Dear friends

I want to share a few updates about the blog shutdown with you:

Archiving the blog

I have been contacted by several people offering to host an archive of the blog.  When I told them that I want as many locations hosting my blog as possible, they all agreed, which is extremely kind of them and very good news indeed.  Here are a few important details I want to share with you:

  • The size of the entire dump file is about 7GB, but it can be further optimized and reduced.
  • Herb has very kindly agreed to create one single static file which we will make available for download.
  • This file will not require apache2, mysql, php and many addons, no software skills – just web access.
  • Once this file is available for download, I will ask anybody able and willing to download and host it to do so.  Again, redundancy is the key.

I also hope that somebody can upload that file as a torrent file for easy sharing.

I will keep you posted about our progress on this issue.


The four Saker books

I have made all my books available for free download here:

I will keep them available for download for as long as I can.

These books contain not all, but many of my analyses written over the years and posted on the blog.  I encourage you to:

  • Download the books and keep them and
  • If you can, make them available for download (including as torrents files)


My Patreon supporters and staying in touch

While I have asked you to cancel your subscriptions, some have not done so, which might be an oversight, and at least one wanted me to keep my account.  So I have decided the following: I will keep the Patreon account open and I will make myself available for questions/comments/chats on Patreon until the very last person decides to cancel.  That is truly the very least I can do for those still keeping donations coming, irrespective of amount.  That is also much easier for me to do than to run a blog and that is something I can do under the current conditions.

Guest authors

  • Larry Johnson has very kindly offered to make his blog,, available for the guest authors of the Saker blog.
  • Pepe Escobar has also expressed an interest, but that is still a work in progress and I will keep you posted about that.  Stay tuned and give us a week or so.
  • Goran, from the Macedonian website has also kindly invited our guest authors to post their articles.

Again, redundancy and diversity of options is, in my opinion, crucial.

Saker Telegram channel

Since I do not host the Saker Telegram channel (  I will obviously not shut it down :-)  I therefore also encourage all the members of the Saker Community to join that channel as a convenient way to stay in touch.  And while I cannot promise to be there on a daily basis, I will drop by from time to time.  So this is yet another way for you to stay in touch with each other and with me.  And that option won’t cost you a single penny!

Christian Vignettes

These are, obviously, very dear to my heart.  And while I do not have the time or energy to do this, if somebody can download them and make them into one PDF file, I would not only be most grateful, but I will make them available for download alongside my books.  So, if you can, please send me the final PDF file by email or a link to download.

Your kind messages of support

I cannot even begin to convey to you how touched I am by your support and understanding.  And, of course, I do share your sadness.  Please forgive me for not having the time and energy to reply to each one of you!  But know that your kindness and understanding has deeply touched me.  Frankly, over all these years you all were my best friends, and I will miss you all terribly. This is why I am looking for options to stay in touch, albeit informally, with as many of you as possible.

Plans until March 1st

Before the final curtain goes down, I plan to do the following, God willing:

  • Record a video Q&A about any topics you want, including non-geostratetic ones like music, past experiences, books, you name it.  I will even answer (reasonable) personal questions.
  • Write a few comments for some specific subgroups of people I want to share a few parting words with.
  • I will still post guest posts until the very last day.

Lastly, my plans for this afternoon is to answer as many emails I can.  I apologize for the long time this takes me and for my mostly short replies, that is the best I can do right now.

That about it for right now.  I will be back soon.

Love to all




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