World War III

  •       The US will exploit non-diplomatic options in the war with Russia

‘Russia will continue to send troops home [from Syria] in body bags’ – US State Dept


The thrust of Carter’s speech was a defense of the Pentagon’s proposed $348 billion plan to rebuild Washington’s so-called nuclear triad of strategic bombers, missiles and submarines. Estimates are that over a 30-year period, this nuclear buildup will siphon fully $1 trillion out of the American economy.

One could hardly make a compelling argument how else one can explain the statement made by Spokesperson for the US State Department, Rear Admiral John F. Kirby, other than a direct declaration of war. The statement reads as follows:

The consequences are that the civil war will continue in Syria, that extremists and extremists groups will continue to exploit the vacuums that are there in Syria to expand their operations, which will include, no question, attacks against Russian interests, perhaps even Russian cities, and Russia will continue to send troops home in body bags, and they will continue to lose resources – even, perhaps, more aircraft…

To create preconditions for an open armed conflict with Russia, Washington has launched a massive propaganda campaign, aimed at discrediting Moscow at every juncture. It’s enough to remember the so-called “doping scandal” and the “revelations” that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko made about the alleged presence of more than 30,000 Russian soldiers and hundreds of tanks in eastern Ukraine. And no matter how ridiculous and unfounded such allegations may be, Washington would still repeat them, as if it had no means to track a couple hundreds tanks anywhere on the face of the Earth and then provide irrefutable evidence of it to the public. Moreover, we hear repeated accusations about Moscow’s alleged involvement in the downing of the Malaysian Boeing MH-17 over Donbass and many others. And the list goes on. Looking at all these steps, one can’t help but remember the genius of Nazi propaganda – Joseph Goebbels – who swayed public perception with the continuous repetition of transparent lies up to and including the day of the Nazi invasion of Russia.


 Means of WWIII warfare

  • Vasily Pavlov, Anrey Filatov lecture on terrorist tactics – paralyzing and destroying modern society, translated by Tatzhit Mihailovich

  • Netflix and the White Helmets, hand in hand with al Qaeda

Second short doco on the US-UK funded al Qaeda support group, the White Helmets, backed by Netflix. By Steve Ezzeddine



The Russian Ministry of Defense released a new video for the Russian Land Forces Day. It looks pretty impressive.

How Putin exposed the West: Part 1 (IMF/World Bank)

At which point did Putin become the big, bad wolf? Was it Crimea, the alleged MH17 airliner disaster, or another fabricated story on behalf of Western mainstream media? I guess there was that one time when he told Mr. McCain where his place was at the Munich Security Conference (2007) – as well as repay all of Yeltsin’s IMF / World Bank loans much ahead of schedule, so that the international financial terrorists no longer had leverage over Russia.

How Putin exposed the West: Part 2 (Economic Hitmen)

If you haven’t read the book “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” by John Perkins – I encourage you to head on over to Amazon and buy it. In quite some detail, it describes the way US “economic hitmen” plunder the world, and financially enslave the developing world. It reads like a thriller except it is entirely real – not even Hollywood could come up with a ‘baddie’ more sinister. Unless you are an unempathetic sociopath, I can guarantee you will lose sleep after reading the book.

Putin, of course, showed such hitmen the door and immediately became ‘baddie’ #1. By extension of this logic, almost everything you read in Western mainstream media (part of the “cabal”) is a self-projection. They accuse Putin of everything they take part in and create themselves.

If I were in Mr Putin’s shoes I would have plonked an “anti missile defense system” along the US border with Canada. But alas, his diplomatic skills are a lot more intricate than my own. :o)


How Putin exposed the West: Part 3 (Georgian aggression)

“The West needs Russia more than Russia needs the West” – relocate while you still can! Just kidding, but take your country back from the international cabal of terrorists. And very importantly – do not give your vote to Hillary. That is all, hope you enjoyed the doco!



The bad Christians, the Orthodox, were the Serbs and Russians and Greeks – all should be antagonized and the good guys in Yugoslavia were those who had been on the fascist side in WWII – the leaderships in Croatia, Muslims in Bosnia and the Kosovo Albanians. The Serb minority that had lived 400 years as a minority in the Croatian republic were, in the common Western discourse, invaders masterminded by strongman Slobodan Milosevic – whom Clinton without hesitation called the new ’Hitler of Europe’.

It worth repeating the classical truth known by more careful and intellectual European politicians than those we have today: Whether you like it or not, Europe can only create security and peace together with Russia, not against it.


The US

  • Aleppo: How Americans are being lied to


Sep 29, 2016  EIR’s Jeff Steinberg sits down with Virginia State Senator Richard Black to discuss the reality on the ground in Aleppo, Syria vs. the lies permeating the Western press. Having recently returned from a tour of Syria, including a meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Black is committed to educating his fellow Americans about how U.S./UK strategy of regime change is destroying this once prosperous, non-belligerent and progressive country.


The Debate – US Nuke Policy

Sep 28, 2016

Nuke force changes are ‘bearing fruit’: that’s what U-S Defense Secretary Ash Carter said when visited a US nuclear weapons manufacturing site adding that Washington has no plans to pursue a no-first-use nuclear weapons policy. He had said earlier that the US army will invest, innovate, sustain to rebuild US’s capabilities. It appears that the US has changed course completely when I comes to nuclear weapons: why the change in stance is the subject of this edition of the debate.


Orthodox shun Pope Francis’ Mass in Georgia, few Catholics turn out, by  Reuters

Georgia is overwhelmingly Orthodox Christian and less than 1 percent of the population is Catholic.

Pope Francis on Saturday said Mass for unusually small crowd of just a few thousand Catholics in Georgia, a celebration that was further dampened when a delegation from the Orthodox Church stayed away.

Still, organisers were hoping for a much bigger turnout than the some 3,000 people who came to the Mass at a stadium in the capital that has a capacity of 25,000.

It was one of the smallest crowds ever seen at an outdoor papal Mass on Francis’ 16 foreign trips so far.

In another setback, a delegation representing the Patriarch of the Georgian Orthodox Church, Ilia II, that the Vatican had expected to come to the worship service, did not show up.

Two days before the pope arrived, Ilia issued a statement saying Orthodox could not attend Catholic Masses because of doctrinal differences dating back to the 1054 schism that divided Christianity into eastern and western branches.

The Georgian Orthodox Church is one of the more conservative in the Orthodox world.

Some of members have followed the pope since he arrived on Friday to protest against the visit.

A small group held up signs outside the stadium reading: “Vatican is a spiritual aggressor” and “Pope, arch-heretic, you are not welcome in Orthodox Georgia.”

Francis leaves on Sunday for overwhelmingly Muslim Azerbaijan





Iran vs. Britain: A History of Distrust

Sep 26, 2016 It would be something of an understatement to say that Iranian people have regarded Britain with a healthy dose of suspicion and anger. Throughout its history, Iran was never a colony of Britain or, indeed, a colony of anyone. Yet it has suffered much self-interested interference by Britain. Now six decades after MI6 engineered a coup against Iran’s democratically elected prime minister to safeguard the UK’s oil interests in Iran, the relations between the two countries is still fraught with mistrust. This anger surfaced on 29th November 2011, when a crowd of Iranian protesters attacked the British embassy in Tehran. While this event received widespread media coverage and led to condemnations from many Iranian officials, it is important to discuss what has actually lead to this level of anger amongst Iranians towards Britain. This documentary will look at the many historical involvements of Britain in Iran and her current anti-Iran policies, which have drawn a negative image of Britain in the minds of Iranians and may well be the roots of the deep distrust of Iranians towards Britain.


INDIA and Pakistan

Villagers residing in about 10Km from International Border with Pakistan have been asked to vacate ASAP.

All schools within 10 km of India-Pak border to be closed till further orders. — Terrorists from Jaish-e-Mohammed (responsible for the Uri attack), Laskhar-e-Toiba (responsible for the 2008 Mumbai terror strikes) and the Hizb-ul-Mujahideen were killed, numbering between 35 and 40. Nine Pakistan Army men killed.

The Indian Army Videographed the whole surgical strike

It’s High time that GoI (Government of India) should have done something about this nuisance from across the our Govt Should recalibrate its policy towards US and Russia. Russia has a tremendous expertise in hunting down and nipping in the bud the terrorism problem. and GoI should come to its senses who our true friends are. US would never ever leave its dual stance on India Pak while Russia always had supported India. Here is a very good piece today in a newspaper . It’s about 130 years old newspaper .. The Hindu ..

Bhadrakumar reaffirms the dualistic behaviour of US perfectly

The meeting of the United States-Pakistan Defence Consultative Group, which was held in Rawalpindi on September 21, carries profound symbolism. Although the attack on the Indian army camp at Uri, which India insists was Pakistan-sponsored, took place only on September 18, and ignoring the Indian elite’s hysterical threat of ‘jaw for tooth’ et al, Washington nonetheless decided to go ahead with the meeting.

So much for the India-US “defining partnership ”! So much for Pentagon chief Ashton Carter being a ‘Friend of India’! So much for the US-India logistics agreement, too!





Animated video embodies the difference between a US airstrike and a Russian airstrike on Jihadists in Syria

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