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Comment by FromSerbia

Thank you for clearly explaining the parallels between Euromaidan and the current upheaval in the USA. Since very few Americans paid attention to what their government did across the globe, they cannot recognize the whole “what goes around comes around” now happening to them.

Donald Trump will not suffer from any of this. He is obscenely rich, and the worst thing that can happen to him is that he won’t be president anymore. All this anti-Trump talk will disappear the moment he is gone. Who truly suffers from this new American helscape? From the looks of it, small business owners and low paid employees. Poor and middle class folk. Their business and places of employment are getting looted and torched. Not Mar-a-Lago (or w/e the spelling of it may be) nor Microsoft, nor Facebook or Twitter HQ. Not Ford plants or Boeing and Lockheed assembly lines.

Here’s an observation from my years in the USA. I lived there long enough to gain a clear understand of the depth of depravity of its power structures. I moved to Chicago circa 2007 and made many friends. I lived in a suburb, surrounded almost exclusively by white people. Before learning how to drive over poor people’s heads by using the highway to get downtown, I drove from the suburb to downtown in a straight line almost, through the city. The scenes along the way and the neighborhoods were surreal.

I started in a rich n’hood, eventually entering a middle class n’hood. I can tell because houses get smaller along the way. They still looked fancy and well kept. Then into a n’hood where poor white people live. The state of their infrastructure made it clear that this is such a place. The faces I saw where mostly white. Then comes the Mexican n’hood. The state of their infrastructure was even worse, but they seemed to make the best of it. They decorated everything with colorful lights, there were street vendors and other people all over the street. Kids were playing everywhere and the atmosphere was generally positive. I had no qualms about stopping, parking the car and grabbing a bite to eat at local mom & pop restaurant.

Then come the black n’hoods. I could not believe my eyes that ppl live like that in the USA. Their infrastructure looked worse than 1995 Bosnia. Most of you probably do not understand what that means, and I hope you never have to learn from personal experience. I believe that the correct term for their state of infrastructure is dilapidated. As in, all of it. Falling apart. There were no valuable businesses in these n’hoods, save for an occasional McDonalds or Taco Bell, and a post office, free clinic and other such absolutely necessary establishments.

There were liquor stores *everywhere* and crowds in front of every one of them. I’m not exactly sure what is the point of concealing a bottle of liquor in a paper bag anymore, but that tragically classic scene was on display throughout these n’hoods. People, sitting on the curb, wasted, or getting there before nightfall.

The only word that can accurately summarize the state of Chicago’s black n’hoods is “depression.” Total, permanent, and seemingly irreversible depression.

The solution to this catastrophe? If we are to believe the current news cycle, the solution is to make the rest of USA look like those parts of Chicago.

I can’t tell you how many times I heard” Obama is in charge now, he’ll fix everything. My president is black, my lambo is blue, if you say anything against Obama, you’re not cool.” This was before cancel culture swept across USA and I could still speak my mind freely.

I suppose the results are in and Obama didn’t fix anything. I still read about Chicago war zones, 20 dead, 50 wounded every other weekend. This was common news in the years preceding the current upheaval.

There is something a friend of mine said back then that stayed with me to this day. We were driving back home from a bar one evening and all of us were legally drunk. He was very careful to drive the speed limit. He was complaining about cops. He said how even a few years ago, if cops caught you drunk driving, they wouldn’t make an arrest. They would drive you home, or, at least, have you call someone to come get you. In a worst case scenario, you sober up in a local precinct and then you can go. Sure, your car might get taken to a pound lot, but that was a low price to pay (about $150 to get your car back) for committing a felony.

I don’t know if this same treatment was afforded to minorities, but I can’t imagine that most cops wanted to cause a situation like what happened at that Wendy’s in Atlanta recently.

What happened Americans? How did you get to the point where even rich white ppl now dislike cops? Well, I lived in Illinois long enough to gain some insights. Simple answer – politics.

Democrats rule Illinois, and they have total control of Chicago. For decades, they maintained this rule through sheer bribery. Of course, not in a classic sense. They enacted laws and agreements where every state employee has privileges and benefits that most common folk can only dream to have. High salaries, early and very generous retirements, top notch healthcare, and the works. That whole mantra, repeated on every Hollywood cop show and movie, how it’s tough living on a cop salary – it is a massive load of bullshit. Maybe, just maybe, grunts who just joined the force don’t have it that good. They will, eventually.

This was promised to everybody across the board. Cops, firefighters, post office employees, clerks, politicians and their mistresses, etc. Massive spending of monies they did not have. By year 2000, USA was more or less completely de-industrialized. Northern Illinois, once a prime target for a Soviet nuclear strike due to its high industrial production capacity, resembled scenes from apocalyptic movies and video games by the time I saw it.

The situation is the following: politicians made promises to gain power. In order to maintain power, they kept those promises, spending money they don’t have. So, they issued bonds and borrowed senseless amounts of cash. Borrowed more than they needed to pay off all those promises. Because, why wouldn’t they take some of that sweet sweet cash? Sure, they didn’t pay it directly into their bank accounts. They took it by giving public and city contracts, totalling large sums of money, to their buddies and family business. Some of these companies were formed, what, a day before they got the city contract? My family left Serbia only to find the *exact same* method of political corruption permeating the USA. Don’t take this as an indictment of Democrats only. I have no doubt that this is how Republicans also work. At least, most of them.

Eventually, the debts built up to the point where they could not service them with tax revenue. So, they raised taxes on everything and invented new taxes. However, that didn’t work. What’s left to tax? Walmart and McDonalds employees making $7 an hour? They certainly were not going to tax WalMart and McDonalds corporate profits.

The situation was growing dire. So, the solution was to sic the police on the ppl. To squeeze every $ they could from poor folks. $100 ticket for not wearing a seat belt. Why? If I want to risk my own life, what business is it of yours? I say this as a person who needs no convincing to wear a belt. But why must you force me to do it?

DUI became a nightmare. Instead of friendly n’hood officer who wants to help you get home safe, we now have stalkers who want to ruin your life. DUI arrest, jail, lawyer, court, trial, plea deal, maybe more jail. All in all, a nightmare, a criminal record, lots of $$ spent on nothing. I understand the dangers of drunk driving, but I also understood that the politicians were not thinking about the safety and well being of their communities when they enacted such laws.

I can only guess that there are many more such laws that flay the poor while the rich simply do not care. It’s not like extra police patrols will be deployed to rich n’hoods to catch drunk drivers or those not wearing seat belts.

So, what you have in the end is a mess made by corrupt and absolutely incompetent politicians, where the police force was used akin to how mafia bosses use enforcers to collect “protection” rackets. Except, with the mafia, at least you can point the finger and say “that’s the bad guy.” Of course, the police went along with it. Not like they were threatened. And its not like they are wiling to risk their salaries, health benefits, and large retirement funds. If ppl had to be flayed for $100 every time they didn’t put on a seat belt for a cop to guarantee his salary, so be it. Why, I was even told by my peers that cops had quotas to keep! As in, each of them had to issue at least $2000 worth of tickets and citations per month, or week, or whatever.

Now, when the situation reached a boiling point (with no small help from Soros & Co.) the politicians do what they do best. Lie, cheat, and steal. They just blame the cops and story finished. Media says it is so and the idiots on the streets eat it up. They literally cannot see past that which is right in front of them. Cop writes ticket = cop bad. No matter the fact that cops enforce laws made by elected politicians. The paid mercenaries revel in this orgy of stupidity as they lead those idiots into looting, burning, fighting, and generally destroying their own infrastructure and job opportunities.

I apologize for cursing again. The system in the state of Illinois is such a tangled clusterfuck that there is no untangling it without changing the system. The politicians in power will never allow this. They will sooner disband the police and enact law of the jungle. The survival of the fittest. After all, Darwin’s teachings are now gospel in the USA. Why not live like that? Disbanding the police will also (possibly?) wipe off all of those enormous salaries, pensions, healthcare, and other obligations.

It’s a good thing American forefathers had the foresight to enshrine the 2nd amendment in the bill of rights.

One more observation, about the police. I had interacted with police on numerous occasions. Most cops are decent folk, working a tough job in a terrible system. The jerks among them are of all colors, not just white. There is one very common theme among cops, though. Most are not well-educated.

I watched and worked with a lot of high-schoolers in the USA. Also younger kids at times. I noticed a pattern. Simply put, there are kids at these schools (I worked at public schools only) who are just bullies. Violent for the sake of violent gratification. I suspect that this is a result of decades-long indoctrination. Back in 50s and 60s, kids watched as cowboys slaughtered “Indians” a word which makes me feel dirty every time I use it. Then they watched war movies. Then came the violence of 80s television and movies. As the society went into 90s, violent video games were added to the mix, alongside increasingly violent depictions of fighting on TV and in movies. The tech allowed for portrayal of incredibly graphic violence. Guts and brains and alike.

I am not claiming that movies and video games incite violence. I am claiming that such graphic depictions of violence make a bad situation worse. Bullies became ever more violent. I also noticed that these bullies were generally not intelligent. After free high school education, there was nothing left for them. What are they to do?

Three choices: work $7 an hour job; join the army; become a cop.

Joining the army is out of question. Them A-rabs shoot back. Hell, sometimes you don’t even see them coming. A bomb just blows up near you.

So, it’s either $7 an hour at WalMart or become a cop. So, they join the police forces. It is a job tailor made for a bully. You can dish out abuse all you want, and if somebody dares fight back, shoot them dead. No consequences. If not shot dead, ruin someone’s life through arrest, criminal record, constant harassment. Why not? The politicians gave such power to them. Add to this mix the fact that they have to meet quotas for issuing tickets and a bully is in paradise.

Derek Chauvin certainly seems like a textbook example of this. I generally reserve my judgement. Not in this case. I can’t tell you how many Derek Chauvin’s passed before my eyes in USA high schools, planning to become cops.

I would also add racists to this mix. Being a cop in the USA is a perfect job for a creature scraping the barrel of human intellect. A racist is given a free reign to do as he/she pleases.

I have no solution to offer to Americans. I am no genius. However, I do not wish to see the country disintegrate. The worst case scenario is nukes falling into hands of green-haired, 16 piercings on face, gender-less lunatics. They will have no qualms about nuking those “like terrible racist privileged” people all across the USA, before they threaten the rest of humanity.

American people were pious folk once long ago, both blacks and whites and just about every color in between. The weight of our sins can never be greater than Father’s love and willingness to forgive. Remember that before it is too late.

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