Russian Combat Engineers Completely Demine Historical Part of Palmyra

Video of Palmira report to President Putin

5,000 Militants Entered Aleppo, Idlib from Turkey

Huge battle underway for ISIS turf in eastern Syria – Map update

100 Years of Syrian Beauty


Israel wants to replace Turkey in trade with Russia

We Can’t Save the Economy Unless We Fix Our Debt Addiction by MICHAEL HUDSON

Serbia: You must choose the Russian ‘side’ – Radical Party’s Seselj

JaysAnalysis: Nina Kouprianova on Espionage & Geopolitical Tensions (Half)

Head of Donetsk Republic talked to people from Kharkov region about creating the federalized Ukraine

Tank losses Of NAF and UAF from 2014-2016

58% of Russians want to rebuild Soviet Union

Ukrainian extremists are fighting in Kiev Video

 George Soros and the Subversion of Macedonia
April 15, 2016 Right On Radio
The topic of today’s program is “George Soros and the Subversion of Macedonia”, and joining us today is Cvetin Chilimanov, a journalist and conservative commentator from Macedonia.

Russia in SAARC– by Tayyab Baloch
“Unfortunately, despite the essential part of multipolar world institutions, India is playing a double game by engaging itself with the unipolar forces.” – Tayyab Baloch

Pepe’s FB post
Brazilian coup President-in-Waiting, Michel “Brutus” Temer, earlier this week dispatched a senator to Washington as special paperboy to deliver the news on the coup in progress. The senator in question was NOT on an official mission for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
Brutus Temer is soooooo pissed with global media, which is interpreting what he’s doing – allied with Brutus Two, Eduardo Cunha, the head of the lower house in Congress – for what it is: a coup.
The senator’s mission was allegedly to “launch a PR offensive” to counter the coup narrative, which is, according to Brutus One, “demoralizing Brazilian institutions”.
Nonsense. Paperboy senator was sent to tell the State Department everything is proceeding according to plan. Note how State has been absolutely mum about the coup – as well as Masters of the Universe paperboy Barack, who, by the way, has just been humiliated by the House of Saud in Riyadh.
In Washington, paperboy senator mumbled, “we will explain that Brazil is not a banana republic.”
Well, darling, it was not, but now, thanks to your lot, IT IS.
Compare Exceptionalistan’s non-reaction with Russia’s. Moscow stresses the BRICS partnership, as well as their common positions within the G20. And Moscow wants Brazil’s problems to be solved with the framework of “constitutional law, without foreign interference.”
EVERYONE knows what “foreign interference” means.

Reminder: US Plan B for Syria: Give Al-Qaeda More Powerful Weapons

Serbia and NATO from the point of view of Harvard political engineers

The Delusions of an Ukrainian Nationalist (I)

For the Long Haul: Moscow-Beijing Ties Move to a ‘Higher Level’
Military cooperation between Russia and China continues to show signs of developing, according to Lyle J. Goldstein, Associate Professor in the China Maritime Studies Institute at the US Naval War College in Newport.

In Ukraine, 397 people were killed during the Odessa Massacre of May 2nd, 2014

Kiev Ukraine Right Sector national extremists stormed the government building, again

“Right Sector”

Iran leader: Hezbollah pride of Islamic world

Iran at all-out soft war with U.S., Israel: Ayatollah Khameini

Russia’s S-400 Air Defense System: Superior Weapon

Andrew Korboyko in Serbian Conference his speech starts around 25 or 26th minute

„Резултати „западне демократизације“ на постјугословенском простору – 1990-2016“ 1. део

“CrossTalk” Those 28 pages
Finally there is renewed effort to declassify 28 pages of a 838-page congressional report on the events of 9/11. It is all about the role some Saudi officials and others may have played. We have been repeatedly told that the pages are damaging. Should we be surprised? After all, it is said Riyadh supports radical ideologies and groups around the world.
CrossTalking with Larry Johnson, Oliver Miles, and Eric Zuesse.

Azov scumbag arrested In Belarus

What Arseniy Yatsenyuk Cost the Ukrainian People…..

Saudi Arabia is the terrorist one, It is not Hezbollah.Viva Hezbollah.

Idea BITs: George Yeo – One Belt. One Road. China’s Silk Road of the Future

French FM Ayrault is Angry at Kiev for Sabotaging Peace in Donbass

Pakistan and India «Trade Off» Allies, KSA and China Start a Cold War
Pakistan and India appear willing to «trade off» allies with one another, «exchanging» their privileged partnerships with the Saudis and Russians
The article is published in a discussion order
Andrew Korybko

Photo Kerch Strait Bridge to Crimea from space

India: See 16-day-old baboon cuddle toy after mother rejected him

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