ISIS, jihadists, Kiev junta, neo-liberals, communists, and other small and large groups of agent provocateurs are owned by the same people. Every terror act against innocent bystanders, and every “attack on the opposition” is planned and executed by them.

When we hear “news” like “Chechens attack local NGO, “Russia’s most prominent rights groups, the Committee for the Prevention of Torture,” you know that thugs from this NGO staged this. I believe they have already done this twice before, by burning their cars and claiming that Chechens attacked them. It came to the point that they were asked to move out of Chechnya, preferable to Norway.

If memory serves me correctly, this NGO has been named as a foreign agent, since it exists on money from the US State Department and other funds. It is preposterous for the US, a country that tortures people with impunity, to finance groups of thugs to “monitor the legal systems” of other sovereign countries. My take on this is very simple: there has to be reciprocation. If there are no NGOs that are financed by Russia’s government monitoring the US legal system, then there should not be US State Department funded NGOs in Russia.

This new anti-Chechnya psy-op follows just a week after the previous anti-Muslim psychological operation, involving a “killer nanny.” Thank God for the internet, it takes a about a week for people in Russia to investigate every psy-op that are being organized by our mortal enemies, who are dead set to disrupt the peace and tranquility of the country.

On August 6, 2013 in the Russian town Pskov a young schizophrenic actor Sergei Pchelintyev killed a Russian orthodox priest Pavel Adelgeim. One year later, a court decided to convict him to psychiatric treatment in a hospital. The young man claimed that Satan told him to kill a priest.

On August 2009, the Bishop of Mogilevsky and Mstislavsky Sofrony was attacked inside the Tryoh Svyatitelei Cathedral in Mogilev (Belarussia). The Bishop survived. An investigation confirmed that the man who attacked the priest suffered from a mental illness, and was treated in psychiatric hospitals prior.

A violent attempt of a Maidan took place on May 6, 2012 on Bolotnaya Square in Moscow. The majority of arrested participants and ideologists, who came to the center Moscow to scream about how they hate us Russians, how they hate OUR president, and how they were going to kill us, the majority of those neo-liberals had medical records indicating that they suffered from severe mental illnesses. Keep in mind, that in Russia, mentally ill criminals are not being jailed like in the US, but treated in hospitals.

If we look at the epidemic of murders of the Russian Orthodox priests, Russian journalists and politicians, we can say that mentally ill people play here a very prominent role, because they can be easily manipulated by specialists and because they can get away with murder.

What do we know? On February 29th, a woman from Uzbekistan came out on the Moscow street holding the head of a child. The woman was arrested and charged with murder. Her medical records came from Uzbekistan indicating that she had schizophrenia, was treated many times in hospitals, and was divorced due to her illness.

Now, the Police have applied a possibility that this “nanny” communicated with a group of people, including specialists in psychological warfare. In other words, there is a probability that this “nanny” was told what to do this.

“Nanny” is being charged in the murder of a 4yo girl.

There is also a certain element of bizarre online accounts opened as if by the “parents” of the girl, but in reality by someone pretending to be her parents. They used a picture of a Chihuahua to announced the girl’s death. Screen shots from the fake accounts of the “parents” and “relatives” were collected and posted by this very respectable investigative journalist.

I won’t go into details here, it’s too tedious to explain how people put this puzzle together and came to this conclusion after combing some online forums, but it’s becoming obvious that a group of people has created an online social media accounts pretending to be the girl’s family prior to her murder. Just think about it, multiple fake accounts with the names of the girl’s relatives were created in the months prior to her murder.

Yet another tidbit of information is that the child had serious health problem. As rumor has it, it was the kind of problem that never goes away and makes life difficult and expensive for parents. There are multiple records indicating that parents had done everything possible to get her the best treatment. Allegedly, prior to the murder someone organized a campaign to collect funds for this girl’s treatment. The campaign was organized at the local stores, businesses, and on the local TV station. It appears that the girl’s parent didn’t know about this and never received any money.

However, someone acting as the girl’s “father” through a social media profile claimed recently that after his child’s death he and his wife have received a significant monetary contribution. The real parents didn’t receive anything, but these fake “parents” did. He/they wrote a public “thank You” note to someone named “You;” just like that with a capital letter, which is not done in the Russian language.

There are some screenshots of the chats that these fake “parents” were having with the members of neo-liberal anti-government clout. Judging by these chats, the “parents” discussed the level of insanity of someone they called “she” months prior to girl’s murder. “They” wrote that “she” might not be as crazy as “she” claims. Or, something to this accord.

Again, these are just insinuations and rumors that I’m trying to report to you. However, no one questions the “cui bono” principle. Who benefits from this murder and how?

It came to no surprise that the “killer nanny” has become an instant celebrity. The video of her interview from a Moscow courthouse was made by Associated Press News Video – APTN. Note, that she wasn’t wearing a headscarf during this interview and during the court hearing. She also weren’t wearing a headscarf on this photo of the underwater Western Christmas celebration. A picture allegedly was taken on December 25, 2013 in the Olympic Center in Moscow and posted by the “father” of the girl.

In case you have missed it. A fake “father” of a girl posts entertaining pictures of the “killer nanny” AFTER the girl’s murder.

The most interesting for me is to find out who is behind all these, to match faces and addresses with these actors.

The Associated Press immediately made the video of “nanny” interview available online, giving her a worldwide platform to speak her mind. And, of course, she hasn’t disappointed them. The American and European channels reported at least 1000s of times that the “killer nanny said that it was a revenge for Syria.” They failed to explain what connection this mentally ill person had to Syria.

The reaction of the neo-liberal press was predictable, it was “Putin’s fault,” Russia has to “stop the war on Syria.” This political statement of the “nanny” is a give away for a staged psy-op, and we can see NATO ears sticking out of this hat.

Predictably and right on cue, members of the Communist party and “Russian nationalists” took it to the street with staged anti-Muslim hysteria. Here, the graphics that the “protesters” used. It’s all graphic from an anti-refugee movement in the EU. So, we can see the Europarliament ears sticking out of this.

If graphic is the same, it means the organizers are the same as in Europe, so in Russia. Who would use the graphics and symbols of their opponents? No one.

Remarkably, how Communists forgot about their “internationalism” and started screaming about “separating” Russia from Muslims. We know that it’s an absurd demand. We have 20% Muslim population, not to mention the Near East territories of Russia including Uzbekistan. Not to mention our allies in the Middle East. We are going to give up none of these to jihadists, NATO and Saudis, a “killer nanny” notwithstanding.

We live in truly remarkable times. Everything is becoming known, and transparent and being revealed. All these people, communists and nationalists, and an agent-provocateur Strelkov-Girkin’s followers, have come out of the closet with one unifying political agenda: neo-liberal. Those who wave red flags, and those who wave Russian Empire’s yellow-black-white flags, and those who wave Ukrainian pale blue and yellow flags, and neo-Nazis with their black and red flags, all those so called internationalists, nationalists, and those who are liberals and pro-West, they all suddenly have united in one big neo-liberal agenda: isolate Russia, divide Russia into pieces, Russophobia, anti-Putin, kill Muslims, terror, terror, terror on all the Russians…

On March 6th, 2016 the news channel RT Russia Today aired the program In The Now. In this episode of the program, Anissa Naouai expressed unhappiness about the fact that Russia’s media, including liberal, said very little about the “killer nanny” in Moscow. Watch it here see video at 08:20.

It’s true, media in Russia informed people of what had happened, but didn’t turn this into a sick 24/7 freak show, despite of all the efforts by the Western and neo-liberal media.

The answer to Anissa Naouai’s question about why Russians didn’t go into a full blown hysteria, like they would do it in the US and EU, is that people smelled the rat.

That’s why.

Don’t get me wrong, I think very highly of the Russia Today. They are doing an excellent job, owning it to not a small degree to Margarita Simonyan. I am no refrigerator, I can’t keep secrets. So, I will tell you a secret. Armenians are fierce critics of Israel, Turkey, the EU and US. That’s why, when Russians feel that they can’t say something , they delegate Armenians to do it. See how the Russia-Armenia alliance is threatening Turkey and the US.

We know that the authors of RT’s shows enjoy their creative freedom, and if they have questions, we should be able to give them answers.

The most simple explanation for a cool reaction of the Russian society is that people see it for what it is, a staged provocation. Right now, many volunteers are investigating this psy-op and putting together this puzzle. We have to find out, who organized this, how they organized this, and possibly prevent them from organizing another murder like this.

Here the several points for you to think about:

1. Many videos of the “nanny” were taken simultaneously and from different points, including windows and roofs. All these videos were immediately uploaded to the Net. It looks like several people were positioned to take videos.

2. On February 29th, the RT took an interview with a bald man, who seemed to be chemically impaired, and who claimed to be a witness, a bystander. He said “I saw her coming from over there..” and nothing about being a relative of a victim.

3. Later that same day, an unknown news source called posted online their interview from the same man. He seemed to be even more impaired. he struggled to put together a simple sentence. There is another man, standing next to him and directing him. This time a man with a shaved head claimed to be the victim’s “uncle” and was saying: “It’s necessary to kill them. Not to put them to jail, but to kill them.”

This interview was reposted by a private TV channel REN.TV. REN TV is known for its great investigative journalism, so maybe they will come up with something interesting and revealing.

4. Now, everyone is asking who was this man with a shaved head who called himself a “witness” and an “uncle” but didn’t know the “nanny’s” name.

5. On March 6th, 2016 a video came out claiming that the murder was organized by the “bloody KGB” and that the bold man giving interviews was the “real murderer” Oleg Belov, who killed a year ago his six children and his pregnant wife. Oleg Belov was arrested and convicted. Essentially, this video claims that Belov was released from jail and was used to kill the girl.

6. Here is also an interesting research on the usage of images and video done by Nikolay Sverdlov.

He points out that article about the family with a picture of some girl was published by Andrey Malgin an hour before the online neo-liberal newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolec “MK.” The red flag here is that Andrey Malgin claims that he uses picture from MK, but posts it an hour before MK. Plus MK had a picture of a girl censored (blurred), and Malgin used un-censored image.

Now, let’s look who is Andrei Malgin?

Someone who claims to be a specialist in psychology, politics and history. Someone who is called a “liberal advertising/newspaper entrepreneur”, and lives in Italy. A member of non-existent “expert council with the Council of Ministers of the Crimean Republic.” A contributor to a Germany based think tank Global Affairs. The same blogger that famously claimed last year that Putin “vowed to kill internet.” I could say much more about this character, but right now what’s matter is that he and MK had the girl’s picture from the same source, and it wasn’t social media.

I also looked into a new site that was promoting the murder of a child –
1. No Alexa rating is available for this site

2. Who is
According to Whois
Domain was created on 2016-02-08. Just 11 days before the murder. Website Title ГлавNews – первый канал видео новостей [MainNews – First Channel video news] remember, that “первый канал” channel first is the official federal news channel.
The website is being hosted with IP Address on a dedicated server,
IP Location Germany – Thuringen – Erfurt – Keyweb Ag ASN Germany AS31103 KEYWEB-AS Keyweb AG. Registrant Org: Roman Melov. Domain name is registered with the US company, LLC. Contact email
Address: Registrant ID: CR231221771
Registrant Name: Roman Melov
Registrant Street: Lenina 32
Registrant Street: 3
Registrant City: Samara
Registrant State/Province: Samara
Registrant Postal Code: 443904
Registrant Country: RU
Registrant Phone: +7.9978967
The street address is fake. There is no Lenin Street in Samara. There is Lenin Prospect. The phone number for the domain is too short. The only similar phone number I could find in Samara belongs to the fake “Information company RAIKAN” (Самара). … +7 (937) 997 – 89 – 67. This company is registered at a fake address: Самара, квартал 10-й or Samara 10th District? What? Тell.: +7 (937) 997-89-67 under the name Фарходи Тухтаров Farhodi Tuhtarov

2. I did some research for “Roman Melov”

I found that Roman Melov is a software developer’s name (ether a person or an organization) that developed an Apple Store App called Navigation and Locations of MDPS (Police Scanners)

In the description it says that this app helps to avoid intersection cameras and police scanners. It’s also a tracking device. So, someone who has this app on their phone can be tracked at all time. This app can be also uploaded to someone’s phone without their knowledge. This app is being distributed for free in Russia, Belorussia and Ukraine.

This app makes it easy for insiders of a mercenary group or a terrorist group to track each other and to see where everyone is, and also avoiding the police. Comes in handy if those are armed terrorists being chased by cops.

This Roman Melov is a very productive person, he develops apps for Apple and he runs a news portal.

3. I did some research for a contact email for

Turns out that in 2011-2012 this email was used as a contact email for domain name nationalfront.rf Национальныйфронт.рф. You can see on a screen short that the second contact email for this domain is listed as [slur]

Telling isn’t it?

4. is a contact email for many different ventures:

Art House. Contact info. Phone. 8 (845) 250-60-50. Email. Address. ул. Чернышевского 120а, Саратов, 413028.

Роман Мелов | Planeta! – Россия , Саратов. Роман Мелов. Контактные данные: •
Projects – | Freelancer Bay…/29354… – Translate this page Author: E-mail: Categories: PDA/Handheld Programming Budget: $0.00; Time left: expired.

МДПС – Местоположение ДПС – Android Apps on Google
Rating: 4 – ‎249 votes – ‎Free … Interact, Shares Location. Offered By. M.W.. Developer. Visit website Email …

ООО Старт [OOO Start] – Закупки.ру – Translate this page ООО Старт. Компания: ООО Старт Специализация: E-mail: Телефон: 23-22-22. Адрес: ул. им. Чернышевского Н.Г. 89А

Judging by people complains about fake jobs, this company “Start” is a marketing scheme. They post job offers, make people pay money for training, and don’t hire them.

Also, Roman Melov was in 2011 Roman Maltsev
Roman Maltsev was running a magazine called “ArtHouse” for single people.

5. Right now this email is being used for Art House an advertisement agency and Art City Communication group owned by a women named Dergunova Svetlana Aleksandrovna

[Арт Хаус, рекламное агентство, ИП Дергунова С.А. Адрес:410028, г. Саратов, ул. Чернышевского, 120а Телефон: +7 (8452) 50-60-50 E-mail: ]

Yandex search results

Of course we have to be careful here, because “art house” is a very common name for a company, and Dergunova Svetlana Aleksandrovna is a common name also.
However, it looks like there is only one Dergunova Svetlana Aleksandrovna in Saratov. and she is hiring right now!
Представитель: “Будущее” / Дергунова Светлана Александровна. Регион: Саратовская обл. Город: Саратов. Телефон: +7(8452) 58-68-88.
Representative of company “Future” [Будущее] Dergunova Svetlana Aleksandrovna
Hiring for our office a specialist in trolling. Email:

In summary… A dynamic duo from Saratov takes a time out from app development and trolling and creates a news portal registered in the US and hosted in Germany. Eleven days later a horrible murder takes place in Moscow, 840km from Saratov. The same day, managed to be in Moscow with all their video equipment, to take an interview with someone pretending to be a relative of a victim, edit this report, upload it with a dozen more similar reports online. The very same day their report is being noticed by a leading TV channel REN TV reposts the interview on their channel making this brand news portal instantly known to the whole country and beyond.
If you think it’s chutzpa, it’s not. It’s a carefully planned and executed psy-op. All these people involved should be investigated by law enforcement as accessories to murder, and for terrorism.

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