Dear friends

This will be my last hurricane-related post (God willing!).  Tomorrow my family and I will finish moving the objects we can salvage from the house.  But on Wednesday I hope to write at least a short commentary about the huge events taking place in Russia and the Ukraine.  I also want to write a commentary on Putin’s speech which I see as the most important speech in his career.  God willing later in the week (I need to get my hands on a ergonomic keyboard).

I want to thank all those who have helped us with their donations (which right now we need more than ever!): thank you so much for helping my family, we are all deeply grateful for your help!

My plan is to return to semi-normal blogging by early next week.

I apologize, but I am still too busy and too exhausted to reply to emails.

One last time, I ask for your patience, support and understanding.

Many thanks and kind regards


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