This comment was chosen by moderator HS from the post “Vladimir Putin’s speech at the Meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club”. The moderator felt the comment is very much like s.i. hayakawa ‘the word is not the thing’.
Comment by Bro 93


This problem you bring up is called “nominalism”

As though the name of a thing or process has more intrinsic reality than the thing itself. This in itself is a deception. Dissect the deception into its component parts and weigh things such as honesty, intent, clarity of thought and spirit, and record of performance, based on cautious openness, with flexible, alert skepticism, not naivete.

The fact is that the planet (“globe”) is getting smaller because its distances both in physical terms and in terms of access to and knowledge of many more areas of the globe are spanned with less and less time, more and more speed.

Minions of the Empire hail these facts and salivate over their possible use of these facts to control the whole shebang and dominate it to their advantage and to the enslavement of others. Think of George H.W Bush salivating over his announced “New World Order” before his first and only term ended, as Russia was prostrated by the designs of himself and his masters.

Others, with contrary intent going back to the Non-Aligned Movement, or even the more idealistic in the Socialist or even Communist movements, the Labor Movements etc spoke, and still speak in terms of “a JUST New World Economic Order”.

The typical American of right-wing “cowboy” mentality (“my F-150, my gun, my money”) being a nominalist, detests both formulations of “order”, cannot distinguish between the differing intentions behind them (slavery vs freedom), and basically shuts down in confusion and fear of being tricked.

In so doing, these dupes fall victim to age old “divide and conquer” tactics of the Empire and are basically rendered a non-factor …..or worse (a battering ram against positive forces in the world) by virtue of their epistemological and cultural backwardness, as evidenced by their pathologically entrenched mental disability…..of which nominalism is a key component.

So, working toward NO conscious particular “order” of either desirable or evil intent….such dupes by being a either a non-thinking non-factor OR an error-prone radical activist (racist, terrorist, religious fanatic or some other form of dementia) a rage-filled instrument of chaos and DIS-order become tools of the very New World Order of slavery and Empire they say they oppose.

But they don’t know how to oppose it. Because they can’t think straight. Which muddleheadedness starts with being mesmerized and brainwashed by mere names of things (nominalism) rather than being more perceptive about the inner reality of things.

“Globalization” as promoted by the Empire is abominable, IMHO.

Yet, Far Away Analyst, you are correct that an actual process that IS occurring is (and is “up for grabs” by good or by evil….) occasionally carefully and with distinctly different intent in its use…to DEFLECT it from the globalization of nefarious intent…IS referred to by “good guys” lile Vladimir Putin…..also by the same word…but with diffrent content and intent, and not nearly so much mindless cheerleading.


The reality of a shrinking globe (but a solar system and galaxy more accessible to Humanity!) as spoken of by Putin and I maintain Xi as well is a completely different sort of “globalization” (sovereignty and national interest and cultural traditions survive and enrich each other, rather than being blended into raw sewage by Soros et al) which is the only realistic (because it has the physical, spiritual, financial, military means to defend itself from the other “Order” ) alternative to the Empire.

Discernment. Almost impossible without getting beyond the brainwashing that is nominalism.

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