The USAF temporarily forward deployed B-52s tempo stands at:

(From RAF Fairford, UK)

1xB-52 in Estonia,
1 B-52 in Romania
1 B-52 over Barents Sea

(From Guam)

2 B-52 off Far East Russia.

This is rare. The Boeing B-52 Stratofortress is part of the backbone of the US strategic bombing force. They are capable of carrying cruise missiles and bombs including nuclear ordnance.

A group of 6 B-52s came from 2nd Bomb Wing in Louisiana to Europe as part of ‘Operation Atlantic Resolve’, which is aimed at reassuring NATO allies against Russia.

The RAF Fairford deployment as described by Daily Mail:  It is the largest deployment of US strategic bombers since the Iraq invasion in 2003.

It is not rare to have a B-52 sortie over the Baltic and turn round off the Polish coast, as the annual BALTOPS testify. A number of B-52’s have been currently touring around Northern Europe since 14th March. Several Baltic runs have been made since then. The most surprising one is a B-52 strategic bomber flying in the airspace of Estonia, just under 200km from St Petersburg.

While most focus was on the Baltic, 2 other USAF B-52Hs left Guam and flew near Kamchatka. USAF KC-135Rs tankers were also sent to support the B-52 flight.

This is not the first time that B-52s have been deployed to Europe, as reported in 2017.

However, the multi-pronged sorties, as well as Baltic-Pacific probing of Russia is certainly unusual. However, another tweet reported another B-52 mission to Barents Sea:

Likewise, another USAF B-52 exercised with Romanian F-16s to “demonstrate the capability of rapid deployment of allied forces in south-eastern Europe.”

Last week two B-52s bombers flew near to contested islands in the South China Sea.

This latest bout of saber-rattling from Washington comes at a time when the US Air Force is now preparing its fleet of B-52s for the possibility of launching the ‘Long Range Stand Off’ (LRSO) weapon. As such, B-52s are being prepared with with prototype nuclear-armed cruise missiles.

Despite their age B-52s are still seen as a highly visible way of showing firepower, in other words a ‘threat posture’, for political purposes. Similar to in a kind of way to the flights of  Russian Tu-95s into the North Sea.

Having ditched the INF, (torn it up really), Washington’s gloves are off.  Russia apparently took the decision to station nuclear-capable Tupolev Tu-22M3 strategic bombers to Crimea.  This is said to be partially in response to the US continued implementation of the missile defence systems in Romania.

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