Angelo Zachos from Urban Miner Jewelers, a long time Saker Supporter and generous donor, has this interesting commemorative item.

I will let him do the introduction :

We are proud to present the worlds first and only 1 ounce pure silver Vladimir Putin commemorative coin. Designed and crafted over a twelve month period this coin is a masterpiece of workmanship. Made to honor one of the worlds foremost statesmen, this beautiful coin will make a wonderful addition to any coin collection. The front of the coin features a portrait of Vladimir Putin and is emblazoned with a ribbon of Saint George, the reverse carries an intricately detailed Russian coat of arms and silver purity stamp. Made in a brilliant mirror finish this coin glimmers like only mirror finish silver can. Add this wonderful and limited edition coin to someones collection today.

The Putin commemorative coin is minted with one troy ounce (at least 31.11 grams) of fine .999 silver. This coin was commissioned specifically by UM Jewelers.

You can obtain this item directly from Urban Miner Jewelers 



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