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A year ago, on December 6, 2017, the defeat of the terrorist group banned in Russia, Islamic State as an organized military force was completed. And this must be tirelessly reminded to our Western so-called “partners.”

In the “post-truth epoch” that has come, not only physical events, but also the constant presence of information about them in the information space.

This is clearly seen in the history of the Second World War. We know who made the main contribution to its main and bloodiest part – the Great Patriotic War, but in the West, history books present the defeat of the Third Reich solely as a result of the actions of the USA and Great Britain. And on top of it all is polished by talented Hollywood figures like [Quentin] Tarantino, making pseudo-historical films about how people with good American faces smashed the Wehrmacht, and the surviving Jewish girl burned Hitler in a French cinema [2009 film: Inglorious Basterds].

For the above reason, it is important that they do not use the same tricks with the fresh victories of our country, which occurred practically online, and which the whole world saw. For example – with the victory over the terrorists in Syria.

On the Internet there’s plenty of maps where it’s easy to follow how the scope of influence of the banned group, ISIL, changed before the Russian intervention and after when our Aerospace Forces began to iron out the militant positions. And Special Operations Forces deployed spotters for accurate bombing coordinates, as well as Spetsnaz groups who arranged unpleasant surprises for the terrorists. The whole world admired the courage of officer Alexander Prokhorenko, who called in an airstrike on himself [and ISIL terrorists] near Palmyra, and the world heard the words of the pilot Roman Filipov who pulled the grenade pin [in front of Al-Nusra terrorists] and said “this is for the guys!” And in Syria itself, the actions of our volunteers from various subunits became legendary, which the media call “PMCs of Wagner”, “Special Forces from the USSR” and other big names.

They write a lot of fables about the volunteers, especially zealous in this are the liberal journalists. However, the result of the actions of the Russian Aerospace Forces in the air and of our volunteers on the surface of the land is obvious: ISIL actually had only one single center of resistance in Syria. Moreover, on the territory controlled by the Americans [Hajin pocket], who determine their participation in the emergence of a terrorist quasi-state, is not a secret for a long time.

The liberals are actively pouring mud on our troops and our volunteers, they sometimes talk about cripples who return from the war, sometimes about the “useless weapons” that the Russians are fighting with, sometimes about the money that the volunteers allegedly get underpaid for participating in the war. But the Western military experts are acting much more responsible. They analyze the experience of using Russian irregular formations in the Syrian war.

Here’s, for example, is a fragment of a report by the professor of the School of Management, Diplomacy and Strategy at the Israeli Interdisciplinary Center of Herzliya, Dmitry Adamsky, which was published with the support of the French Ministry of Defense.

Clip plays

“Moscow delegated most ground operations to its allies (that is, the Syrian Army), while PMCs (are meant to be volunteers) acted as a force multiplier and, in some cases, provided decisive operational superiority.”

Clip ends

Recently it became known that the odious director [Andrey] Zvyagintsev was going to make a film about the Great Patriotic War. Not a penny of budget money can be given to this liberal of course. It is better to give them to the director who will be able to realize the truthful scenario on the theme of the victory of Russian volunteers over the terrorists in Syria.

In this scenario, you won’t have to come up with anything. It’s enough to talk with the participants of the real events that took place, change the names of the heroes, give a dramatic story suitable for the movie format, and go ahead.

I think the film about how simple Russian guys went to save Syria from terrorists, and succeeded in this, would gain such a high amount at the box office that where will all of these year-round odd jobbers go, not to mention the anti-Soviets, liberals and mustached gentlemen?

If script writers and other creative people are subscribed to our channel, then maybe you would take up such a script, huh?


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