I have been getting questions about Ukraine, and what’s next… Either people don’t read my posts, or they ignore everything I write. I could keep writing the same thing, but it’s gets boring and I want to finish writing a very interesting book. A month ago I mentioned that Washingtonian neo cons’ Ukro project is done, and that the US and EU abandoned it and returned it to Russia, warts and all. It doesn’t matter anymore how this fascist cesspool is getting fermented, what bubbles up and what startling noises it produces. It’s going to continue its contained fermentation for some time until Russia decides that time is up and starts clearing it all out. Mutants in Kiev have lost their big sponsors in Washington, and the EU tries to distant itself. The war that Junta’s military have forced on Donbass will change nothing, but the fate of those war criminals involved .

If you want to hear about what’s next not from me but from experts, here some translations and interpretations of posts from Cat Motja  and Andrey Manoylo, professor at Moscow University and member of the Security Council of the Russian Federation. He describes the general situation right, but makes wrong conclusions, because he fails to understand that Putin is always right.

Manoylo, for whatever reason, calls the agreement between the US and Russia
the Molotov-Ribenthrob pact, even though it’s obviously a wrong name. Cat Motja calls it “Yalta 2,”  and that’s a name I will use now on.

This is what Andrey Manoylo says in brief:

Europe is trembling in realization that the US and Russia came to some kind of agreement. On March 23rd, Kerry came to Moscow carrying a briefcase, making it a point to show that he came with some kind of a “deal.” The deal itself is still under covers, but everything has been already decided between the US and Russia, and behind the backs of the EU and other American “allies.” It’s possible that the world has been already divided between two centers of a new multipolar world. It’s possible also that there is a new line in Europe that divides these two spheres of interest.  Judging by the reaction of European elites that suddenly became frantic, like a disturbed ant hill, the deal is practically done and agreed upon. At this  point the US tries to trade toxic properties like Ukraine for something else, like permission from Russia to stay in some way in the Middle East. Ukraine and Syria have been two battlefields between Russia and the US, and our opponents now realize that our power is far greater than they could take on.

The US doesn’t recognize the sovereignty of European countries. Washingtonians treat the EU like a semi-colony that they do with what they see fit. It’s not known for now, what countries will be in Russia’s sphere of interest. Most likely a part of Balkans. Most likely the Baltics. NATO is trying to increase its presence there, but we understand this demonstrative increase as an attempt to raise the price of this “property.” In essence, since Russia cut almost all trade deals with the Baltic countries, their economies tanked. Their situation is getting more and more desperate. The EU destroyed the agriculture and industries that they inherited from the Soviet Union. Now, NATO is turning the Baltics into one military camp, a militarized zone. If Russia will refuse to “buy” it, the US will at all probability just hand them to Russia at the end. The Western elite tries desperately to maintain an appearance of business as usual, when we all know that after the deal is done, everything changes.

Possible scenario: The Baltic regimes are extremely hostile to Russia. They will use presence of NATO troops for provocation. Russia will respond with ab serious warning and protest. The US will say that NATO is not for participating in provocations, and not for fighting with Russia, and will withdraw. They will simply declare that it’s Russia’s turn to maintain stability in the region.

Now there is covert work being done to realize the deal. Any knowledge of this will start a panic. For now everything is quiet, because the US “allies” think they will get some kind of piece of the pie. In reality, they are the pie.

The Truth in Journalism newspaper (a link above) promises more of Manoylo revelations in the days to come. You can try yandex.ru translator to check on what I omitted. I want to add something that Manoylo missed, is that Russia’s sphere of interest comes with mutual respect for national sovereignty of all parties, and combined economic power of Russia, China, India, Iran and Kazakhstan, and also the large part of the Middle East. It comes with exiting projects of the Silk Road development, rebuilding Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Ukraine. And other small and mega projects. The US sphere of interest includes signing up for TTIP, replacement of locally produced products like French cheese and wine with American made.  If you prefer GMO over organic food. If you don’t see any difference between Saint-André brie and  supermarket American brie, otherwise known as “the Brie You’re Buying at the Supermarket Isn’t Really Brie at All” and if you think that Swiss chocolate is the same as Hershey confections made with “real chocolate taste” from sour milk that makes you gag, then you’re ready to live in the American sphere of interests.

I will write more about the principles of the new world. But the most important are as follow:

  1. Color revolutions will not be allowed. At the end of 2014 Russia and China sided to work on this. No one will be able to come and topple the national governments and loot the countries and to destroy economies. The financial channels used to accumulate and transfer those funds are being dismantled.
  2. Interests and opinions of Zionists and pro-Zionist lobbies will not be taken into consideration any longer. No one listens to neo-cons screaming, for example, about “horrible” “evil” Iran. The world just went on ignoring them and sky has not fallen yet.
  3. As I write this, the US is being squeezed out of Europe and Asia, economically. Mostly it’s being done by China and local businesses standing for national interests. Pindostan (Russian name for America) will be allowed to trade with its neighbors, Canada and Latin American countries. Trade here is a key-word. The US won’t be allowed to organize any more color revolutions and “regime changes.” It’s time for Americans to learn how to earn their living. How to work for money, like Russia, China and India have done.

The way Cat Motja phrases it, is that inhabitants of Pindostan have to start learning how to earn money, and must abandon their ways of looting, pillaging, coning and robbing other nations. They will have to start working to earn money, like Russia, China and India do.

Don’t pay attention to all those senseless frantic relocations of NATO tanks, and also to all those statements that NATO would never surrender and never admit defeat. They are all just ritual dance to detract public attention from the last stage of the Third World War (Hybrid). This is the last stage, after that we will witness the complete end of this war.

Afghanistan has been handed over entirely to Russia’s sphere of influence, American military bases notwithstanding. Negotiations are now underway to separate good Taliban from bad Taliban. Good Taliban has been fighting against American occupation, and bad Taliban has been fighting against the Afghan people to perpetuate American occupation and to protect the American heroin trade.

See, Russia to stop regarding Taliban as terrorists if they meet national reconciliation conditions

Historically it was an unwritten rule that when the US puts its boots on the ground of some innocent country that was it. This country was considered to be under the American sphere of interest that no one dared to challenge. Now, there are still American military bases in Iraq, but the Russian military are in Iraq now, also. They’re conducting their business right in front of Americans, who watch Russian military officers  working there and they can’t do anything about  this. Americans literally went speechless, when Russians arrived one day with their polite, nonchalant manner. And now Afghanistan…

That’s why you hear every day some bizarre new statements made by retired and semi-retired members of the US military community. They are having conniptions. They want to say something, but they know that their opinion just doesn’t matter anymore.   That’s why the presence of the US military in a country like Afghanistan  doesn’t prevent anyone from being there also. Anyone who wants to be there is there right now from Russians, Chinese, Persians troops to some lonely “desert fighters,” some mysterious autonomous brigades from Syria and Lebanon, and so on.

See, Attack on NATO troops by Romanians dressed in Afghan uniform

Americans tried at some point to “sell” their withdrawal, but Russians presented them with a bill for losses that Russia suffered as the result of American sponsored heroin and opium trades.  After seeing this bill, Americans shut their pie holes, and started their retreat with solemn faces. Afghan elite, even its part that was paid by the US, has completely abandoned their former “ally” and has paved a road to Ramzan Kadyrov’s door.

See, Kadyrov: Afghan Vice President Teared Up Over Peace Progress in Chechnya

Americans, of course, in due course, tried to yell, and scream, and use false flag attacks to blame Taliban fighters. All for nothing.

South Africa categorically refuses to have anything to do with Pindostan, because wants to survive very much. A general opinion is that after the liberation of Libya, South Africans together with Italians and Chinese will help Libyans to come to their senses and start building new a African coalition.

Russia’s envoy to the UN Vitaly Churkin at an informal meeting of members of the Security Council on the situation in the occupied Palestinian lands, said that the Palestinians needed international protection. He said this in a way that it’s clear that Russia is organizing this protection, and when the moment it right, you know….

After Palestine is recognized, we should expect a huge  case from the International Criminal Court. They collected wagons of materials that documents Israel’s crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide. These materials were collected by not just Palestinians. We will watch a huge show of how from perpetual victims, Zionists are being revealed as ceaseless executors.

It’s  very interesting how mass media owned by Zionists will report the reality. They have already started to do some groundwork, some spin of reality, especially in Russia. After decades of defecating on Russia and Russians, they “suddenly, come up with “documentaries” falsifying reality into the opposite direction.  They are trying to get prepared for this strip-search of their deeds. For example, Yakov Kedmi, a notorious Mossad agent, Zionist, and an active participant in Ukraine’s anti-government putsch, came up today on Russian TV with a movie about “heroic Mossad” recruiting neo-Nazis for “universal good.”   You do understand why today before the Victory day, why Kedmi managed to make his way into Russian territory and on Russia’s national TV channel?  Because they’re desperately trying to avoid a St. Bartholomew’s Day for Zionism, the day when we will start publishing huge amount of evidence of their cooperation with Nazis.

That’s why THEY have already  started shaping public opinion in terms  that this co-operation was done exclusively for universal good. We have to believe them, don’t we?

Especially after they took on calling us “orthodox bitches.”

Video of Poroshenko telling Ukrainian businessman Vadim Novinsky “Are you accusing me of something? Don’t you wear a cross? You, f… orthodox bitch, go to…(slur)”

and this one,

Boris Albertovich Filatov is a Ukrainian politician, journalist, lawyer, businessman, and the current Mayor of Dnipropetrovsk.

He tweeted about Oleksandr Vilkul, a Ukrainian statesman, former Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine,:

We will burn this out of you with hot iron.

Zoological anti-Semite Vilkul called me “Baruch” on the Holocaust memorial Day.

Me. My dad’s last name is Filatov, my mom’s last name is Fedorova.

remember you, orthodox bitch,  “Jew” is sound of pride”

Somali is becoming ours also. Kadyrov and Republic of Chechnya are in a process of delivering food and medical supplies to  Somali. Draught and following torrential rains have destroyed 90% of crops and entire herds of the country’s cattle.

Akhmad Kadyrov Regional Humanitarian Foundation

has already delivered 350 tons of food and bringing more directly to starving people situated in refugee camps on the border with Ethiopia.  It’s 150,000 packages each contains canned meat or fish, rice, sugar, and other food. This humanitarian relief is organized directly under the supervision of Russia’s Ministry of International affairs. According to the local authorities, this help is significantly more, than help provided by the entire structure of the UN and also by the neighboring Arab countries. Packages with food are being handed directly to the suffering people, and not to middlemen as practiced by the US and UN. The Foundation calls for the countries of the Persian Gulf, all Arab countries and all the Muslims to help with relief efforts. It’s unethical to spend trillion dollars on wars, while right here every day thousand people starve to death.

Obama is seriously stalling the delivery of fighter jets to Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain.

Neo-cons have been already manufacturing calls, complaints, and threats that if it’s not the US, then mean Russians will deliver the “goods.” BUT… Obama is suspiciously quiet, and considering that the US needs money right now, is saying something.

Israel has found itself in a very peculiar situation, On one hand, Obama took them for a ride. On the other hand, they defecated hugely on Russia and Putin’s efforts to rebuild the country. That’s why they have no chances to find any understanding they need right now from both sides.

Right now they are in a state of dreamy self-delusion, hoping that a new “good” president in Washington will stand for Israel like there is no tomorrow. They refuse to understand that a new name is not going to change anything about the situation. Pindostan will be recovering for decades, if, and it’s a big IF, it stays as the same entity. Many have doubts.

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