by Ruslan Ostashko

Translated by Scott

Subtitled by Leo


Under the Coronavirus pressure, the myth of superiority of the Western hi-tech and bio-tech is disintegrating. In Russia, liberal creakles had faith in existence, somewhere in California, of a magic “fountain of youth” pill. No doubts, ever, existed in the American ability to manufacture a vaccine against Coronavirus. In reality, the US is in panic mode and trying to pull their favorite con on – to buy printed candy wrappers for real lifesaving technologies developed by someone else.

In March of 2019, I posted a video explaining why liberals in Russia worshiped so called “western investments.” Here it is in a nutshell: Anglo-Saxon thieves love the process of merger and acquisition. In reality it’s a simple two-step process. Some small company is developing a groundbreaking technology or a new product. A large American corporation simply buys this small company for billions, together with its innovation for a credit received at nearly 0% interest rate. After that, the American corporation declares this innovation as its own. For candy wrappers, or even for digital zeros in some bank software program, they obtain something real and valuable: products, knowhow, technologies, and such. That’s why during the trade war the US demanded from China to open its market for American investments. In the Russian language, it sounds like “give to con-artists the permission to buy Chinese businesses, because he who owns the printing press has more power.”

Now, let’s return to the current situation with the pandemic and look at the recent news.

Deutsche Welle: “Donald Trump tried to get his favorite ‘deal’ in spirit of the ‘America First.’ On Sunday and Monday, 15-16 of March, this story made lots of noise in German media and social media. This will most likely blow back politically. Dietmar Hopp, the owner of the software company SAP and the owner of the biotech firm CureVac stopped Washington from getting exclusive rights for the COVID-19 vaccine.”

To not get stuck on details, here’s the summary: On March 3rd, Trump met with the CEOs of pharmacological and biotech companies, the same ones that are claimed to be ahead of the rest of humanity. So basically, this meeting was attended by the American Big Pharma leaders on special pills, and also by the chief executive of the German firm CureVac, Daniel Menichella. In stark contrast to the American imitators, this company is really working to develop the vaccine against the Coronavirus. Deutsche Welle calls Coronavirus something different, but it’s the same thing, scared people of the world.

Deutsche Welle: “German biotech firm CureVac intensely works in developing a vaccine from the SARS-COV-2 virus. According to its own reports, the company will be able to start clinical testing this summer, for this much promised resource. With a favorable development of events, the vaccine might be ready for use this coming fall. Moreover, the company also reports owning some certified equipment in December 2019 to produce up to 10 million doses of the vaccine per production cycle.”

The White House in Washington made an offer to the American head of the German firm to organize the sale of this firm to the American company, for, reportedly, $1 billion. At the very least, American government wanted exclusive rights for the vaccine, it’s distribution and production. According to German media, Donald Trump wanted to buy exclusive access to a Coronavirus vaccine only for the USA.

Considering that the US Federal Reserve dropped the interest rates to near 0%, it’s surprising that Trump didn’t offer $10 billion. The chief executive of the German firm CureVac, Daniel Menichella, was hired to do this job. The mercenary worker doesn’t care if the vaccine is made under a German or an American flag. He just wants money. Trump wanted to show that America is ahead of everyone in the world, while the rest of humanity doesn’t matter to him. However, the owners of the German firm didn’t like the offer. Menichella was fired 8 days after meeting with Trump. His place was taken by the company’s founder, Ingmar Hoerr. His return was demanded by CureVac’s main investor Dietmar Hopp, a 79 year old German billionaire.

It’s not a fact that Germans will be able to create the vaccine first. Russian researchers were the first to decode full genome sequence of the novel Coronavirus. They have already begun testing prototypes of potential vaccines based on six different technological platforms.

RIA Novosti: “Rospotrebnadzor announced the start of the clinical trials of a vaccine over the new Coronavirus. It was expediently developed by the State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology (VECTOR). The prototypes of potential vaccines are based on six different technological platforms.”

In the case of the German firm, something else is important. Berlin knows how the real progress differs from its imitation. Germany openly criticized the US for attempt to buy other nations inventions for its candy wrappers.

Kommersant: “The German authorities will not allow other countries to grant themselves exclusive rights over the work of German virologists, who are taking a leading role in developing the vaccine for the Coronavirus,” said their foreign minister Heiko Maas, after it became known of the attempt by the US government to buy out the German biopharmacological company ‘CureVac’. According to German MSM, the Trump administration wanted this company to create a vaccine exclusively for the USA.”

The scheme when the US creates money from the air and buys with them real assets has started malfunctioning. It doesn’t look like the US will be able to buy the vaccine somewhere else and to blackmail an entire world with it, as the US being blackmailed by the SoftBank and its Coronavirus test kits. I discussed with you the American imitative hi-tech in my previous videos.

In the condition when there is a real threat, a defense against it cannot be made on some block-chain or printed on a 3D printer. The world becomes increasingly intolerant to imitations. Even the head of the British government shows some signs of this. Even though he makes himself look like a clown, he still has brains left.

RuPosters: “Boris Johnson asked British manufacturers Rolls Royce and JCB to build thousands of ventilators as the country fights Coronavirus.”

Here are the comments of my IT colleague, Ruslan Karmanov:

VKontakte: “How clearly the whole thing is losing its luster. ‘We’re near the [new] industrial revolution, and all those production lines will disappear soon,’ as media for young bearded imbeciles promised for years. ‘Instead, everything will work on its own, robots will be everywhere, automation, 3D printers, people will be sitting in front of the computer screens and laughing while receiving money for it. Oh how amazing it will be, weeeee!’ However, when the SHTF situation appears, the British ‘leaders’ went not to Apple and Tesla Inc., neither did they ask Google about whether they will be able to help them out. They’re supposed to have fast-developed methods, as well as owning a lot of hi-tech. But instead, they went to their own local manufacturers which helped make real high-tech health equipment, including ventilators.”

Oh, horror! Boris Johnson doesn’t read the liberal media in Russia that every day writes about America being the most advanced nation in the world. And that we need to run there for help. Now, imagine how much emotional pain Coronavirus brings to the liberal creative class. The globalized world in its 80% has been made with the simulacres. Now, this house of cards comes crashing down. By the way, where are those who have been screaming that we don’t need to import substitution and that Russia is forever behind the “free world” and its technologies? Hello screamers, explain to us why Rospotrebnadzor needs their ears checked. Because the Vatniks can never create a vaccine. Maybe you can call the liberals and Ukrainians into our comments, our fellow subscribers? The comments would be interesting in this case.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty conducting a poll in Moscow: “Is it possible to place Russia on quarantine without destroying its economy?”

Young man: “How can we not ruin the economy if the industrial production stops and there will be no more products to sell, the money exchange will stop happening. So what economy can be talked about after that?”

Young man: “If we close everything right now, then of course there will be no production. That’s why I think that if we make a quarantine right now, the economy will blow up.”

Middle-aged man: “Any decision has its pros and cons. In my opinion, Russia’s economy is so destroyed, that a quarantine would have no impact on it.”

Young man: “I think that no, the economy will be ruined in any case.”

Man in sunglasses: “I just don’t know. I’m here in Moscow for two weeks, I have not noticed anything. No panic, No sick people. I’ve been to a lot of places, including the Big Theater. I don’t know why they need a quarantine. Maybe it’s just because it didn’t get to me. It’s not like the black plague where people are running around screaming. Moscow continues to live its own life.”

Man with Caucasus accent and mask: “I think no, because it will still affect the economy. If people will stay home in quarantine, it will be bad for the country. But for the regular people, it’ll still be better.”

Middle-aged woman: “It’s not possible anywhere. Not only in Russia, but in any other country. I think that it’s not possible without any damage to the economy. The quarantine and the economy are two things that are the complete opposite. Logically they don’t link together.”

Man with mask and a British accent: “If people don’t work, then I don’t understand how the economy will move forward. Which is why if we have a quarantine as in France and Spain, then there will be a huge downturn of the economy. That’s why we shouldn’t do anything in that regard. But, Russia is a country that survived a lot. I think that as a nation, Russia will survive this, also. It will be easier for you, Russians, than for us, the Europeans, because we didn’t have such extreme situations in Europe.”

Afterword of PolitRussia team:

Coronavirus – some people go to the stores and film empty shelves to put that in their stories. Somebody knits masks and creating anti-septics with their own hands. Somebody needs to take care of the kids, since their school is in quarantine. But the valorous team of PolitRussia continues to work. Our studio is working. We continue to make news reports. And right now we’ll see what the guys are doing.

Let’s not bother Boris, he is too busy today. Of course everybody was forced to change their plans. Andrei, tell to our subscribers how the Coronavirus affected your life?

– Well, we were forced to reschedule our wedding. Reschedule? – For one year. Oh, for a whole year? – For a year, or maybe two. Maybe we will cancel it altogether.

This is Oksana. Oksana, you must have a life-hack to fight the Coronavirus?

– I open doors with my elbows.

Got it. I actually started doing that too.

This is Boris. Boris, how did Coronavirus affect your life?

– I stopped riding the subway. I’m now very afraid to use the subway. That’s it.

It’s of course safer to be at home. But, there’s a catch: when we’re working from home we eat more. But there is also a positive, in nine months we might experience a baby boom. Which our country really needs. And this is Dmitry, by the way.

Well if you go outside, the formula for health is simple. We wash our hands more often and longer. We take care of our loved ones. We don’t hang out for too long. And most importantly, we replace anxiety with knowledge. Speaking of knowledge, the channel PolitRussia continues to share healthy and checked information, we welcome leading experts. And your support is very important and very valued, especially today. To help our channel, you can send links to us under each of our videos.

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