Dear friends,

Good news!  In the same spirit which makes me write a weekly column for the Unz Review and which makes me post weekly contribution by Alexander Mercouris from Russia Insider, I have made an agreement with the folks at the Greanville Post: they will be regularly posting my articles on the GP and I will regularly post their articles on the blog.  This is a very informal arrangement – nobody is under any obligation and, in fact, in the past we have already been doing so without any type of agreement at all.  I do, however, feel that this type of “cross pollination” between very difference voices of the resistance against Empire is very important because it creates a sense of community.  Sure, we already have a vibrant Saker Community out there, but I hope that our community can further reach out and participate in the creation of a wider community of very different people united by their opposition to the Empire.  I think of this notion as a “resistance network“.

A good symbol for a resistance network

A good symbol for a “resistance network”

Maybe it is because I play jazz, but I am convinced that a the mix of very different elements yield very original and beautiful results.  And, who knows, we live in difficult and even dangerous times, so we ought to help each other as best we can.

For all these reasons, it is a real joy for me to announce to you my decision to collaborate and work with the Greanville Post.  I hope that our collaboration will be productive and that all of you will benefit from it.   As the first step in this collaboration I have just posted an excellent piece by Patrice Greanville about the anti-Russian propaganda of the TV show “60 Minutes”.  I hope that you will enjoy this read.

Kind regards,

The Saker

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