By Ollie Richardson for The Saker Blog

We’re in the Middle East, and after a big explosion caused by an aerial bombing, a female child is stuck under all of the rubble, people come to remove the remaining rubble and pull the girl out. Then toxic gas is deployed.

Does this description sound familiar? No, it’s not the contents of the latest script dispatched by the US State Department to the HQ of the Al Qaeda communications branch known as the “White Helmets” in Idlib. Although if it was me who was being asked this question, I would also cite the “Assad used Sarin” hoax. This is, however, the plot of the latest instalment of the Call of Duty video game series, which essentially promotes American war crimes and the idea that shooting another person is not only a good thing, but it can also lead to rewards.

Additional details to the plot description above:

  • Russia deployed the gas and massacred civilians;
  • The scene described above is the flashback of a “rebel fighter”.

We know all of this thanks to a gaming blog that was invited by the developer Activision to check out what will be used over the next 12 months of the capitalist/consumerist cycle to turn the youth into ultra-liberal zombies. Here is the full description of the scene (it’s important to read the full thing):

“The second mission we were shown was a flashback mission that gives us a look as to why two rebel fighters that are part of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare became rebel fighters. These fighters will connect with Captain Price throughout the Modern Warfare story (they did not show us this, but mentioned it to us), but this specific mission features a look 20 years ago as to the story behind the motivation for these rebel fights.

 As a note: this part of the demo shown to us, including cut scenes and gameplay, was from the daughter’s perspective.

The scene starts off with a big explosion in a country in the Middle East. After the explosion occurs, we are taken into the perspective of a female child who is stuck under all of the rubble caused by the explosion. The explosion was a drone strike (by I believe Russia). She is panicking and yelling for help. Another girl is stuck next to her but unresponsive. She tries to push around the fallen rocks and cement slabs off of her, but she is too small. We then hear someone come from above them and remove the rubble to see the girl stuck in there. Frantically, many more people come to remove the remaining rubble (even using a saw at one point). Once it’s removed, they pull the girl out, and she goes to her father’s hand, who starts asking where is her brother. The other girl with her in the rubble does not appear to survive. Now, another airstrike drops on the location.

The father picks up the girl and they both start running to find where her brother is. The sister says the brother stayed at home to study, so he wasn’t with her. They have to get back home to find the brother, but during the run back, Russian soldiers come in on vehicles, jump out of the vehicles, and just start shooting everyone — you can hear women, children screaming not to be shot; men and women yelling in pain. The father puts the kid down and tells her to follow behind him. As they start running and getting closer to their house, the Russian soldiers throw some sort of nerve/lethal gas. They bust inside their house, shut the door, and find the brother. They converse about what they must to do next (and the girl/boy are given cell phones). The father reveals that their mother has been killed. The father hands the boy a gas mask, tells him that the daughter will be okay without a mask right now, and prepare to leave. 

A Russian soldier is ordered to check door to door and comes into their house before they can leave. The father pleads with him not to shoot because there are children in the house. The father then lunges towards the attacker to take the weapon away and stab him. The little boy tries to help the father take down the attacker, but the attacker throws the boy into the door, knocking him out. The Russian soldier is a lot stronger and shoots the father numerous times — in front of the daughter. The daughter runs for her cover. The soldier starts to search for her around the house, and she starts to run into vents. This begins a little cat and mouse style chase. She picks up a screwdriver, runs at him, stabs him in the leg. He yells. The girl runs again, back for cover as the attacker is not subdued. They go around in this cat and mouse style chase for two more times with the girl stabbing him repeatedly in the legs with a screwdriver, and then, the brother wakes up. The action movies to the kitchen of the house, where a fight ensues again. The daughter stabs this attacker, alongside the brother trying to choke him out. As the man is brought down, the daughter finally gets a hold of the AK of the attacker and shoots him numerous times. The brother and sister converse about what they need to do, and the girl takes off the attacker’s gas mask to use for herself.  

Now, the two kids walk over to their father — with tears shown on the screen. The father is on his last breath, telling the kids they must do anything they have to in order to survive. He then dies. 

The two kids decide to leave the house, both wearing gas masks. The girl gets on the boy’s foot to use as a pedestal to break the door’s jammed lock. It now turns into a stealth style mission.  

The two kids have to get across a long area where Russian soldiers are standing around, laughing at and murdering the civilians on the streets. As they are walking, you can hear the solider say that they are ‘rounding up’ some of the women and children to take away, but then says that the women in front of him is too beaten up. You then hear gun shots. 

Then, a civilian who is injured sees the boy and grabs his mask, which momentarily falls off, begging for help. The kids both stumble over this man and keep running (the injured civilian chokes to death on the nerve gas), but the boy’s mask being off for a second causes him to start coughing due to the gas. The kids continue to run until they are out of the gas-filled area. They both take off their gas masks and start to search for a way to escape. They come up on a small village area and witness more soldiers killing civilians. The kids run through a shed as bullets fly over their head and you hear civilians yelling.  

They come up on another area not too far where they see a truck they need to take in order to get out. Since the boy is coughing, the girl says she will grab a gun and kill them both but needs a distraction. The boy walks to the other side of this fence, while the girl starts to slowly go closer. She sees a gun on the table, a .44 Magnum, and needs a distraction to get it. She pulls out her phone and calls her brother’s phone, which leads the two Russian soldiers to investigate that ringing. The girl runs over and grabs the weapon, and starts to make her way into a position to shoot the Russian solider. She pulls up the gun, shaking a lot, and points it at the head of the attacker. We hear a *bang* and the screen goes black.” 

After reading the above, the reader will probably be thinking: “Are there ‘White Helmets’ too?”. Well, according to Sputnik, the answer is quite tragic. See the screenshot below:

Ollie's MacBook:Users:O-RICH:Downloads:1075495196.png

Indeed, it’s unlikely that the Call of Duty series has just been hijacked by the CIA to supplement the overall “Assad must go” campaign bankrolled by Zionism, Wahhabism, Salafism, Liberalism, and every “civilised” cult in between. No, it was a CIA tool from the beginning. The plots and visuals of all Call of Duty games depict America as the good guy and Russia, Arabs, and whoever dares to resist the capitalist death machine as the enemy, and they are played by millions of children. A bit like…comics! Here we can see an excerpt from issue No. 8 of the DC comic series “Doomsday Clock”:

Ollie's MacBook:Users:O-RICH:Downloads:Dtp4tk_XgAAnzSq.jpg

So why is the CIA going through so much trouble to mobilise the entertainment industry against Russia? Evidently, Washington is afraid of being outmanoeuvred in cyberspace and thus the truth about the war in Syria rising to the surface. A lot of time (and money) has been spent on specialised PR campaigns aimed at selling pet Al Qaeda militants as “moderate rebels”. From Bana/JK Rowling to Hadi Al-Abdallah and his band of clowns in Kafranbel, social media became the main battlefield, where American and Russian informational arms exchanged fire.

The first “gas attack”, in Ghouta in 2013, was successful for America because Moscow had not seen such an informational/hybrid attack before and thus could only learn from it. The second “gas attack”, in Douma in 2018, was less successful because by this time Russia had sussed out the mechanism and formulated an effective media campaign (involving independent journalists) aimed at calling into question the claims. As a result, Russia seized the initiative and started another media campaign, but this time about a hypothetical third “gas attack”. In October 2018, 6 months after the April airstrikes (negotiated with Russia since the US couldn’t afford to bomb a Russian asset, but Russia also was not able to stop the strikes without taking risks that are far too dangerous for Russia, hence the use of Pantsir systems to deflect the attack), as soon as the Russian Ministry of Defence’s algorithm caught wind of another hoax “gas attack”, the Russian media was mobilised and tried to anticipate and ambush the West’s incoming informational, and then Tomahawk, attacks – kind of like whack-a-mole (bear in mind that Trump’s attacks on Syria were controlled, served as a bargaining chip in the great economic game – “just business, nothing personal”, and were a way of satisfying AIPAC). The result for Moscow was double-edged, since Russia looked like it was crying wolf (and the MSM certainly exploited this), but behind the curtain Russia had indeed put a stick in the US’ wheel and started to control the tempo of the information war.

The militias in Donbass use this strategy too, especially during 2018 when Poroshenko exploited the “grey zone” and tried to present “victories” to the nationalist electorate. The DPR militia spokesperson, Eduard Basurin, often made crystal ball statements about an “incoming UAF offensive” (example 1 and example 2) for the purpose of nipping any of Kiev’s plans in the bud, because if the UAF indeed was planning to carry out an attack after the DPR’s warning, then all the blah blah blah about the DPR being the aggressor will be nullified. I.e., it is a trap. From Kiev’s perspective, in the media it is necessary to present the DPR – “Russian terrorists” – as the aggressor, hence why Basurin’s statements act like a digital roadblock, like saying: “Hey, your offensive will be meaningless since we’ve already outmanoeuvred you in cyberspace”. What happened when the announced date of the attack passes without incident? The DPR wheels out stage two of the information campaign (example), which ultimately is designed to humiliate the UAF.

This happened again during the martial law debacle (example), as the Donbass republics were very quick to make statements and block Poroshenko’s attempts to cancel the elections (the best he could achieve was a 1 month of martial law, since the EU wouldn’t allow anything more as they needed the election and Poroshenko’s subsequent removal).

This is a very complex topic and worthy of a separate article on the role of the informational space in post-modern warfare. But one should know that America can only use special informational tricks once before “enemies” suss them out and formulate a plan to counter them. The same applies to the “colour revolution” technology, which has become very stale and weary, hence why Putin is still in power – there have been dozens of serious attempts to remove him in the last 10 years, one example being the Nemtsov circus.

So how does Russia counter such “Al-Qaeda are the good guys” psy-op garbage prescribed by Call of Duty for spotty teenagers (or pseudo-adult ADHD zombies) who live in the “world” of memes and Instagram selfies? Some examples:

  • Relaying the work of journalists on the ground who focus on conveying the truth about the fake “gas attacks” – the deeper RT and Sputnik penetrate the information spaces of “partners”, the more effective this becomes;
  • Carrying out the necessary diplomatic manoeuvres to keep Ankara boxed in (Turkey will spend a long time paying off the bill for shooting down the Sukhoi), such as sporadically bombing Idlib and weakening Erdogan’s main bargaining chip – the media will report that “the talks collapsed”, which suits both Ankara and Moscow, but the reality is that Turkey is simply obliged to slowly liquidate its Al-Nusra proxies (and thus the “White Helmets” project) and turn its back on neoliberalism;
  • Drawing attention to the OPCW’s condemning conclusions (example) via Russian state media, thus relying on the mechanism described above (check the internet rankings of all the main MSM propagandists, and then checkout the Russian state media’s – it’s no wonder that CNN is shedding jobs);

That’s not to say that Russia also shouldn’t fight fire with fire. Thus, Russian citizens actually made a video game that is based on the Syrian war and tells a more truthful story – that it’s not Russia or Assad who are the antagonists, but the terrorist groups themselves!

My proposed plot for any sequel:

America invades the Middle East a “terrorist attack” in New York, using mock vials of Anthrax and a false story about yellowcake uranium from Niger as a pretext. American troops massacre civilians and carpet bomb villages. A journalist who blows the whistle on the said crimes is jailed and tried for “espionage”.


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