By Scott Humor

As a story goes, back in the nineteenth-century, a Paris opera house decided to stage a play with insults towards Russia and its monarch, Alexander I. He sent his diplomat to talk to the theater administration and asked them not to stage this sort of Russophobic production; they refused, saying that the French were enjoying freedom of speech and could insult Russians all they wanted.

Alexander I contacted the French government and asked for assistance to buy all the tickets for a premier. “We are coming to watch this play,” he wrote to them. “Myself, and two hundred thousands of my best men. I can assure you that they are all excellent critics of the French theater.”

The next day after the French government got his letter, the play was canceled.

Those were the good old days. Not that much has changed since then.

First it was the Ambassador Matthew Rycroft, UK Permanent Representative to the United Nations with his speech on the situation in Syria.

He did not care to mention anything about the Syrian and Russian militaries fighting the most vicious terror army in history (Daesh). He said, instead, that they prepared an opposition to install as the government of Syria. He went from blaming a chemical attack on the Syrian government, to saying that they are ready to immediately install UK-approved government agents. He didn’t say a word about who would be fighting with the Daesh terrorists, if the elected Syrian government were to be toppled.

He failed to explain what would happen to the Syrian army and to millions of Syrians who elected Assad as their president, and to those who just escaped the horror of living under the Western approved “opposition.”

Next, the British representative proceeded with attack on Russia: “Russia’s initiative in 2013 to dismantle Syria’s chemical weapons has been exposed as a shambles. Russian pride in the Astana process has been turned to humiliation. And Russia’s credibility and reputation across the world have been poisoned by its toxic association with Asad. They have chosen to side with a murderous, barbaric criminal, rather than with their international peers. They have chosen the wrong side of history.”

Thank God that Russia is not on the side of the globalists.

Then it was Safronkov’s turn to responded to Rycroft’s speech. He delivered his famous “Don’t you dare insult Russia,” speech

April 12th, ‘Don’t you dare insult Russia!’: Moscow envoy chides UK counterpart at UNSC meeting

The Russian mission to the UN website posted a transcript of his speech in Russian.

The full speech of Vladimir Safronkov starts at 1.10:09 with an English voice-over, by C-SPAN


As you can see, it’s a comprehensive and justifiable response to the attempts of the Western governments to smear the Syrian government and by association, Russia, with a war crime that by most accounts was an orchestrated false flag operation.

The hysterical outburst that followed Safronkov’s speech was carried out by the regular globalist media outlets like Interpreter magazine, formed by Khodorkovsky-Soros, and now, since Khodorkovsky got afflicted by some mysterious disease, run by the Voice of America editors. Forgotten Kasparov churned in, and an entire slew of liberal publications in Russian that would be a waste of your time to list.

They all ignored the entirety of the speech and concentrated on Vladimir Safronkov asking the UK representative to pay attention, since he was the author of the draft resolution. Liberals also found as unpalatable the simple demand of the senior Russian diplomat to stop insulting Russia. After all, they have built their careers and livelihoods on doing just that.

On April 14, Sergei Ryabkov, a Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, was asked to comment on Safronkov’s speech and he said as follows:

“It’s very strange to hear from our Western colleagues who month after month and  year after year take pleasure of exercising in insulting remarks against Russia and its policies. Eventually, time comes when we need to send a serious emotional signal to try to bring out from a state of political zombification all those who sit with us at one table in the Security Council and in the Executive Council of the OPCW, otherwise nothing else works. “

According to Ryabkov, representatives of the Western governments should start thinking about their behavior: “Speaking on the matters brought out in the Deputy permanent representative Safronkov’s speech, he said exactly what was required in this situation. I assure you, he can speak in several languages, and he measures the degree of diplomatic courtesy depending on the situation.”

The Kremlin spokesman Peskov, also supported Safronkov by saying: “Nothing offensive was said. Manifestations of the spinelessness are fraught in the future with deplorable consequences. Therefore, it is better to defend the interests of our homeland today, and, if necessary, in a rather tough manner.”

To me, as an observer the situation went as follows:

The UK envoy to the UN prepared a draft of a mock resolution calling for a tribunal over Syria, before conducting any investigations over what we all know was an orchestrated false flag attack.

The UK’s draft resolution was phrased in a way that named Russia as “conspiring” with the Syrian government to conduct chemical attacks on Syrian citizens. It was written in such an insulting, derogatory manner towards Russia that it would be treason for the Russian delegation to agree to it.

Knowing full well that Russia would block this resolution draft, the Western Media was waiting to initiate the deafening smear campaign against Russia. Even before April 12, they started saying that Russia would veto the UK drafted resolution, “because Russia with [the] Syrian government [are] committing these crimes.”

What happened on April 12 is an illustration that our diplomats knew about those plans and anticipated them. One can only imagine how they felt the moment they received the UK draft resolution for a review. It was a trap. No matter what Russia would do about this resolution, it was a losing position and absolutely devastating PR for Russia.

For those who still don’t understand what has just happened: they (deep state, globalists, the CIA and their mercenary terror army) were staging multiple chemical attacks in Syria since 2011, and they dragged two US warships to the Syrian shore to demonstrate how serious they are about going into Syria. They concentrated troops in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia ready to go at once and to attack Damascus and to capture and execute Assad for alleged use of chemicals to mass murder people, just like they did to Saddam.

We know that Saddam never used the chemical weapons. We know that he never tossed babies out of incubators. The CIA and their special ops troops used chemical weapons that they brought first to Libya then to Syria and Turkey, on the same ship that they used for the team of the US Ambassador Stevens to set up a CIA headquarter in Benghazi.

They set up their movie production crew called the White Helmets, because they love to capture on film their crimes everywhere from France to Ukraine to the Middle East. The plan after murdering Assad is to go and erase Syria of the map, because Israel needs more territories and Western allies need a dry land corridor to go deep into the Eurasian continent and attack China, India and Russia.

They set up everything. The circumstances were beyond dangerous with NATO starting to bomb Syrian and Russian troops. At this moment a Russian diplomat’s speech stopped them in their tracks. It was like stopping and knocking aside a rouge train bearing at all of us.

What Safronkov has done was a military maneuver: he left the security of his diplomatic cover, wearing the Russian flag colors on his tie; he exposed himself to enemy fire with his own guns blazing, and, without giving them a moment to regroup, lead a successful assault on their positions.

Was he successful? Judge for yourself and search for ‘Russia vetoes the UN resolution of the use of chemical weapon in Syria.’ All you can find is that Safronkov said, “Don’t you dare to insult Russia!” 

They couldn’t go any further with their diabolic plans and they still can’t. They are regrouping now and we all know that they will attack again. They will never stop voluntarily, unless they are defeated. I pray for all those innocent lives that were taken by this international cabal.

That’s how we should view Safronkov’s speech in the UN Security Council. It’s a Russian officer’s warning to globalists: “Don’t you dare insult Russia!” a statement with which the majority of the Earth’s population agrees. At this moment, people are fed up with unprecedented hysterical Russophobia orchestrated by Western globalists.

Think for a moment what would happen to the limited group of Russian troops in Syria, if the so called Arab-NATO-Israel alliance would attack them following their provocative resolution.

It’s not farfetched to assume that after destroying Syria, the Western coalition won’t be satisfied with just the Middle East drowning in blood. The Western governments would also bomb into dust and mud the Russian union and Eurasian union members. If they are not stopped, they will destroy every single nation on earth.

Instead, however, everyone now is talking about the Russian diplomat smashing into pieces a space lizard looking creature that goes by the name of Matthew Rycroft. Instead of hearing every minute the bellicose statements of a retired NATO generals about “Killing as many Russians as we can,” we watch videos of an enraged Safronkov repeating over and over again, “Don’t you dare insult Russia!”

Brilliant. Simply brilliant! This was a pure diplomatic genius move. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

The following day the Kremlin issued its approval of Safronkov’s speech voiced by the government spokesman Peskov. It was followed by the approval issued by the deputy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

I considered the matter being closed and done, and filed it as another decisive victory of Russian diplomacy.

As it turned out, prematurely, because our enemies couldn’t simply accept their defeat. Imagine them loosing this carefully orchestrated multi-step special operation against Russia and Syria, which started with a false flag attack, proceeded with two the US ships bombing Syria and attacking Syrian government directly, for the first time during their six year war against Syria.

Imagine the majority of their missiles not even being able to reach their targets. They pull their wits together, which isn’t much, and proceeded with a rising wave of diplomatic and political attacks against Russia, and all of this hell and fury suddenly came crushing against one determined Russian officer.

I love Vladimir Safronkov. He singlehandedly defeated all of them. He really needs our love and support now, because the Evil Empire turned around and attacked him. He became their personal enemy.  I truly hope that he will be defended by our people.

The Russia’s diplomats push against globalists’ attacks didn’t stop there:

On today’s Security Council meeting, deputy envoy Vladimir Safronkov criticized the obviously hastily and sloppy-written draft resolution on the chemical attack in Syria. Instead, we offered our own, short, business-like draft aimed at staging a real investigation, instead of appointing those guilty before the facts are even established,” the Russian UN envoy’s press secretary, Fedor Strzhyzhovsky, said.

Everything went well until about a week later; the following is a pure speculation of mine based on facts, and I am writing this for a sheer love of my country, and for my desire to preserve its peace and prosperity.

A week after Safronkov’s speech, “news” broke across the neo-con funded liberal media that Velentina Matviyenko, a Russian Parliament Chairwoman, reportedly talking to a Moscow University professor of Constitutional law, expressed her dissatisfaction with Safronkov’s actions and wanted his superiors to punish him.

Reportedly, she expressed her dissatisfaction with the Russian diplomat’s speech, while talking to Avakyan Suren, a Professor, Head of the Department of Constitutional and Municipal Law at Moscow State University and one of the founders of the “Constitutional Culture” International Analytical Center” foundation (CCIAC)

“The “Constitutional Culture” International Analytical Center” foundation is a non-commercial and non-membership organization created on voluntary contributions of assets of individuals and (or) legal persons to pursue scientific, educational and social goals.

The foundation conducts its activities based on the Civil Code of the Republic of Armenia, the RA Law “On Foundations,” and is governed by the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia, Legislation of the Republic of Armenia, International Treaties of the Republic of Armenia, international legal acts related to the activities of the Foundation and this Charter.”

I can see how a citizen of one country can be a constitutional scholar for another country, but what I don’t get is why some extracurricular activities of Avakyan Suren involve instructing students in the social engineering of how to organize the opposition locally and how to make it powerful enough (very similar to the movements that destroyed the Communist party and subsequently the country.)

“Maybe we should try to unite people at their place of residence?” He asks.

Why doesn’t the Lomonosov Moscow State University recognize the fact that if a professor of Constitutional law teaches his students how to violate this constitution, he, by definition, is not suitable for his job? Just like a doctor who euthanizes his patients instead of treating them for minor cuts and bruises wouldn’t be suitable for his job.

So, when he reportedly approached Russia’s parliament Chairperson during the conference and told her that he found Safronkov’s speech to be at the level of a lower rank military officer, she, reportedly, agreed with him and said that she contacted Safronkov’s superiors (Lavrov, allegedly) to take measures against the diplomat.

Vladimir Safronkov’s diplomatic rank is equal to an army general. He is a career diplomat, with experience working in the Middle East and North Africa. In the 90s, while working in Tunisia he was an advisor for the Liberation of Palestine organization. He worked with the Syria chemical weapon disarmament agreement.  He speaks Arabic, French, and English.

Remarkably, Valentina Matviyenko didn’t express any dissatisfaction with Safronkov immediately following his speech. On the contrary, she waited for eight days, an eternity in politics, to publicly denounce him and publicly say that she contacted his superiors about him. Meanwhile in these eight days, she made a three-day visit to Saudi Arabia, leading a 15-member Russian delegation.

They arrived in Riyadh on Saturday. The delegation included eight members of Russian parliament, in addition to seven officials. She wrapped up her three-day visit on Monday April 17. The same day, the outlet for the undemocratic murderous Saudi regime propaganda, Asharq Al- Awsat, published an article with an eyebrow-raising title: “Russian Parliament Chairman: Saudi Arabia is Our Main Partner.”


As the third person in Russian politics, Ms. Matvienko should know that it was  Saudi Arabia, together with the Obama administration, who orchestrated an oil glut in 2014, to bring the Russian economy “to its knees.” According to their own wildly publicized admission, they had gone so far with a singular aim to orchestrate the “color revolution” in Russia against President Putin and his government, for the US and the EU to take power in Russia in order to neutralize the Russia’s military for NATO to attack the country and to “kill all the Russians.”

The Saudis oil war had cost Russian taxpayers a trillion of dollars in lost revenues. This was money that people would have had in their pensions, and lower food prices, and higher salaries, if it wasn’t taken from them by Saudi Arabia. I have not heard anything about the Saudis reimbursing the Russian taxpayers for all the money they lost due to Saudi Arabia’s hostile actions. Without this, I cannot imagine how the Russian Parliament Chairwoman can possibly call Saudi Arabia “Our Main Partner.”

Saudi Arabia has been instrumental in the terror war against Russia in Chechnya and in the war on Syria. The very same war that Russia is spilling its blood and treasure trying to bring to an end.

If you don’t believe me, listen to my old pal, the Kulak: “The Saudis are definitely not Russia’s friends. No matter what deals have been negotiated in the oil realm, they haven’t been kept.”

The statement that Saudi Arabia is “our main partner” must tremendously alert Russia’s true ally in the region, Iran.

It is virtually impossible for Matviyenko not to know all this, unless, of course, by saying “our” she meant someone other than Russia.

Following her much publicized statement concerning Safronkov’s speech,  Matviyenko said that “The US treats Russia as a toxic country.” “They made our Ambassador to the US “toxic,” she announced this at the meeting of the Scientific expert Council on Thursday, April 20th.

We are very interested in contacts with Congress, we did a lot of attempts of different kinds and of different formats. Now Russia is «toxic» and our Ambassador is «toxic». He has been immersed in such vacuum that if someone talks to him on the phone and greats him somewhere at the reception, the person gets immediately blacklisted; that’s the atmosphere in the US today.”

She didn’t mention the Russian mission at the UN this time.

That the Russian parliament was “very interested in contacts with Congress,” and that they made “a lot of attempts” to contact the US congress is news to me, since President Putin himself repeatedly said that Russian government won’t negotiate lifting of sanctions.

It almost looks like Matviyenko and other members of the Duma conduct their own  brand of foreign policy behind President Putin’s back.

The situation with Russian diplomatic missions across Asia and the Middle East is completely opposite to the one in Washington. Matviyenko herself visits Middle Eastern countries frequently and with reported success. One would think that getting the cold shoulder from the crumbling Anglophone empire, shouldn’t be at any concern for Russia.

To understand why Matviyenko got so irate with Safronkov and the staff of the Russian mission to the UN, let’s look at what she considers to be her successful visits:

Matviyenko visited Israel on February 3th, 2016 to discuss the cooperation between Israel and Russia with regards to Syria and signed, along with the Speaker of Israeli Parliament, Yuli-Yoel Edelstein, a cooperation agreement between the Knesset and the Russian Federation Council.

After signing the agreement, Matvienko and Edelstein held a work meeting with the participation of MK Tzachi Hanegbi (Likud), the chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, and MK Robert Ilatov (Yisrael Beitenu), who heads the Israel-Russia Parliamentary Friendship Group.

“Russia and Israel are united by the fact that they both do not accept the falsification of history, glorification of accomplices of fascism, and denial of the Holocaust,” Matviyenko said.

During her visit, Edelstein rejected the notion of Russian assistance in Palestinian peace process by stating: “As Prime Minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu has already stated, Israel has no restricting conditions for the launch of negotiations. Russia can assist and promote negotiations, but it seems odd to me that a country located so far away needs to help, while our close neighbors are not helping in the negotiations.”

Matviyenko spoke about the cooperation between Israel and Russia and said she was pleased with the “mechanism that was created during the meeting last summer between President [Vladimir] Putin and Prime Minister Netanyahu with regards to Syria.”

“We are conducting dialogue with Syrian organizations, but we will not allow the transfer of weapons to an organization that wreaks destruction and death,” she stressed.

It’s not immediately clear what “organization” she was talking about.

As I am writing this, news just broke out that Israel attacked and bombed the portions of the Syrian army that is fighting shoulder to shoulder with Russian troops to defeat the international mercenary army known under the code name  the “Islamic State.” Considering that Israel one of the major sponsors of Daesh, it would be interesting to know what exactly organization Matviyenko meant when she was quoted by the Knesset website.

In September 15, 2016, Matviyenko met with Edelstein another time. They met on the sidelines of the European Conference of Presidents of Parliament in Strasbourg.

In 2016 Matviyenko was instrumental in the organizing for Russian taxpayers to pay the pensions of former Soviet citizens who had emigrated to Israel.

After arriving back to Moscow from her visit to the Saudis, Matvieynko didn’t stop at attacking Safronkov and issued a public statement that, I am sure, blindsided many good people.

Russia is not trying to keep Syrian President Bashar Assad in power at any cost, but opposes a forced regime change, Russia’s upper house speaker Valentina Matviyenko said Sunday, following meetings with Saudi officials.

This is not the first of her statement aimed seemingly to sooth the Saudis and Qataris worries. In December last year, while visiting the UAE, for the forum of women speakers of the parliaments in Abu-Dhabi, she said, “We don’t even talk about the participation of the Russian federation, of the Russian troops on the ground in Syria. We had declared this from the beginning.”

As the Kremlin spokesperson Peskov said this week, that all the questions about the deployment of Russian troops have to go to the Ministry of Defense.

She is known in the past to say something like “I am not a revolutionary type, I don’t support “forced” regime changes.”  However, here she is calling the Saudis “most important allies” and canoodling with a professor who calls his students to organize against the government.


I must admit that I never paid much attention to Matviyenko before and just assumed that she was an instrumental part of President Putin’s team. But her attacks on the Russian diplomat, who demanded from the Western powers to stop insulting Russia, told me that she is not what she seems, and that she is conducting her personal brand of foreign policy.

The Ukrainian-born is the third government official in the country after Putin and Medvedev being a Chairperson of Russia’s Federation Council.

Matviyenko, her married name, started her inexplicable career as a member of the Communist party “nomenclatura,” as the First secretary of the Communist party of Leningrad. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union she dipped her toe into the diplomatic services by becoming firstly an Ambassador to Malta (1991–1995), and then to Greece (1997–1998). In 1998 she was appointed by Yeltsin (who else) to be the Deputy Prime Minister for Welfare; later she was elected as a gubernator of Saint Petersburg.

One of the most interesting periods of Mrs. Matviyenko’s life was the five years she worked as an Ambassador to Malta, at the time when the Soviet Union was being pulled apart. She was appointed there by the globalists to supervise something. It’s important to find out what exactly she did there, especially in the light of the recent revelations involving a battle of the Pope of Rome with the Knights of Malta, the Templars, and the Freemasons. 

After the appointment of Matvieynko by Medvedev was announced, she was congratulated by Sally J. Novetzke, the former US Ambassador Extraordinaire to Malta at the time Mrs. Matviyenko worked there, and left a comment for this article back in 2011:  “I am so proud and thrilled for Valentina. We served together as Ambassadors to Malta in early nineties and we became friends. I have had no address for her so I am very thrilled for her and she deserves it and the bests. Ambassador Sally Novetzke.”

As a former democratic party apparatchik and the political appointee as an Ambassador to Malta, Mrs. Novetzke should know that congratulations to a public official are made to his or her office and usually no need to advertise them in some Chinese newspaper, unless this was a hidden threat or a coded order.

If you know what’s going on there, feel free to comment, and while you are at it, please, remember to contribute to The Saker. We are not funded by any government or non-government organizations. We exist with the support of our readers and our personal resources. For many ways to help us see here.


In 2014 the US and the EU commenced a full-fledged economic war on Russia, a war that included economic and political sanctions on some Russian businesspeople and politicians. Valentina Matviyenko was named among them.

The way it was phrased on the State Department website:”In response to the Russian government’s actions contributing to the crisis in Ukraine, this new E.O. lists seven Russian government officials who are being designated for sanctions.  These individuals are Vladislav Surkov, Sergey Glazyev, Leonid Slutsky, Andrei Klishas, Valentina Matviyenko, Dmitry Rogozin, and Yelena Mizulina.”

We don’t know how much money and properties the US government illegally stole from Matvieynko. It could be nothing, or it could be a lot. There were rumors that her son, who made a fortune of about $100 million in banking during his mother’s tenure as gubernator of St. Petersburg, has been losing lots of money ever since she left. He was pushed out or was forced to resign from the banking and from some mega building projects.  As early as 2007, he lost a multi-million dollar development project in Estonia after being blacklisted by the Estonian government. This year, however, Sergei Matviyenko staged his return to big business.

One can imagine that Matviyenko is extremely irate about the money and properties that she has reportedly lost in the U.S. due to the sanctions. She might even erroneously attribute her loss to the policies of President Putin, and not to the Western governments’ ongoing war on Russia as a country and as a nation.

She might not even care, who knows?

Her unexpected and unnecessary demarche against Safronkov for his selfless and courageous stance for Russia in the face of our mortal enemies has confused and saddened all of us. Considering that until very recently, Russia had on diplomatic service people who were the embodiment of failure. Take for example an Ambassador Viktor Chernomyrdin, who had served as envoy to Ukraine from 2001 to 2009 and supervised a dramatic collapse of relations with this alienated by the West Russian province.

The timetable of her actions makes this even more peculiar. The fact is that she lashed out against the Russian diplomat ten days after his speech and shortly after she returned from her meeting with the Saudi king, where she appeared wrapped into some truly bizarre green shimmering floor length parachute and matching green babushka. On a video she looks ether imperial, or submissive, I can’t decide.


We already know that the Saudis have some kind of mysterious supernatural power over  female politicians. Just recently, we all had the pleasure to observe another powerful woman, Hillary Clinton, behaving in the same exact manner, especially after she had received reportedly $500,000 worth of jewelry and about $10 million contribution to the Clintons’ foundation, which wasn’t a bribe at all. Matviyenko, for example, was seen wearing a $26,000 timepiece.


As for Safronkov, after his decades of work for the liberation of Palestine, and his work with Iran and Syria make his chances to be liked by our sworn enemies to be less than zero. I would even venture to say that Safronkov has no chances to be liked or given jewelry by the Saudi king.

To the politicians who live in glass houses, to those masters of universe wannabes who serve the globalists: don’t you dare to attack Russian officers! They serve our Otechestvo, not you. As God is my witness, if you attack a Russian military officer, a Russian security or intelligence officer, if you attack a Russian diplomat, we will go after your hollow political careers, we will use our analytical skills to dig out and unearth your political dirty underwear, and we will expose you to the entire globe.

Harm a Russian officer, and you will never wash the stench of your treason off.  They put their lives on the line for us, people. They serve Russia. They don’t serve you.


Scott Humor

Director of Research and Development

author of The enemy of the State

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