by Non-Zionist Anglo Observer

The Saker’s excellent analysis on the position in Syria ‘after Paris’ poses several possibilities as to why Daesh appears to have a death wish, but frankly confesses to finding none of them satisfactory.

Under such circumstances, it is usually the best policy to eschew inherently unprovable conspiracy theories  (particularly since unrealistic ones do us all a grave disservice by potentially leading people to reject our points about the actually barely concealed and very real ‘conspiracy’ of the Anglo-Zionists and their allies to use Wahhabi terrorists as a weapon of foreign policy).

Better, I would suggest, to reach for the simple razor this predictive text stubbornly refuses me to allow to name!

Because Daesh told us what their game is (at least as far as their fighters and middle managers believe) when they called their online magazine ‘Dabiq’. It’s exactly as if a group of Christian End Time  heretics named their propaganda organ ‘Armageddon’.

The thing to understand is surely that we are not dealing with rational, materialistic human beings, but with Islamist millennialist lunatics

In this, they are not so dissimilar to the Jewish ones trying to breed the pure red heifer to sacrifice at the rebuilt Temple in order to summon the long-awaited Messiah, or the Dispensationalist/Rapture Christians who rather fancy Armageddon and being part of the select band getting physically lifted to Heaven.

The precise details of their End Times fantasies/heresies differ, but the mentality is the same.

The town of Dabiq, north of Aleppo is the venue for a prophesied Last Battle at which a vast Crusader army  – made up from soldiers from 80 nations – having beaten the forces of the Muslims, will be defeated by the last 10,000 survivors.

At which point Jesus appears, declares Himself a Muslim, breaks a big cross, kills all the pigs and leads the conquest of Constantinople and then Rome.

One other factor needs to be borne in mind: A related prophesy says that all this will only happen after a brief alliance between the ‘Romans’ (read NATO) and the Muslims against the Shia and a power taken to be Russia.

With this in mind, the frantic efforts of Daesh to attack everyone possible and draw down the wrath of the world on a patch of desert in northern Syria is not strategically inept at all.

It would only be inept if they wanted to live and to beat their enemies in a conventional war of physical and territorial liberation. They do not.

They want to lure Russia/Iran AND the USA and 79 allies into a ground war, with the reasonable expectation that either an accident in the crowded airspace, or their fellow End Time lunatics in Washington (hello, Mr McCain), will spark a fighting war between their two enemy blocs.

And they also look forward to seeing their own ranks reduced to 10,000 as the final prerequisite for the Last Battle at Dabiq. Every Russian bomb brings them nearer to that goal, but American, French, British etc are all welcome to the Last Party.

The only ‘mystery’ here is not the aim of Daesh, but how intelligent people (which many of them are, as The Saker notes, they are tactically extremely adept) can believe such superstitious nonsense?

To ask such a question demands obliviousness to the superstitions of the materialistic West, for we – and not just Senator McCain – have plenty of them, no less absurd.

All this is NOT automatically to discount the possibility that Daesh’s top leadership are ‘simply obeying orders’ in order to break up Arab states on behalf of Eretz Israel or American oil companies, but it is a fact-based alternative explanation for their behaviour, and it surely helps explain the stubborn courage of their “poor (and very) bloody infantry”.

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