Before the end of his term the President Barak Obama is determined to undo what many see as the greatest injustice of our time. He wants to bring Israel back to its 1967 borders according to the UN resolution and to make Jerusalem a capital of two countries, Palestine and Israel. As the Israeli media puts it: “Obama to use UN to divide Jerusalem.”

Michael Bulgakov, an author of “Master and Margareta” once said that “an insult is an average pay for good work.” I won’t repeat here how they call Obama, but America is now being called “a harlot” by the ultra-Orthodox followers of rabbi Dov Bar-Leib. And in Bar-Leib’s own words, “America is no longer a nation under the G-d of Israel.”

On Tuesday March 15th, 2016 the President of Israel Rivlin arrived to Moscow for a visit to “discuss the challenges facing the region in the wake of the withdrawal of Russian forces.

Here you can see a cortege of Israeli President Rivlin in Moscow

The neo-liberals in Russia, many of whom have a second Israeli passport, were happy to greet their President’s visit in social media. Russia’s official media also saw this visit as a sign of positive development in relations between the two countries.

Russia: Putin and Israeli President Rivlin tout bilateral ties

Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin in Moscow, Wednesday, that the relationship between the two countries was of a “very unusual character.”

“SOT, Russian President Vladimir Putin (Russian): “The relationships between our countries have a long story and are based on friendship and mutual understanding.”
“SOT, Russian President Vladimir Putin (Russian): “Special relationships are formed also due to the fact that almost 1.5 million citizens of Israel are immigrants from the former Soviet Union.”
“SOT, Russian President Vladimir Putin (Russian): “[These are] people who maintain relationships with their relatives in Russia, with friends. This gives a very unusual character to our inter-state relations, of course.”
“SOT, President of Israel Reuven Rivlin (Hebrew): “We cooperate in many directions, in culture, commerce and on the issue of the Holocaust.”
“SOT, President of Israel Reuven Rivlin (Hebrew): “The people of Israel, and I am saying this as a Jew, will never forget Russia’s contribution to the victory over Nazism.”

However... There is a persistent rumor that a head of the former Lviv’s commissars Rivlin has actually delivered… an ultimatum to the President of Russia.

I have stumbled upon several different sources mentioning this “ultimatum,” but to make my life easier I use here just one, it’s a Russian blogger named Cat, or Cat Motja, as his friends call him. I made a mistake yesterday by comparing him to Solomon in his eternal wisdom, and he got mad at me, since he doesn’t consider characters from the Old Testament being worthy any publicity.

Back to our sheep, or rumors. You have watched the video above. Imagine that in this room in the Kremlin there just happened to be a cleaning lady of sorts, dusting. It’s not obvious if she had a perfect command of Hebrew or not, but she just happened to overhear something to the extent that if the UN would go ahead with enforcing its resolution, Israel will go ahead and destroy the holy sites of Christianity. Or, the way Cat puts it, “Israel will vaporize the holy stones into holy dust.

People lived with Palmira for thousands of years. In 2015 a private international army that has been selling stolen Syrian oil to Israel in exchange for weapons and medical support, turned Palmira into dust without batting an eye. It’s was done to show to all of us that it can be done.

How would Christians react to this blackmail, if indeed it’s real?

Cat looked in the New Testament and he didn’t find anywhere that would say “guard and protect those holy stones with your life.” Actually it explicitly states that Christianity is not that sort of religion.

Will it make us less Christians, if instead of holy stones, we will have holy dust? The answer is “no.”

There is also a question of “price.” If we, Christians, give in to one ultimatum, will there be others? How much would our independence and integrity “cost” us. Say, we agree with the terms of this ultimatum and keep the status quo. Who can guarantee that in 2017 Israel won’t demand something else? Have those holy stones turned into a sword that Israel holds over our necks?

It looks like the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia think the same way, because they just issued a statement:
MFA Russia ‏@mfa_russia: “Israel settlement projects in the Palestinian territories are illegal & the decisions on them should be reviewed”

Moscow Calls New Expropriation of Land by Israel in Palestine ‘Illegal

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