Note: This video is not only interesting by itself, it also is an excellent example of the real diversity of opinion amongst Jews, including Israeli Jews.  In this case, this shows that even amongst Zionists, in the strict sense of “supporters of Israel” (as opposed to the wider sense of the word in my personal usage). there are those who hold generally pro-Russian views and who are most definitely anti-Neo-cons.  I want to stress this here because all too often the loud russophobic Jews overshadow the many Jews who are russophiles and who have taken an uncompromisingly anti-Neocon and true anti-Nazi stance.  Let us never forget this and never accuse an innocent person through the “guilt by association” fallacy.

The Saker

Note by Tatzhit: As Russian Jews say about themselves “There are normal Jews like us, and then there are f**kin Yids”. When Kedmi and Mark are railing against “Irishmen”, they are speaking against that category IMO.

(Tatzhit is 100% correct.  The Saker)

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