Again, it is thanks to Alena Scarecrow that I can share with you a very interesting video about the biggest military exercise held in contemporary Russia: “Center-2015”.  In the Cold War years such a video would have been classified as “TOP SECRET” and western intelligence agencies would have paid a fortune to get it.  Nowadays, Russia has made a 180 and is showing a surprising degree of openness.

In this video you will see the kind of war Russia is preparing for: basically – a worst case scenario if Daesh supported by regional allies decided make a move into Central Asia or the Caucasus.  Or, if Russia has to move to protect Iran from a major attack.

I have already written about the “armored underbelly of Russia” and what this video shows are some, but not all, of the capabilities this armored underbelly can count on.  The truth is that if Daesh or any other force suddenly decides to tickle the Russian Bear’s putatively “soft underbelly” it will met with an amount of violence it can’t even begin to imagine.  The same goes for any Ukrainian attempt at attacking Russia directly.

A big THANK YOU to Alena for translating and subtitling this video!

The Saker

(please click on the ‘cc’ button to see the English subtitles)

Strategic Command and Staff Trainings “Center-2015”

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