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Comment by Anonymous
The dinosaurs that are in control of our nation are old and do not understand any other way of life other than vicious imperialism. They do not understand compassion, empathy, understanding, respect, or love. The world has been this way for thousands of years. We are attempting to transition from the old ways of conquering, war, domination, and enslavement into an entirely new dimension, but the Old forces are not allowing this transition to come easily. They are fighting with everything they have. They have full control over our nation’s mainstream media establishment, and furthermore they have full control over the world’s global financial system and how it operates. This gives them incredible power to get away with almost anything they want to get away with.The reality is that most Americans, and I agree with you it’s not right, don’t pay attention to what is actually going on in the world. They have their cars, their houses, and they don’t think too deeply about the world around them. For the have-nots, aka the poor, they are too disenfranchised and homeless or whatever to do anything about it. Nobody is united. There are only small groups, and small pockets of resistance here and there. Previous attempts to break this mold, which were led by John F Kennedy, and Martin Luther King, ended in assassination. Not enough people questioned the official narratives, at the time, surrounding these assassinations. Very few question the events of 9/11 and very few people take a look at what is happening outside of what the mainstream media is telling them. People’s needs are generally taken care of, and that’s all that matters to them.The only real hope now lies in the younger generations. Those who grew up with the internet. They are a little less brainwashed. They read alternative media. They have access to more information, and therefore, the truth. They are questioning things. They are angry about what is happening and what their country is doing. Furthermore, there is a growing sense amongst the general population that the “powers that be” and the mainstream media do not serve their interests. (Which is why Trump was elected). So I would not say that all hope is lost and the US is doomed to start WW3.Whatever you do, don’t give up. There is a growing awareness in the USA about what their country has become. People are tired, and pissed off with the status quo. It would take only a single charismatic leader, who can unite the people, an American Putin if you will, to completely change everything. The rise of such a leader, who could unite the tens of millions of those in the younger generations, who truly want change, and lead them against the forces of oppression and death, could change everything before you even know it. The empire will not be able to continue destroying nations when it faces a civil war in it’s main center of power (the US). This time is now fast approaching. I believe it must, and that it will happen. The alternative is that the Elite, who are desperate to hang onto power and avoid paying for their crimes against humanity, will start WW3 and we will all be forced to experience the horrors of a nuclear war. Then nobody wins.But that won’t happen. There is going to be a movement of true change in the United States that will be sparked when everyone least expects it, in what will seem to be the darkest hour for mankind. Just in time to save this “doomed” world. Believe it. It is coming.
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