By Mansoureh Tajik for the Saker Blog

On Friday, March 25th, Yemeni Forces, under the leadership of the Houthi Ansar Allah, launched a series of ballistic missiles several of which hit Saudi’s energy facilities, including the giant Aramco Oil Facility. At a time when the Western rulers are in fact sanctioning the Europeans on Russia’s oil and gas, and when the actual oil ebbs more than it flows, and its price flows more than it ebbs, this is yet another scourge about which they can afford little publicity.

While the Coalition of the Wicked, US-Saud-Brits triangle, are basking in the fires of Saudi Aramco, Western and West-sponsored outlets ( Reuters, Al Jazeera, CNBC, et al.) are rather busy managing the news to spin it less negative than it really is and working quite seriously to hid the true extent of the damages. How ungenerous of them. Surely, they could share the warmth with their sanctioned-out-of-Russian-energy European servants. If not the actual fire, at least they should allow the Europeans warm themselves vicariously through their leaders. Correct and true images and news of the Aramco fire would be a good start.

One should not be some apathetic by-stander and must do what one can to help spread the warmth, nay, the heat, to all those who need it the most. The statement reported by the English version of Al Mayadeen about the attack and the extent of the damages is straight forward:

 “Special sources told Al Mayadeen that Operation Break Siege III is one of the fiercest operations by the Yemeni Armed Forces against Saudi Arabia. The sources said that the information confirms that Aramco facilities in Jeddah were completely burnt, resulting in an unprecedented outbreak of fires.”[1]

Direct and actual facts-on-the-ground reports by major Iranian and the Resistance media are broadcasting the above story, however, Western outlets broadcast much lighter and slimmer version of what is actually occurring. They are reporting something similar to the following statement published by Reuters:

“The coalition has repeatedly said it is exercising self-restraint in the face of the attacks, but launched a military operation in Yemen early on Saturday saying it aimed to protect global energy sources and ensure supply chains. A coalition statement on state media on Friday said the fire had been brought under control.”[2]

A new definition for “under control”, for sure:

آتش سوزی کامل تاسیسات آرامکو در جده در پی حمله ارتش یمن

Aramco Oil facility burning, Mehr News Agency

مصادر خاصة للميادين تؤكد احتراق منشآت أرامكو بالكامل في جدة

Aramco Oil Facility burning, a different angle, Al Mayadeen Net

It is important to remember that Friday, March 25th, marked 8th anniversary of the direct and relentless war on Yemeni people by the US-Brits-Saudi coalition. Officially, that war on the people of Yemen, including innocent men, women, and children, young and old, entered in to its 8 long years of death, destruction, famine, and more. The “human-right-loving” nations and so-called international organizations are mute. They are willfully deaf, dumb, and blind and the said coalition understands no other language but force. So be it.

When the said coalition waged a relentless war against the people of Yemen, they thought they could reach their goals within weeks. Seven years and 1 day, 29 billion dollars direct purchase of military hardware and software from the US government, 34 billion dollars purchase of military equipment from other US and Western Sources, the death and injury suffered by more than 47,000 civilian people, total and complete sanctions and blockade of air, sea, and land, the destruction of most schools, hospitals, roads, bridges, mosques, and more, and the deafening silence of the so-called United Nations and all its subsidiaries later, the Yemeni people have stood tall and proud!

Yesterday, Sayyed Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi, the leader of the Ansar Allah movement, in his speech on the occasion of the 8th anniversary of Yemen’s Holy Defense War said,

“The beginning of the war and the one who initiated the war against the Yemeni people is quite telling as to who the aggressor is and who is in the position of defense. The engineers and the architects of this aggressor coalition are [US] America, Britain, and Israel. And the US is the leader of the coalition. Saudi Arabia and UAE are only the executers of this attack and the rest of the members are hired help for money. The role of the Zionists and the Brits in this geometry is quite clear and their fingerprints are found at the crime scenes everywhere. The Brits have been present in all stages of the war against Yemen and the [US] America has participated as a constant over-seer of the battles.”[3]

An article by Lea Akil published in Al Maydeen yesterday nicely contrasts the war in Yemen with the Russian operation in Ukraine and exposes obvious hypocrisies and double standards. It reads:

“Seven years of raging war on Yemen exhausted the population’s capacity to cope, and the global attention shifted toward Ukraine following Russia’s military operation. The darkest forms of irony have been heard by officials concerning Ukraine with complete disregard for Yemen. Simply, the core players fuelling the Saudi war on Yemen have taken a stand in solidarity with Ukraine. In numbers, so far, there are 17,734 martyrs, including 4,017 children, 2,434 women, and 11,283 men, while the number of the wounded reached 28,528, including 4,586 children, 2,911 women, and 10,032 men.”

“It is as simple as that, the United States and its Western allies have rediscovered the importance of international law when it comes to Ukraine but continue to turn a blind eye to Yemen.”[4]

Since the enemies of Yemeni people understand the language of missiles much better than any other language[5], they will be communicated, God Willing, in that language more often as the Yemeni military sources have promised:

“In the upcoming days, Sanaa will continue its strikes on vital Saudi sites if the siege on Yemen continues. Sanaa is determined to destroy Aramco’s vital facilities in Ras Tanura, Rabigh, and Jeddah.”[6]

None the less, there are several effective and simple solutions for the US-Brits-Saudi coalition to get themselves out of their own self-created crises. They could, for example:

1) stop this illegal war on Yemen, remove all their illegal sanctions, give reparation for all the damage they have caused, and give solid and verifiable guarantees not to engage in such acts against Yemen. This will de

2) stop using the Ukrainians as an expendable population and abide by their obligations under multiple security pacts they had with Russia and pay for the economic and security damages they have caused to both the Ukrainians and the Russians;

3) They could repent and ask God for forgiveness and then submit themselves to an independent international committee to be investigated for their crimes and punished accordingly.

Or, they could just print more dollar to buy time. Sooner or later, their wretched deeds will catch up with them. Inshallah.


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