportation to Russia.

  • Wheat and meslin;
  • Sunflower oil, safflower, or cotton and their components, refined or unrefined, but without a change in their chemical composition;
  • Extracts and juice from meat, fish, or crustacea, mollusks, or other water invertebrates;
  • Ready or tinned fish; caviar sturgeon and its substitutes made of fish eggs;
  • Confectionery from sugar (including white chocolate) that do not contain some cocoa;
  • Chocolate and other ready foodstuff containing cocoa;
  • Bread, flour confectionery, cakes, cookies, and other bakery and flour confectionery that may or may not contain some cocoa; wafer sheets, empty pods suitable for use for pharmaceutical purposes and for wafer;
  • Juice fruit (including grape must) and vegetable juice, unfermented and not containing alcohol additives, with or without added sugar or other sweetening substances;
  • Malt beer;
  • Natural grape wines, including fortified; grape must, except for the ones specified as a commodity position;
  • Non-denatured alcohol ethyl with a concentration of alcohol less than 80%; spirit tinctures, liqueurs, and other alcoholic drinks;
  • Pebble, gravel, crushed stone;
  • Limestone, dolomite, and other calcareous stones broken or shredded, other crushed stones, usually used as fillers in concrete, ballast for highways or railway tracks, or other ballast;
  • Boulders that are thermally processed or raw; granules, crumbs, and powders from stone of commodity position 2515 (except marble) or 2516, thermally processed or raw;
  • Organic surfactants (except soap); surface-active means, detergents (including auxiliary detergents) and means for cleaning, containing or not containing soap (except ones in commodity position 3401);
  • Hot-water bottles and combined hot-water bottles;
  • Wood chipboards, oriented strand board (OSB), and the similar sheets (for example, wafer board) from wood or other lignified materials that are coated or not coated with resins or other organic binding substances;
  • Other uncoated paper and cardboard, in rolls or sheets, without further processing or processed as is specified in note 3 to this group;
  • Wallpaper and similar wall coverings; transparent paper for windows;
  • Wall coverings made of textile materials;
  • Steam boilers or other steam-generating boilers (except central heating capable water boilers that are also capable of producing low-pressure steam); superheated water boilers (except for superheated water boilers for ship equipment and their parts);
  • Water steam turbines and other steam turbines (except for turbine parts);
  • Gas powered turbines no more than 5000 kW (except for turbines for civil aircrafts);
  • Gas powered turbines more than 5000 kW (except for turbines for civil aircrafts);
  • Parts of liquid pumps;
  • Furniture (chambers, cases, show-windows, counters, and similar furniture) for storage and demonstration, with built-in refrigerating or freezing appliances
  • Loading devices that are specially developed for use in agriculture: others;
  • Seeders, planters, and machine planters;
  • Milking machines and equipment for collecting and processing milk;
  • Machines and mechanisms for preparation of forages for animals;
  • Machines for cleaning, sorting, or grading seeds, grain, or dry bean cultures; equipment for the flour-grinding industry or for processing grain or dry bean crops, except for equipment used on agricultural farms;
  • Equipment for the production of bakery products;
  • Equipment for the sugar industry;
  • Machines for mixing mineral substances with bitumen;
  • Transmission shafts and others;
  • Other transmissions;
  • Other speed variators;
  • Engines and electricity generators (except power generating equipment)
  • Energy generating equipment and rotating electricity converters;
  • Liquid dielectric transformers with a capacity of no more than 650 kVA;
  • Liquid dielectric transformers with a capacity of more than 650 kVA, but no more than 10000 kVA;
  • Liquid dielectric transformers with a capacity of more than 10000 kVA;
  • Copper winding wires;
  • Other winding wires;
  • Co-axial cables and other co-axial electric conductors;
  • Other electric conductors with a voltage of no more than 1000 V (with an exception: ones used in telecommunication, e.g. no more than 80 V; for civil aircrafts; for industrial assembly of motor vehicles, their components and units; for the production of aviation engines)
  • Electricity conductors with a voltage of more than 1000 V (except for electricity conductors with a voltage of more than 1000 V for the industrial assembly of motor vehicles of commodity positions 8701-8705, their components and units)
  • Tractors (except tractors of commodity position 8709);
  • Self-loading or self-dumping trailers and semi-trailers for agriculture
  • Feminine sanitary pads and tampons, children’s swaddling clothes and diapers and similar products, made from any material.

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