Quite a while ago I wrote an article entitled “Counter-Propaganda, Russian style” in which I tried to show that far from censoring the russophobic propaganda of the AngloZionist Empire, the Russians try hard to give it as much visibility in Russia as possible.  The reason for that it very simple: by showing the Empire’s propaganda the Russian media provides incontrovertible evidence of the hatred the Empire has for Russia and for the Russian people.  This very slick counter-propaganda technique has very much contributed to the quasi-disappearance of pro-Western feelings in Russia (I estimate the total amount of pro-Western people in Russia at somewhere in the range of 3%-5% max).

This time again, as soon as the so-called “Committee to Investigate Russia” posted its video about being at war with Russia, the main Russian TV channel “Russia 1” translated and showed it during the prime time show “60 minutes”.  So, just to share this with you – here is Morgan Freeman dubbed in Russian.


The Saker

PS: I truly marvel at the stupidity of the Neocons who, for the petty vendetta against Trump, are willing to profoundly alienate the potentially most dangerous adversary of the United States on the planet.

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