by Ruslan Ostashko

Translated by Scott and subtitled by Leo.


In Kharkov far-right extremists knocked down a monument to Marshal Zhukov illustrating a simple fact that the Nazi state of Ukraine no longer needs a mask. The election of an oligarch’s protégé for president marked the transition to an even more open brown dictatorship.

Less than a month has passed since the day when the comic hetman Vladimir Zelensky with pomp reported on Facebook about laying flowers at the grave of his heroic grandfather. Let me remind you that the pro-European media sang about this.

*Clip plays*

(to 0:36 “…and live”)

“The newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky visited the grave of his grandfather Semyon Zelensky in Kryvyi Rih today, who was a veteran of the war [Ed. – Great Patriotic War]. On his Facebook page, he wrote that the war affected every Ukrainian family, and the contribution of Ukrainians to the victory was huge. And therefore nobody has the right to privatize this victory, to tell that it could occur without Ukrainians, Zelensky emphasized. And he stressed that May 9 is our day of gratitude to all who fought Nazism for the opportunity to be born and live.”

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And here we witness this “gratitude” on the part of not remembering their kinship primates to the Marshal of the Victory Georgy Zhukov.

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“In Kharkov, Ukrainian nationalists toppled a monument to Marshal Georgy Zhukov on Sunday near the sports stadium where the members of the National Corps and the Right Sector organized a protest against the participation of the party in the next RADA elections. Using the ropes, the extremists toppled the monument of the Soviet military commander, knocked off letters of the foundation and placed the Ukrainian flag instead.

The law enforcement didn’t interfere with the mob actions. There are reports of three injured policemen. According to the statement made by the extremists they acted in the frame of the de-communization law. Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova called this incident a serious challenge to the new Ukrainian regime. Which after the event happened, will have to put air quotes around the words ‘condemn, we can’t stay silent.’

(Portion not seen in Ostashko’s video.)

The Mayor of Kharkov said that the monument will be restored soon with the help of donations. Earlier in May he came with an initiative to return the Marshal’s name to its historical city prospect, for which he was criticized by the ultra-rights.”

Did the comic-hetman follow up on this with a rapid response on Facebook? He didn’t. Most likely he decided first to contact the curators to ask how to react to the Ukro-Patriots.

In general, the role of Zelensky in Europe is very clearly characterized by this picture taken on May 30th.

On the left – the comedian-hetman, whose grandfather contributed to the victory over Nazism. On the right – the foreign Ministers of Germany and France Heiko Maas and Jacques-Yves Le Drian, one of whom the grandson of the heroic grandfather obsequiously shakes hands. By the way, as the bloggers noticed, the handshake is very strange and looks like a Freemasonic secret sign. And who leads whom, it is clear without words.

Exactly the same role Zelensky plays for the Ukro-Nazis. He acts like a pad by providing their further strengthening in the power. And they speak about it openly, referring to the law on “decommunization” as a basis for demolition of a monument to Zhukov. But miraculously, they don’t notice their own schizophrenia.

Twitter: Voice of Mordor

“I wonder why these amazing people say that the demolition of the bust Zhukov is decommunization and at the same time outraged by the video in which Romania captures Bukovina? You idiots remember how Ukraine got Bukovina. You idiots should remember how Ukraine got Bukovina. So this is also decommunization.”

Here is a fragment of the same video, which angered the Ukro-Nazis. It is called “Romanian-Ukrainian war of 2022.”


All right: if the demolition of the monument to the Marshal of Victory – is part of decommunization, you should give Galicia to Poland and Bukovina to Romanians. And most of the Ukraine in case of de-communization will shrink to a region in the center, because Novorossiya (Russian Empire Governorate) was actually given to them by the “damned Moskals.”

But, the Ukro-Nazis, of course, don’t like this option, and they conduct their de-communization highly selectively. Here we see it, here – we don’t see it, and this part we used to wrap up some fish. Remember an unforgettable role performed by Savely Kramarov.


Gentlemen of Fortune, 1971. Directed by Aleksandr Seriy.

*Clip plays*

It doesn’t happen like that. First you remember, then you don’t remember.

– It happens. One time I was kicked. Then I woke up at the police station, and didn’t remember anything. Then I start thinking…

Wait a second!

*Clip ends*

Ukrainian Nazis are being curated by the head of the Interior Ministry Arsen Avakov. Who certainly hopes for promotion under the new government, since he helped to avoid a military scenario on the part of the defeated chocolate führer Poroshenko. That is, Avakov can, of course, publicly punish a couple of ordinary participants in the destruction of the monument, but it will not change anything. “Ukraine is Europe” authorities have long lost the monopoly on violence, they are forced to resort to the services of the ultra-right “death squads” and therefore have to reckon with their ideology.

It is clear that as a result of such pull-pushing at which on the one hand they seem to celebrate Victory Day, and on another – to bring down monuments to heroes of that Victory, everything will break at least in half.

Hopefully it will happen sooner. Ukrainian abscess at the Russian border has long been overripe. It should be cauterized with a hot iron; especially since Ukrainian nationalists themselves give significant reasons for this.

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