You might have heard that “Yats” has made a great recently: according to him during WWII the USSR invaded the Ukraine and Germany. I would expect no less of him. But the truly pathetic part came from the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs which declared that it respected Yats’ right to free speech.

Clearly, “Yats is Charlie”.

Yats is Charlie

Yats is Charlie

In other news, the Ukrainian junta has resumed and even dramatically stepped up the shelling of Novorussia. So far, the firing appears to be of the typical terror strikes kind – randomly aimed at the civilian sectors but this could also be a way to probe the Novorussian counter-battery fire capabilities and artillery positions (thanks for the counter-battery radars delivered by the USA to the Nazis).

The most worrisome development, however, is the confirmation by Foreign Minister Lavrov that the Russians have intelligence showing that the Ukrainian junta is preparing for a full scale assault on Novorussia. This would make perfect sense: now that the entire world has its eyes focused on the wonderful show of unity by the world for freedom of speech and against terrorism, it is a prefect time for a bloodbath in Novorussia.

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