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0.01 At this time last minute information is coming out and we’ll go to Av Urbaneta, the See of the Executive Vicepresidency of the Republic. Marbelys Fernández will tell us all the details of what’s happening there. Marbe, go ahead, good afternoon.

0.03 Yes, that’s right, the Executive Vicepresident of the Republic at this time provides information of national interest that we share with you.

0.24 We wanted to share with the country important information of meetings that we have held this morning in the See of the Executive Vicepresidency of the Republic.

We had the meeting with Chancellor Jorge Reaza and the Vice-chancellor for latin America and held a meeting with the ambassador for Holland, who brought a diplomatic message from Holland related to the measures that President Maduro adopted yesterday on the islands of Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire.

We must remark that the diplomatic message and the meeting were given in the frame of absolute respect for the constitutional government of President Maduro and also in the public international law.

We also talked with the ambassador about the refineries that Venezuela has both on the island of Curaçao as well as in the island of Aruba and we have agreed on follow up conversations in the following days and review?? the resolution?? of this measure instituted by the constitutional president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro.

On the other hand, we have received the international contact group of the EU and the representative of Uruguay.

There, we were extensive on the frame and constitutional content of Venezuela. The articles that are the foundation of our institutional work, our rule of law, the rightful authorities of the country, only one president, well we made a full review to let the EU know, to clarify any unknowns that any EU country may have about our constitution.

Indeed we saw that they even mentioned former Venezuelan constitutions and not the current constitution.

So we provided absolute clarity and light on the fundamental articles of our constitution.

2.45 We equally dismantled what the farce, the show of the humanitarian aid for Venezuela means.

We also highlighted what the principles and purposes of the UN letter are. How humanitarian aid happens, in what instance it proceeds, the humanitarian aid. We gave very clear examples; I’d like to retake some data that the president gave yesterday to our country on what the social program of the local committees for supply and production mean where a box of food is delivered to 6 million families.

They are announcing a humanitarian aid, they have mounted a big show in Cúcuta on the border with Colombia only to justify a military intervention in Venezuela. And they have announced that they have 9 deposits loaded with 200 metric tons of food, medicaments, well they include combs, towels..

But we showed what one day of CLAP (Supply and Production Local Committee) means for Venezuela.

In one day we deliver through CLAP and popular organization 298,609 boxes, which corresponds to 4,479 metric tons per day; this supposes the mobilization of 149 GANDOLAS (lorries) per day.

Countered with the new lorries that they propose and have the big show mounted where already Venezuelan terrorists begin to arrive at Cúcuta and they have foreseen the arrival of U.S. extremists to stress this farce, this circus.

Well, we have done the contrast of what this humanitarian aid means, the big scandal on Venezuela, it barely amounts to a 6% of the CLAP that we deliver in one day.

But, I will continue, if we compare with the month of January 2019, last month, we delivered 19,256,878 CLAPs, which correspond to 138,853 metric tons and we add to that other social food programs as the program PAE??, then we’d have 182,701 metric tons in the month of January.

For this logistics, we require 6,090 lorries. The other ones, the poor 9 lorries that they are offering as humanitarian aid, this immoral and hypocrite coalition that pretends that they bring the solution for the Venezuelan people in 9 lorries. This represents the 0.14 % of what we deliver through the CLAP in one month.

But in the year 2018, to finish all this, these numbers which are very clear and overwhelming, 119,822,821 CLAP boxes were delivered; in metric tons: 1,797,343 against the 260 metric tons that they say is the great solution for Venezuela and that dictator Maduro won’t let enter the solution and the aid for the poor people of Venezuela; here in the CLAPs is the dignified response of the model of Bolivarian Socialism facing what is one of the worst criminal blockades against any country which is being committed against Venezuela doing it through illegal sanctions and the financial and commercial blockade.

7.02 For us, to guarantee this distribution, almost 60,000 lorries were utilized to make sure precisely that the food would reach the whole national territory.

60,000 lorries against the 9 that they have in Cúcuta to bring the great solution for the Venezuelan people. A huge farce, an enormous hoax against our country that seeks to ridicule what the mechanisms of humanitarian aid really are for those countries which have had natural catastrophes or have an internal armed conflict, and therefore the application of the right to humanitarian intervention with very precise characteristics in the framework of the UN, in a strict application of the law which must be neutral, impartial, that mustn’t have a political purpose like in this case where they seek to overthrow the constitutional government of President Nicolás Maduro.

8.12 A clear political objective which is the change of regime in Venezuela, that’s the only thing they seek, the government of President Donald Trump.

Now I’m going to ask for a video, which is one more evidence that the real aim of the US government is the Venezuelan oil. Venezuela is the country with the largest oil reserve in the planet, with one of the largest reserves of gas, an energy superpower that they pretend to asphyxiate and drown so they can keep our natural resources ad infinitum.

I’m going to ask the video of an ex-FBI director of the US where he says textually words of Donald Trump that one must make war with Venezuela who is right here in our backyard because the country has oil. The video please.

“The president says to the briefer that he wants to have war with Venezuela, and this is in 2017. “Yeah, the president’s remarks in the hall were along the lines: why we are not looking at Venezuela, why we are not at war with Venezuela, they have all the oil and they are right on our back door, so I can’t put myself in the president’s mind, I can’t say how clearly crystal how clearly his intent could crystallize, but these were comments that caused us deep concern.”

9.45 What does Donald Trump’s government really want? Venezuelan oil, told by an ex director of the US’ FBI.

They took the masks off, we have arrived at that hour when Venezuela is going to defend her legitimate right to her territory, her resources, to guarantee the Venezuelan people’s dignity, because they are in the mind set to take our oil away and attack our country with their own particular goals and here there is, we have to say it, an extremist right that allows itself to be used for Venezuela’s intervention and is currently on a coup d’etat to guarantee these perverse goals of interventionism on our motherland.

I wish to recall what the supposed humanitarian aid of US has meant in humankind. Each time that the US says we are going to bring humanitarian aid is for attacking, to start a war, to bring violence, death.

11.00 Please I want the video where ex-president Bush talks about Iraq’s humanitarian aid.

“We will bring to the Iraqi people food, and medicines and supplies and freedom.”

So, there it is, we’re going to bring food, medicines, supplies, and liberty. And what did they bring to Iraq? Destruction, creation of terrorist groups that caused well, terror, violence in all that region, that’s what they brought, one million dead. And after they beat their chests, some government presidents who had supported Iraq’s invasion, to say: We were wrong, there were no mass destruction weapons in Iraq. But there was a war there, over one million Iraqis died in that war.

11.58 So this show, this hoax, this circus that they are mounting with the agreement of another clown like Ivan Duque, what they seek is perversely, the intervention of our country to take our resources.

In this sense we manifested to this international contact group our concern for what is being assembled; they are seeking a grave provocation, a false positive as president Maduro has denounced in repeated opportunities. They seek a false positive that justifies the provocation and the intervention of Venezuela.

Fortunately, this Saturday 23, what will be on the border is the delivery of CLAP to the poor in Cúcuta, a journey of health for the attention of those hundreds of thousands who are denied of health in this country, because health is private, education is private, there is no attention nor programs directed to vulnerable sectors of our sister republic of Colombia.

We’ll also go with a concert, a concert for peace to tell Donal Trump: hands off Venezuela. A concert of love, encounter, fraternity and well, of much hope and much future for our country.

13.17 We also wish to inform just like the venezuelan chancellery has shared with the country through an official communiqué, that yesterday they made contact with Puerto Rican authorities, with the government of Dominican Republic to manifest our concern regarding the supposed arrival of US special forces to these countries with a view to a provocation against Venezuela.

It is to alert, we want to alert the international community of these perverse plans; we’re sure they won’t happen, they won’t occur, but we’re obligated to denounce it as such.

14.06 Well, an important announcement is that we have handed a list of medicines and food that Venezuela needs for the current year, complete. For the order Venezuela spends annually no less than 4,000 million dollars (4 billion in the US) even in the worst moments of the economic siege, the financial siege, as we informed the EU representatives, that liquid resources of Venezuela that were disposed for the payment of medicines and foods were frozen in banks in Europe.

Well, we have delivered a list for technico-humanitarian assistance through the UN that the EU can utilize and even in case that they may not be in this capacity because we know that the amounts are very high, Venezuela is even willing through financing mechanisms to pay for this technico-humanitarian assistance.

Venezuela has a historic cooperation with the UN international agencies, like the PNUD, the FAO, la UNICEF, la OMS (WHO), the OEPS.

In the last 4 years we have had cooperation with them through these agencies for an year amount of nearly 54 million dollars.

15.32 Well here is a mechanism. it’s a peace mechanism, it’s a mechanism respectful of international laws through the technico-humanitarian assistance that we could receive or finance through UN agencies.

Finally, we wanted to make a very grave denunciation; product of the plundering that Venezuela is being victim of in its enterprises in the US, a survey should be done to the world capitalist class, the investors, what do they think of this plundering of an international investor in US territory where the right to defense is denied to us, but something still worse: those fakes that go around with the humanitarian crisis discourse have denied the resources that PEDEVESA through the Simón Bolivar foundation and SIRGO?? destined and directed annually to meet oncological and renal patients’ cases, mainly children, they have refused the payment for them to continue to be looked after in hospitals, and already in different countries in the world these patients who were under PEDEVESA’s protection are being evicted; unfortunately we have one deceased in Brazil and we have grave cases of lung transplant, cancer and renal transplant that have been already warned that they should leave the hospitals’ medical centers. All this why? Because that government denies PEDEVESA a license to be able to destine those resources for payment of a social program, this one yes humanitarian, very human framed by what is the Bolivarian peace diplomacy.

Well, this way it remains in the open that what is being tried is a circus, a great show, as our president has pointed out, to use the local lackeys, to use local coup mongers, who doing violence to our constitution as we let know the EU international contact group and Uruguay, pretend to show themselves as the great solvers of Venezuela’s problems.

17.54 The great solution for Venezuela? Lift the criminal blockade against our country, financial, commercial, economic.

At least in the following hours let’s try to save these patients’ lives to whom the right to health and recovery is being denied. At least let’s try, let’s call up the conscience of a ruthless, inhumane government, that we know doesn’t even care for its population.

So we keep on working, the Bolivarian peace diplomacy, providing results, the constitutional president acting and defeating the coup d’etat in Venezuela, that from now we say to them: you have failed. Mr Donald Trump, you have failed in the coup d’etat in Venezuela and your puppet’s project is another political failure.

Thank you very much.


Part of the declarations of the executive Vice-president Delcy Rodríguez, who initially made reference to the diplomatic message that Venezuela received from Holland in which it recognizes the unrestricted respect to constitutional president Nicolás Maduro Moro; it also made reference to a meeting that she had with the European international contact delegation in which all that has happened in Venezuela was also dismantled and called it a show on the part of the north American government. All this they did in the framework of the Carta Magna. It’s based on the Bolivarian republic of Venezuela’s constitution.

She also remarked and evidenced through two videos how the real intentions of the north American government are to grab the venezuelan oil and made reference to the supposed humanitarian aid that she called a show of the 9 lorries that they pretend to enter in the Venezuelan people and made a comparison with one day of the attention that local supply and production committees give in which are used 149 lorries of food.


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