By Aleksandr Neukropny
Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard
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The ultimatums that are sounded by the US and NATO towards Russia become more and more harsh, more and more impudent, and more and more provocative. They started to threaten us already completely openly – either promising “pain and consequences” for the Kerch Strait, groaning about the “last chance” to implement a treaty that we didn’t violate. We are being intimidated and provoked, warships are sent to our coast and troops are amassed at our borders. What should Russia do? Perhaps surrender!?

Let’s look at the truth in the eyes – among our fellow citizens there are those who would prefer something quieter, simpler and, perhaps, more satiating instead of the current heated-to-the-limit standoff. And this isn’t even about the professional “sellers of the Motherland” from the “liberal-democratic” camp, for who the question lies, actually, in only one thing: betray right now or continue to bargain? Some are afraid of war, some are afraid of economic shocks, and some simply became tired of their country being endlessly ram-raided and want it to not be touched. Alas, I am obliged to very much disappoint those who hesitate and doubt: even if directly today Russia decided to surrender, it wouldn’t make any sense. It is late…

After all, this concerns not 9M729 missiles (or some other missiles), and even not the fact that our border guards bashed the Ukrainian “sea jackals” who went too far on the nose. This same United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who in Brussels announced a 60-day ultimatum to Russia, on this same day clearly and unambiguously declared: “America intends to establish a new world order!”. A “new order”… We already heard something like this before, didn’t we? It’s true that it was in German, but it doesn’t change the sense. And nobody should be misled by the fact that Mr Pompeo talks profusely about a “liberal new order” that “will lead the world to prosperity”. In reality this concerns “rallying the noble nations” under the global leadership of the United States of America and a global arrangement in which the US State Department will remain the only “international institution”. Trump and Pompeo intend to demolish the “slow and inefficient” UN and the other “rotten” offices preventing America from doing whatever it pleases.

After all, all of this already happened – division of the people into “noble” and ignoble, “Aryan” and “subhuman”. And a certain country is “above all”. Today America, repeating with absolute accuracy this damned way, says that it intends “to be aggressive” and to along the way at any cost sweep aside those who are considered to be “bad actors” – Russia, Iran, and China. By the way, this is a very interesting idiom – in English it can have a very broad interpretation, up to “Reservoir Dogs”. Will someone, being sane, really risk assuming that, amidst all this, the destruction of certain missiles, or even the shameful withdrawal from Crimea, will save Russia?! Not at all.

In his speech the same Pompeo named the main and unforgivable “fault” of our country in front of the West: “Russia hasn’t embraced western values!”. And now the task was set in the following way: hammering these “values” into Russia at any cost. With blood, with fragments of teeth, so that it reaches livers and marrow! And it would be naive to assume that in order to achieve such a result our “friends” will consider only “regime change” in the country as sufficient. Not in a million years! If someone expects to wait it out in front of the TV while in their home the “correct government” is installed, then they are bitterly mistaken. This time everything will be different. Completely different…

The West, in its endless attempts to remove Russia from world geopolitical “chessboard”, steps on same “rake” over and over again – it considers our country destroyed and incapable not only of active expansion, but even of self-restoration after these or those shocks and cataclysms endured by it. However, some time passes and before the eyes of the amazed “world governors”, Russia again stands on its feet – not only unbroken, but also stronger and more mighty. This has happened more than once, and the West won’t allow a new mistake.

The “Harvard” and “Houston” projects of the US are, alas, far from being the inventions of conspiracy theorists wearing tinfoil hats. The reality of their existence incontestably proves, first of all, that the first of them was implemented entirely – except one point from the final, third part: “Elimination of Russia as a state”. The sense of the “Houston project”, in fact, was reduced to precisely purpose. Dismembering our Motherland into 20-40 helpless “dwarfs” with the partition of spheres of influence between the US, Germany, Japan, and Turkey. The process of dismantling was started by the Chechen war, which, had Russia been on the losing side, would’ve resulted in the inevitable full and definitive disintegration of Russia.

The West, absolutely not without reason, considers that Russia “possesses too much of everything”. First of all – territories, which should be shattered. And respectively – population, which should be reduced as much as possible. Well, and, of course – resources. They should enter the ranks of “noble nations”, and not the “wild Russians”. The countries of the West assumed to work especially carefully and thoughtfully on the second issue – the depopulation of Russia. And if the so-called “Paris Charter” of 1992 talks about the need to reduce the number of the people populating it to 30 million people, then in this same “Harvard project” it was specified that this same 30 million will be more than enough for the “territories of former Russia”.

And you shouldn’t think that these are exclusively American ideas. The Prime Minister of Great Britain John Major stated at his time that for Russia, whose fate after losing the Cold War must become “a supply of successful countries with their resources”, the maximum number of the population must be limited to 50 million. However, this Sir lagged behind his colleague Margaret Thatcher, who considered that 15 million Russians will be more than sufficient for work in the pits, coal mines, gas wells, and oil fields belonging to British multinational corporations.

Before allowing themselves the thought of throwing a white flag in front of these “lovely people” and the faithful successors of their affairs and ideas, it is worth considering: would you, specifically, and your relatives be a part of this 15 or even 30 million? And would you, having become their slaves for life, envy your compatriots who aren’t a part these “chosen ones”?

Among other things, it is necessary to understand the following: such enormous depopulation (more than 100 million!) was planned for implementation in a gradual, stage-by-stage manner with the use of the most different tools – from decreasing the standard of living to popularising drug use. But now, taking into account past mistakes, our “friends” will be obliged to do everything in one fell swoop. And only one method for this purpose is available – war. So “regime change” in the form of “Maidan” or any other form of coup will be only a prelude to the beginning. The aim will be immersing Russia in complete chaos and unleashing on its territory a whole series of civil wars. The West won’t repeat the errors of the 90’s – regardless of what “democrats” or “oppositionists” its emissaries will seat in the Kremlin, they will be the caliphate for only one hour.

Nobody will tell the new “authorities”, as was told to Yeltsin team: “Here is the country for you, finish it off yourself!”. The story with Ukraine is vivid confirmation of this. Having put at its head its own puppet in 2004 allocated with insufficient destructive potential, the West nearly suffered defeat there. It is precisely for this reason that 10 years later the game was played in a completely different way – with a bloody coup, the coming to power of frank nazis, and civil war. Do you think that they plan to organise everything in Russia somehow differently? Why would they?! Washington adores tried and tested schemes and practices.

I will repeat – the West is able to draw conclusions from its own miscalculations. It is precisely for this reason that at first the option of fully destroying everything that can give Russia (or a part of it) the chance to be reborn in the future will be pursued. This means the full destruction of the industrial and scientific potential of the country, as well as its infrastructure. Ideally – general immersion nearly in the Stone Age. Not just plants and military facilities, but whole cities will be inevitably wiped out. Everything will be done so that, in the most literal sense, nothing remains from Russia. The West needs only resources from us, and anything more. They will deliver rags and rations for the slaves who survived on the country’s ruins.

Capitulating and going in reverse gear is useless and stupid. Russia only needs to make at least one step, even half a step backwards, and there will already be a scenario prepared for it: coup, civil war, international intervention, partition, and destruction will become inevitable. This time they will come to simply kill us, and not to “democratise” us – as those who resist the instilling of “western values”. Having suffered a fiasco during the revolution of 1917 and the subsequent Civil war, having received the even more horrifying for it [the West – ed] Soviet Union instead of the hated Russian Empire, the West headed for the full destruction of the revived Russia. No capitulation in front of the Third Reich would’ve saved our nation from total extermination and enslavement. It wouldn’t be desirable to draw so direct parallels, but… they very insistently ask for it.

We mustn’t surrender, regardless of how many ultimatums are put in front of us, regardless of how they try to frighten and break us. The nuclear age introduces its own amendments, and it’s unlikely that the West will opt for a new world war. However, whatever happens, Russia can today assert its right to life only by force – and only force.


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