by Dr. Warrick for The Saker Blog

This is the middle of my 76th trip around the Solar System and a whole lot has happened since my 1st trip. The biggest must be the Nuclear Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. WWII and The Great Patriotic War ended shortly after and since then the USA has engaged in disastrous wars on the Eurasian Landmass and all of them were lost (more on that later). The next disaster was the National Security Act of 1947 (NSA of 1947) which created the CIA that was supposed analyze and co-ordinate all Intelligence gathered by the US government Intelligence apparatus. It also created the National Security Agency (NSA), which does Communication and Signals Intelligence. Initially NSA had branches in the Army, the Army Security Agency (ASA), which I served in, and the Naval Security Group (NSG) for sailors and Marines its own branch under Department of the Navy. Their Command Structure is under the NSA, not Department of the Army or the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO). The Army Air Force later became the Air Force and their NSA branch was the Air Force Security Service (AFSS). The Head is NSA is a three-star General or Admiral and the best one since my entry into ASA in 1968 was General William Odom. The best Assistant Director was General Michael Flynn who warned President Trump a few days after the 2016 election of the Democrat Party plot to devise the Russiagate Collusion Hoax and destroy his Presidency. General Odom was Army Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence from Nov. 2, 1981 thru May 12, 1985 and in 1984 was promoted to Lieutenant General. In 1985 he became director of NSA until he retired in 1988.

The Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) is the director of the CIA, and his primary duty is analysis and co-ordination of all Intelligence collected by the newly created US Military Establishment that came out of the NSA of 1947 and present it to the newly created National Security Council (NSC) which is headed by the President. The members are the Vice President, the Secretaries of State, Defense, and the secretaries of Army, Navy and AF. Chapter 15, National Security, US Title 50, War and National Defense contains all references to War and the CIA and it contains a Bomb and its Fuse ready to be lit to ignite a War. The whole concept and character of the CIA is in subsection 403(d) which lists the five Powers and Duties of the CIA and they are as follows: 1) Advise the NSC, 2) make recommendations to the NSC, 3) correlate and evaluate and disseminate all intelligence relating to National Security, 4) perform what the NSC feels should be done centrally, and 5) TO PERFORM SUCH OTHER FUNCTIONS AND DUTIES RELATED TO INTELLIGENCE AFFECTING THE NATIONAL SECURITY AS THE NSC MAY FROM TIME TO TIME DIRECT. This was the Bomb and Fuse that created a SECRET GOVERNMENT, or as Fletcher Prouty calls it in his book, The Secret Team, which is a mandatory read to understand the hidden danger the CIA is to our Freedom and Liberty. This provision is why America has been in the Perpetual War of/on Terror since the illegal invasion of Afghanistan since Oct 6, 2001.

One more detail, and that is how the structure of the CIA was put together by William Donovan of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) under the direction of ‘M’, the director of Britain’s MI-6. MI-6 which had agents in the British East India Company, a CORPORATION (ie; a Person according to a disputed 1886 US Supreme Court decision) who provided intelligence and direction to the Prime Minister in the best interests of those CORPORATIONS. This is the heart of the Deep State. The Deep State had tentacles in every country of the British Empire and some that were not, many tentacles in Parliament, the House of Lords Judicial system, government ministries and on and on, plus especially all the Banks, the corporations they finance, their Boards of Directors, CEOs etc, etc. This provides a way for them to do everything from starting wars, overthrow leaders of any country they don’t like (Color Revolutions) and block any legislation they don’t like, for example, the War on Iraq (GWII) and our Global War on Terror (GWOT) as described by Professor Michael Chossudovsky, director of the Center for Research on Globalization. They create Presidents, Prime Ministers, members of Congress, Parliments, Central Banks which are privately owned (those Corporations) and invade countries that have National Banks instead of Central Banks which they create and own. One day after the War on Libya started, the Deep State created a Central Bank of Libya taking the place of Libya’s National Bank that Qaddafi was using to create a unified National Currency for Africa, the Gold Dinar, out of the control of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) in Basel Switzerland.

The Deep State has three divisions or components and is best visualized as a Venn diagram that is layered like an onion into “Rings within Rings”. I have just described one section above, another is the ‘Money Power’, Wall St, the Federal Reserve, the City of London, the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and the Bank of International Settlements, located in Switzerland. This is why Switzerland has been the everlasting Neutral country, so the Deep State has access to all the money.

The third component is made up of Secret Societies such as the Freemasons, which has members in all governments, corporations, Military and meets in Lodges (yes, they do meet in rooms) and this is where the ‘rings within rings’ structure comes from. The outside rings don’t have any idea what goes on in the smaller and smaller rings. The members in the central ring, just 6 or 7 people, .0000001% of the World’s population, control and direct those in the next ring and control and direct those in the next and so on. The function of the Secret Societies is discipline and punishment (ie; Blackmailing, killing) those who get out of line or just look like they are getting out of line. This section also has Semi-Secret societies (created by the Secret Societies) such as the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatam House, the Council on Foreign Relations, and hundreds if not thousands of Tax Exempt Foundations, and all of them run the government, and the other two components of the Deep State. Another member of this third section are criminal organizations like the Mafia and they run the Drugs, prostitution, pedophile rings (which are used to control everyone in all three rings which Catherine Austin calls ‘Control Files’), and any and all criminal operations.

With all of this in mind, it is not hard to understand how illegal wars, Color Revolutions and most importantly False Flag operations and assassinations “Just Happen”. The other thing is the origin of the Deep State that is trying to carry out ‘Globalization’, end Nationalism, borders between countries, large groupings of former countries into things like the EU. They want to balkanize Russia (fat chance, Never, Never, Never march on Moscow) into 4 regions from which the Deep State can extract Natural Resources. This can never happen because of the China-Russia Geostrategic Alliance which is in the process of planning the complete Integration of the transportation, trade, economics, and communications of all of Eurasia from Lisbon to Vladivostok that began with discussion and planning in 1996, and resulting in a formal agreement between China and Russia in 1999. They control the Land, (do a search of Pepe Escobar and Eurasian Integration to see 15 years of his articles and videos on it) therefore a Land Invasion of Eurasia is required to take control of it away from them. General MacArthur told JFK when he and Robert researched what was then called, “The War in Indochina”, “Never get involved in a Land War in Eurasia”. This is evidence of the absolute, complete and utter stupidity of the US/NATO Cold War Strategy, devised by the Deep State, for ‘containment’ of Communism with US and British Naval Superiority. They wanted to ‘contain inside a cordon a 5,000 year old country that built a 5,000 kilometer Great Wall, plus a 15,000 meter network, to keep out the “barbarians” and a 1,031 year old country that built fortresses, AKA KREMLINS, also to protect themselves from Barbarians. This is why Cecil Rhodes’ dream of ‘The New World Order’ a World Government run by the ‘Exceptionalist English speaking Nations, Britain, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand’, AKA ‘the Five Eyes’ cannot ever happen. Logic and thinking however, has never been a forte of The Deep State, so time after time they do things that are completely stupid.

So now we can see why all these wars since 1945 to now, all of which have been lost, got started, lack of thinking and logic. The Korean Conflict, the War on Vietnam, GWI, GWII, the War on Afghanistan, the Wars on Seven countries in Five Years/Oded Yinon Plan that have been going on since The Crime of Sept 11, 2001, and why the assassinations of President Kennedy, Charles DeGaulle, Malcom X, Reverend Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy, John Lennon and Jon Jon happened. All of them were obstacles in the way of all these wars and the NWO. NATO presence in Eurasia was required for Cecil Rhodes and his financier, Nathaniel Rothschild to bring about this New World Order (NWO). HW Bush mentioned the NWO in his speech at the conclusion of Desert Storm in 1991. It has been mentioned by various people since WWI such as Henry Luce, Sergei Lavrov, Joe Biden and many others. So what did the Deep State do? They assassinated all of them and started these wars by means of False Flag Events, which are the NWO go to method to start wars.

Three of the assassinations HAVE BEEN SOLVED. The Shot from The Grassy Knoll was witnessed by Ed Hoffman who had a perfect view of the Grassy Knoll from where he stood on the Bridge over the Triple Underpass. His disabilities saved his life because if had been able to tell the FBI what he saw, he would have been dead before morning. The witness to Dr. King’s assassination wasn’t so lucky. He was a cab driver and picked up a customer behind the Lorraine Motel at the time of the assassination. He WITNESSED THE ASSASSINATION. The shooter was picked up immediately by a Police Car, so he thought he had been caught so he called his dispatcher immediately to report the news. Later that night he somehow fell out of his cab while driving a customer across the Arkansas River. William Pepper who was King’s lawyer did a 20+ year investigation and defended James Earl Ray in a mock trial in 1999 which heard 70 witnesses over a couple of weeks. The jury took all of an hour to acquit him. Robert’s assassination was solved by Dr. Cyril Wecht, the dissenting pathologist on the Medical Review Board of the JFK assassination, and Dr. Thomas Noguchi, LA Coroner who did the Forensic Autopsy of Robert. He proved the shots were fired from behind the RIGHT SHOULDER and the KILL SHOT CAME from about an inch from the Mastoid Bone, thereby ruling out Sirhan Sirhan as the assassin. He WAS IN FRONT OF ROBERT WITH Rosey Grier and Rafer Johnson on top of him trying to get the handgun away from him. Robert was still alive so he was taken to the hospital by ambulance. The Neurosurgeon treating him called the top rated Neurosurgeon in the Country for advice on whether to ‘take the bullet out’, a bullet that was shattered into multiple fragments scattered about in the right Frontal, Parietal and Temporal Lobes. The advice was, “don’t operate, treat with high dose prednisone to prevent brain swelling” (this I know from personal knowledge of the Consulting Neurosurgeon’s companion who was on vacation with him at a Hunting/Fishing Lodge in Canada). Of course, the Neurosurgeon operated and Bobby died. I also knew Paul K. O’Connor, the Chief Autopsy Technician for JFK’s autopsy, who witnessed the Body arrive behind the Bethesda Autopsy Suite in a plain shipping casket and a Body Bag. It came in a black hearse and was brought in by men wearing surgical scrubs. There is a gate behind Bethesda Naval Medical Center that connects it to Walter Reed Army Hospital. Paul said “There was a huge hole in the back of his head and there WAS NO BRAIN. The implication of this is that there was a LOSS OF CHAIN OF CUSTODY OF THE BODY BECAUSE THE Secret Service STOLE THE BODY FROM the Parkland Hospital ER at GUNPOINT THEREFORE THE HUMES AUTOPSY CANNOT BE USED IN ANY LEGAL PROCEEDING. This violated the law that mandates all murder cases and unexplained deaths MUST HAVE A FORENSIC AUTOPSY in the county where the Death occurred, but it totally negates the Warren Commission Report because of its dependence on the Humes (Non)Autopsy. Think about that for a couple of minutes, the chain of custody of the body in the most important assassination in US and Modern History WAS LOST. This fact has been airbrushed out of History.

Every November I go to Dallas for the JFK Conference run by Judyth Vary Baker, who went to Bradenton HS in Bradenton, Florida, where my wife, Sally was born. She was a year ahead of Judyth and was a reporter for the school newspaper. Judyth was a Microbiology Prodigy who was able to do things that NIH couldn’t do and was sent to important scientific study programs while still in HS. Sally and Judyth both ended up entering the University of Florida (UF) in the Fall of 1962. Judyth’s dream was to become a Doctor and cure Cancer. The Microbiology Faculty knew all about her past achievements in Microbiology as did Florida Governor George Smathers, who intervened when the semester was over and sent her to New Orleans to be the lab assistant for Dr. Mary Sherman of Tulane Medical School who was developing a Cancer virus for the CIA. The virus came from the Kidney cells of Green Monkeys from Africa and Simian Monkeys from SE Asia (SV-40 Cancer causing virus), both of which are said to be the source of the HIV Virus. The Salk Polio Vaccine and the safer and more effective Sabin that came later was grown in the kidney cells of these same Monkeys and have caused the epidemic spread of Breast and Prostate Cancer that began in the ‘70s. For the full story read Dr. Mary’s Monkey by a friend of mine, Ed Haslam, and Me and Lee by Judyth. Both are available at Ed’s website,

President Kennedy, and Robert, in their research on the Indochina War, as it was called in the ‘40s and ‘50s, consulted with Douglas MacArthur in the 1950s. He told them to “NEVER GET INVOLVED IN A LAND WAR IN ASIA”, so he wrote a Directive not long before his untimely Death, to pull out the Advisers, all Special forces who also were in the CIA, in stages, some before the ’64 Election and the rest after the election in ’65 and ’66. He also planned on getting rid of LBJ and picking a new running mate. LBJ was director of the mechanics and the people for the assassination in Dallas and was equivalent to God in the State of Texas. LBJ rescinded to pullout order the day after JFK’s funeral. Three months before the ’64 Selection came the Gulf of Tonkin False Flag. This resulted in The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution that LBJ used to start the War. The War on Vietnam was not a war as much as it was an OCCUPATION, an unprovoked invasion of a Country that posed no threat to America, and the murder of 2 to 3 Million Vietnamese citizens. It had no resemblance to WWII and the GIs and Sailors soon began to see through this lie of a threat to America and began a Resistance Movement, Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) in 1967. There were more than 300 Underground Newspapers in US Military Bases from Vietnam to Germany, there were more than 40,000 AWOLs and Desertions. By ’69-’70 soldiers began refusing to fight, Sailors sabotaged Air Craft Carriers and other Warships to prevent Deployment and sabotage the War effort. At one point there were five Air Craft Carriers that were to be sent to SE Asia undergoing repairs unable to go anywhere. VVAW led the Anti-War Movement that forced the end of the War. This had never happened before in History. The closest was The Christmas Truce in 1914 but that only lasted one day and was squashed immediately, and “Operation Valkyrie” when dissidents in the German Military tried to assassinate Hitler to end the war. They had a big demonstration at the 1972 Republican convention in Miami which the FBI’s COINTELPRO unit tried to sabotage by arresting and indicting 8 groups VVAW members such as The Gainesville Eight. The FBI lost all eight cases in ’73-’74. VVAW marched thru Blue Collar neighborhoods populated by WWI and Korean Conflict Veterans in Miami. Gonzo Journalist, Hunter S Thompson of Rolling Stone Magazine marched with them. He wrote an article about it and said it was the most vicious, hostile crowd reaction he had ever experienced, and this included Dr. King’s September 4, 1966 Civil Rights March in Cicero Illinois. Since the April 30 1975 end to the Occupation, there have been more suicides of Vietnam Veterans than deaths from combat, (58,220) and they continue to this day. Participation in an Occupation of a Country does severe damage to the Conscience resulting in Moral Injury. The same thing is going with GWOT Veterans and the VA Medical System has been unable to even slow down the suicides, now occurring at 22/day. VA Psychiatrists and Psychologists are not permitted to recommend Medical Marijuana in states that have legalized it for Medical use due to Federal Laws against it. GWOT Veterans formed Iraq Veterans Against the War (there have been several name changes since) at the Veterans For Peace August 2004 National Convention in Boston but have been unable to stop the War (Occupation). There are two reasons that explain why, the All-Volunteer Military which ended Conscription. The Volunteers then think they can’t refuse to participate because they volunteered. This prevented the rapid growth that VVAW experienced but there plenty of AWOLs and Desertions. Help groups for them formed and continue to this day. The other is the Psychic Trauma the American People sustained from the Sept 11, 2001 False Flag and the Anthrax Attack that came less than a month later by the Deep State so they . Young People volunteered in droves, Military Recruiters descended on High Schools like Vultures to sign up these young kids for all these wars. It has been 18 years since this Evil Crime by the Deep State that needed it to put the Military Forces of Anglo-American Empire in the Middle East, to gain control of Eurasia. They also need overthrow of Ukraine’s Government on Feb 22, 2014, the country required to control Russia, the Heartland. I don’t know how many millions of deaths there have been in these countries since October 6, 2001.

All of this brings up the question of who was behind the Crime of Sept 11, 2001? It all goes back to the same thing, Military control of Eurasia for the Deep State and plans for World Government. So, how were our Veterans regarded by the American Public? There were no Parades down 5th Avenue in 1953 or 1975. Korean Veterans were said to have been “Brainwashed” by the evil Chinese communists, Vietnam Veterans were said to have been “Spit on when they got off the plane in San Francisco”. This myth was started by a war comic book in 1982. On its face the myth is false because returning Veterans were processed out at Army, Navy and AF bases there. They flew home from the civilian Airport nearest to where they processed out. Prior to 1982, no one had ever said Vietnam Veterans had been spit on. Jerry Lembke, in his book, The Spitting Image, destroys this Myth, and explains the same spitting story appeared in Germany after WWI, the soldiers were “Stabbed in the back by the Generals”, just like Vietnam Veterans who were “Stabbed in the back by the Press”, and French Soldiers, also “Spit on and stabbed in the back’ after the collapse of French Colonial Forces in Algeria. WWII Veterans were the “Greatest Generation” in 1945. The Korea Veterans and Vietnam Veterans were not called “the Greatest”. Vietnam Veterans were aimless ‘Hippies’. However, due to the Psychological Trauma from the 911 ‘attack’, which was an obvious False Flag designed to enable the Deep State to invade and occupy Afghanistan followed by the Oded Yinon/7 countries in 5 years ongoing occupation of multiple countries have been deemed “Heros” even though returning Veterans after returning one or more deployments are suffering the same things, thousands of deaths, many thousands more with multiple missing limbs, blindness, suicide rates of now 22 PER DAY, homelessness, committing domestic and being victims of spousal abuse, after coming home from all these countries after causing millions of both civilian and military deaths, ongoing terrorism and bombings are “Heros” instead of being called ‘Hippies’, lazy, etc, etc. This is what MSM Propaganda, the framing the narrative of “protecting us” from evil (Muslim) terrorists who “Hate our Freedoms” and the Psychological Trauma of a False Flag attack designed to start illegal wars. They had signed up in droves to get revenge on Muslims. Soldiers called them “Rag Heads”, “Sand Niggers”, they tortured them, but that was only “A Few Bad Apples”. The Deep State wanted to have their New World Order and a World Government that Aldous Huxley, former MI-6 Agent reveals in Brave New World. One more thing I want to add is that both he and George Orwell were Whistle Blowers in the same way that Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange and all the other Whistle Blowers before and since. The real Deep State/Empire is no different than the Empire of George Lucas’ six-part movie series, Star Wars, and to be quite clear, we are/were neither “Heros”, “The Greatest Generation” nor, aimless “Hippie losers who were the first generation to lose an American War, we were VICTIMS, used and discarded after these evil, Regime Change Wars by an evil Cabal of criminals who want Power and don’t give a damn about us, and the majority of Americans haven’t a clue about all of this.

Dr. Warrick with one of the “Green Men Occupiers of Crimea”, with a little girl and her cat in June 2016

Dr. Warrick was born in December 1943 and grew up in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, graduated from Central HS in 1962, Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 1966 with a Degree in Business Administration, worked in the Accounting Field until May 1968 when he entered the Army Security Agency. Discharged in December 1971, he changed Professions to become a Family Doctor after obtaining another Degree, this one in Psychology from Temple University in 1974 and then entered Medical School at the University of Pennsylvania for his Doctor of Medicine. In 1978 he moved to Gainesville Florida for the UF Family Practice Residency and finished in 1981. He was an Independent Practitioner for a year and entered Private Practice in 1982. He was in Private Practice from then until January 2005 when he joined a Multi-Specialty Medical Practice. He retired on June 30, 2015. His hobby is Open Source Intelligence Analysis which he learned how do from his time in ASA. He joined Veterans For Peace on Jan 15, 1991 and is a Lifetime Member.


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