Dear friends,

Since many of you have asked for it – here is the transcript in 3 languages:


It would be very helpful if some of you could make transcripts in other languages.  If you do – please email me the link to the transcript, or send me the text, and I will post them here.

Many thanks and kind regards,

The Saker 

UPDATE1: here is the download link for the Italian text in three formats (ODT, RTF, HTML):

UPDATE2There is an important error in the translation: at 16:53, the subtitles say “we did not capture any regional administrations”. They SHOULD say “we were not THE FIRST to capture any regional administrations”

UPDATE3: here is the download link for the Serbian text in TXT format:

UPDATE4: CubuCoko has formatted both the English and the Serbian transcripts for ease of reading, fixed some minor spelling and grammar errors, and corrected for Update 2.

Serbian version is here, and the English version here

UPDATE5: The Portuguese translation is now available here: 

UPDATE6: The Polish translation is now available here:

UPDATE7: The Spanish translation is now available here in ODT, TXT, RTF, HTML and PDF formats:

UPDATE8: The Dutch translation is now available here in DOCX format: 

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