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Comment by freedom007

this is not about kids´ education but about all-pervading false ideology that rules all of us today.
Like a magic ring.

“One ring to rule them all… (and) to forever bind them” (Tolkien) –
what is this evil ring in our society? It is the shortsighted fear of temporary disadvantages on the levels of bank account and job contract expressed in the words about “future ruined”.

why, then, are people so shortsighted?
Because they do not believe any longer that it is God or Nature who give each of us a future, as all our ancestors justly and usefully did,
but they think it is Company X or Bank Y who give us a future.
this ideologem is taught to us and rubbed into us on a daily basis in TV, WWW, Press, anywhere.

Counter-information would be the only antidote, but where are the radio broadcasters, WWW sites, TV preachers… who will give it?

I repeat here some basics of the counter-education necessary for all of us.

1) Economy consists not only of the activities for which money is paid but it always has a non-monetary, instinctive base of work done for reasons of tradition, honor, religion, or just because it feels right to do it. Housewives´ work and domestic old-age care for example.
The broader this base is, the safer and easier is life for all of us;
on the contrary, when more and more of this base is conquered and swallowed up by the monetary sector, life gets more and more complicated and unsafe…
a fact which is not reflected by GDP growth or other measuring means on the monetary sector. One can see high growth rates while people´s life becomes a deep pit of miseries! Money lies!
Thus, if you do lots of work but only a little part of it is paid, for example if you are a housewife or a grandmother, do NOT feel in disadvantage, or humiliated, or whatever nonsense you may think about yourself after watching Mammon´s TV ads.
On the contrary, the more of your work lies in the nonmonetary sector, the more you are really doing fo our collective wellbeing, and the more chances you have for your own heart to remain innocent, for your person to remain uninvolved in the criminality which is always associated with money, the “Satan Mammon”!
If you keep this in mind and act accordingly, you do Active Resistance to what is the root of almost all wrongs today.

2) It is a big fat lie that life in past ages, pre-industrial ages, was so much harder and so much more disagreeable than life today.
People had their fears and problems and were subject to suppression and Willkür, OK, but not more than today but only in other ways and in other areas of life.
All that much-praised hightech civilization still is nothing more than a zero-sum game,
it made our lives neither easier nor happier,
only more complicated … and laden with more false hopes / fake dreams than ever before.
Even the dark Middle-age world view perhaps was more realistic!
Schoolkids, for example. A hundred years ago they feared the Teacher´s stick and that of the strict father. Today there are no more sticks in grown-ups´ hands to fear, but bullies and robbers on the schoolyards, with or without knives in hands (!), give the same amount of fear to our kids or even more, and they have to cope with it all alone in most cases, there is NO adult with a “weapon” in hand around to chase the bullies away! Remember, the Teacher´s stick wasnt only in use to beat up poor little ones who had forgotten their homework or said the wrong things, but it served also to stop violence and bullying in schoolyard and classroom. To give safety to the weak. This necessary help lacks today.
The weak who get bullied often are victimized themselves: “why do you ATTRACT bullies?”
What a criminal nonsense to even think such things about them!
Or take the kings and counts who ruled us.
They exploited us, and the priests acted as if this were God´s will and all OK, and people were more or less grumpy about both of them.
We are taught to think that everything is better now. False! Zero-sum game or worse, again!
Today´s counts and princes are the Big Companies. they rule much more of our daily lives than any prince or duke did in former times – because, no matter how much self-importance the respective Chief showed, his power was limited by the forces of Nature.
Daily life of normal people in former times, until the beginning of 20th Century at least, circulated more around Nature and Family and the circumstances in these areas than around anything related to Government and Chief. Old Russia had a proverb: “Sky is high, and the Czar is far.” Thats why life could be relatively good in old times, no matter how bad the current King did his job. Today, however, the sky hangs low above us, and the Czars invade everything and are everywhere, named Mars and Monsanto, BASF and GeneralMotors, Nestle and Microsoft. UGH!

3) We are told by current psychology that there is no such thing as an inborn human nature or a fixed instinctive human pattern, but that humans become what they are reared to be.
This is how “they above” try to reconcile us with a more and more un-natural daily life and a progressive alienation from the rest of Creation.
Another big fat lie.
See how small kids, toddlers, weep and cry for getting out of house into the sun when weather is fine! See how they grasp for fresh fruit, and spit out pungent or bitter things! See what games they play in the sandbox!
these behaviors ARE fixed, all toddlers have them. This shows that humans, too, have an inborn instinct pattern, as all mammals have,
and we also must have had a fixed, clear task in the big web of Biosphere, like other species… before we decided to forget this natural frame and to “become something better, Rulers of Earth”!
There, however, are some of us who think the right things. They decide to stand to their inborn instincts as long as those are harmless, innocent, towards their fellow humans; they allow only God´s Golden Rule to curb their instincts.
For example they think “I will not accept to wear shoes every day, I will go barefoot wherever I can, no matter what people say about how that looks.”
and they all endure more or less trouble for their decision, being regarded as wrong, defiant, non-realistic, and so on – although it is them who is right and the rest of the world is blockheads!
In these dissidents lies a glimpse of hope for a reversal of the Original Sin of Man,
which is not Sexuality or Idolatry or Disobedience,
but lies in the delusion to think that Homo Sapiens, not GOD, is Earth´s Lord!
Bible says we are made to garden God´s land, with our hands and with mechanical tools.
We are not Lords, but God´s employees, designed to make this beautiful planet more beautiful.
To be good employees for Him we must follow our innate patterns wherever God´s Law allows it. God made these patterns and He made them well!
Our current industry and economy system, however, counteracts almost all aspect of them.
It enforces upon us to live on canned foods, under arteficial light, fed (up) with fake TV shows, constantly operating machines but seldom having contact with animals or trees…
How can we even remember that we have been created as Gardeners of God in times where almost all the land is under the rule of harvesting and ploughing machines?
GIVE THE LAND BACK TO OUR HANDS! This would be the first BIG step back to normal.

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