by William H. Warrick III for The Saker Blog

The Chief Globalist Demon, AKA “Mr. Global”, tells a Lesser Globalist Demon he better get his act together.

The taboo of talking about these Globalist Demons must end.

In Part 1 of this article my purpose was to explain all the Deep State/MSM/Punditocracy Hysteria about Russia. In Part 2 I break down the who and what these Globalist Demons are and what they are about. The reason we “Lost Russia”, as I tried to explain was that the Globalist Deep State Plan for a Brave New World Government planned by Cecil Rhodes and his MI-6 conspirators is stone cold dead and it cannot be revived no matter how much CPR and Shock Therapy they do because China and Russia have had a Geostrategic Alliance for 20 years that was hashed out in the early and mid-‘90s and formalized in 1999. In that same year, Boris Yeltsin, who had end stage Cardiac and Liver disease had to resign. He appointed a little-known beauracrat, Vladimir Putin, to replace him as President of The Russian Federation. Mr Putin who was a deputy to the Mayor of Saint Petersburg. At that time, he, along with another deputy, were running the Government of Saint Petersburg for the Mayor, Anatoly Sobchak, who had fled the Country because of corruption charges and was in exile in France. Vladimir Putin is a trained lawyer and former Counter-Intelligence Officer in the KGB. In order to be a Counter-Intelligence Officer in the KGB you had to be crème de la cream of Intelligence Officers and since then he has proved himself the crème de la cream of World Leaders.

Boris Yeltsin, a puppet of the US State Department, the CIA and Neo-Liberal Economists from Harvard Business School, had allowed his country to be Raped and Pillaged by these Globalist Criminals in the 1990s who had given him plenty of Vodka to drown himself in while they stole all the Gold, cash Bonds, and Russian Government owned Infrastructure and Natural Resources they could steal. One of those Bond Portfolios, The Black Eagle Trust, is directly connected to The Crime of Sept 11, 2001 and I will say more about that later, but the point here is that everyone in the British and US Deep State thought he was “a sober Yeltsin” (Professor Stephen Cohen to John Batchelor on The John Batchelor Show) who could be controlled in the same way but were they wrong big time. In the two interviews linked below, he explains to the interviewer what Russia’s problems are and what he must do to overcome them and predicts the Islamic State which appeared a dozen years later. He was appointed on New Years eve 1999, at the turn of the Millennium when Americans were in a state of fear and panic about Y2K and how the world would come apart if this ‘problem’ wasn’t solved. He likely was totally unaware of it because “He wasn’t an Internet person” and had much bigger problems to solve, like the Second Chechen War fomented by the Mujahedeen Terrorists that were sent by the Globalists to destabilize the Stans of Central Asia and steal their gas thru a gas pipeline out of the Caspian Basin and thru Afghanistan, and which was to be protected by a NATO military base built along the pipeline route. That plan is in the trash bin because of the Caspian Basin Treaty of the 5 countries that border it. unleashed in Afghanistan in 1979 BEFORE Russia had to be invited in by the Afghan Government to help them fight these Deep State terrorists sent by the Globalists to destabilize the Country so it could be the taken over in order to attack the  and set up a gas and since then he has accomplished much of it, but he continues to keep plugging away without any interruption.

For instance, he demands excellence in everything that is done in Russia like in this video at Inessa’s you tube channel. I can guarantee you that these Oligarchs are sweating thru their suit coats and are on the verge of losing their bowel control.

He takes no excuses from these ‘Oligarchs’, supposedly his ‘buddies’ when they screwing things up royally in the preparations for the Sochi Olympics which at that time was 3 years away on a project 2 years behind schedule and 6.8 Billion Rubles over budget. He just asks a series of obvious questions to get down to the Nitty Gritty of the who, what and why of this botched project for the 2016 Winter Olympics and who was stealing the money. Then he demands they take responsibility to get this done pretty damn quick with money out of their pockets. The guy at the center of the screw ups had run to Britain to escape President Putin’s wrath and punishment.

Vladimir Putin explains what he needs to do as the new President in this interview. As a top rate Counter-Intelligence Officer he also foresaw that more of these Western-supported terrorist mercenaries would be attacking Russia in the future because these had been going on for a couple of Centuries. Russia has been under threat of and had had to repel attacks from the West, mainly the British Empire and the French as well, since The Crimean War. After my first trip to Russia in 2016 I audited a course on the Cold War History at the University of Florida. This plan was mentioned in the Textbook for the course. There was a page or so about General Zhukov and Stalin discussing what was in store for the Soviet Union in the Post-Great Patriotic War future and it was about this very plan which they already knew about because these Globalist Demons (this link of Minister Louis Farrakhan warning President oBOMBa about the Globalist Demons” he was messing around with when he ordered the attack of Libya in 2011 has been deleted by youtube) had been attacking them from the West thru Galician Ukraine and in Afghanistan going back to “The Great Game” of the mid-19th Century and the two wars of the 20th Century. So who/what is this Deep State snake pit of Globalist Demons?

It is this:

Trump is off on his own trip.


The center of the common area of the Venn diagram above is the Secret Elite described by Gerry Docherty and Jim Macgregor in their books Hidden History, the Secret Origins of the First World War and the sequel Prolonging the Agony. This common area has “rings within rings” like an onion.

The inner layer, .00000001% is 6-7 people; this group is led by “Mr Global” as Catherine Austin Fitts of The Solari Report, calls him. In my opinion Lord Rothschild is the most likely candidate. In the picture at the beginning of this Part 2 of Who Lost Russia? it is clear who is in charge and it sure isn’t Prince Charles. He issues the orders to the ‘Deciders’ of the next layer, the .0000001%, 60-70 people. These are the ‘Deciders’ of the Secret Elite plans. Next comes the .000001% 600-700 people who are the Bilderberger Types who discuss and disseminate the plans to the .00001%, 6,000-7,000 people. This group, called “The Trans-National Corporate Class” is described by Peter Phillips and Brady Osborne in their article of that name.

All three of these groups are in the common area. The function of the Secret Societies is enforcement, discipline via Pedophilia videos previously done by Jeffrey Epstein, and now is his “friend”, Gislaine Maxwell, daughter of Robert Maxwell, Deep State Mossad Agent, and when needed assassinations.

The key point is this: The CIA is a subsidiary of MI-6; Harry Truman’s Op-ed in the NYT on Dec 22, 1963, exactly one month to the day after JFK was assassinated, alluded to “a sinister outside force” influencing/controlling the CIA. This is confirmed in Thomas Mahl’s book, Desperate Deceptions on MI-6 pre-WWII propaganda ops in the US to get the population primed for WWII, and how they setup the CIA after the war. The Post-War creation of The National Security Act and the Blueprint for the CIA was dictated to William Donnavan, director of the OSS by ‘M’, the Director of MI-6. The template of MI-6 became the template of the CIA. MI-6 had Agents and Assets, (Agents direct Assets to do specific tasks) thought British East India Corporation, the Dutch East

The following diagram shows the intricately interlocked Mega-Corporation that controls the World Economy. There are 1318 corporations interconnected by their Boards of Directors and a core group of 143 corporations, most of which are very large banks. Fletcher Prouty in his book, The Secret Team reveals that the CIA has contract agents embedded in all of these corporations, many of which are on these Boards. Additionally, the study that ended up with the 1318 began with more than 40,000. All of them are infested by the CIA as well.

Financial Core of the Transnational Corporate Class


This link is to the original article which was about a mathematical analysis of the ownership of 43,060 Trans-national corporations to look at the ownership patterns. I posted a comment below the article that said they needed to look not at ownership but at the Boards of directors. Project Censored picked up the article as being one of the 25 most censored articles of 2011 and looked at the BoD and came up with their article.

This article explains the depth of how the “All Pervasive Military Industrial Complex” is deeply embedded in the Death Star. The author, Joan Roelofs, is Professor Emerita of Political Science at Keene State College in New Hampshire.

This article explains all the interconnections of BoDs, giant and small companies that make up The Death Star. There is an example from the War on Vietnam that had a huge impact for the M-16 rifle used in that war. My instructor for my course in Intelligence Analysis at Ft Devens, Massachusetts told our class about one day. The M-16 had real problems in ’65 and ’66 will freezing up due to rust from the constant moisture and Rainy Season. The gun grease they used would not hold up in those conditions. Then a small company in Tennessee came up with “Dry Slide” gun grease that worked. It was embedded with tiny graphite granules that made it work in those conditions so it became one of these small Military contractors that became bigger from this single, but extremely important item.

So this is what we are up against and it seems invincible, but just like Superman seemed invincible, it turned out that a piece of his home planet, called Kryptonite, could make him weak as a kitten. We have some Kryptonite that can break the grip the Death Star holds over us, and that will be the subject of Part 3 of this article.

Dr Warrick was born in Philadelphia, Pa. in December 1943 and has Bachelors Degrees in Business Administration and Psychology, an MD Degree from the University of Pennsylvania and was a Family Physician in Gainesville Florida for 34 years and now does Open Source Intelligence Analysis in Geopolitics, The Empire, Public Banking and Modern Monetary Theory.

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