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Comment by Anonymous
Well it is hard for the ordinary people of this world who hold down steady 9 to 5 jobs to make head or tail of what’s going on in ME. Down is up up is down left is right is right is left in the leading mass media.The wahhabi cult calling themselves SA are holding the human right chair in UN. The mass murdering neocons in Washington DC calling themselves US are saying all the wars are for democracy. RICO suspect and treasonous lesbian murderer is running for the presidency of the leading human right nation. Nato, Turkey, wahhabi moderate head choppers are called REBELS! Assad the only secular leader in this region is called a killer of his own citizens who keep foolishly keep voting for him because they dont read the washington post.The prisoners of the biggest open prision in the world GAZA are the choosen people and the only true democracy and they have the right because they have the right to protect themselves even though it can’t be applied to the slaves themselves. Nato and the US has the right to bomb anything but the evil Putin has the right to bomb only Assads forces….I can keep going on but you get my drift?…what do I know the last time I told this to my friend…she said I am into conspiracies!
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