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Today, after some weeks on a Hospital recovering from a severe intoxication that almost killed me (1) and which have keep me between life and dead due to the secondary effects of such event (I mean the intoxication) the doctors found the medical solution to heal me, applied it and… voila 20 minutes later I am at home again reading that the US Government is preparing to give aid under the Lend and Lease Act to the Ukrainian Satrapy (AKA Country 404) in order to maintain it afloat, rebuild its army, and of course launch a counteroffensive that will push Russia beyond the Urals, and surely for 50 billion more, beyond the Kolyma Mountains.

Everybody knows that the Americans do this because they live in a country of abundance, a functional post scarcity society, where money is not an issue, and the Populus in general are only dedicated to their personal advancement thanks to education, philosophical and scientifical research, et cetera. A country where politicians only think on how to improve the wellbeing of their fellow countrymen, and work unstoppable to do it, no matter the costs…

uh oh … looks like another seizure… yes? No? No, false alarm. Just some after effects of the intoxication still.

As I said, 50 Billion Dollars! Any normal country can do quite a lot with that money! If it is only invested in the Army, then Hell! They can have an army as well equipped and efficient as some of the best armies(3) in the World

But, lets ask ourselves: what can a country like 404 do with such amount?

First, we must apply Mathematics to know how much of that 50 billions really get to 404. Yes sorry, it is another Essay with Mathematics, because they never lie.

For this we are going to apply a Formula:

R404 = B*(1-(f1+f2+f3+…+*fn))

Where the Terms are

R404 is the Real amount of MoneyMoneyMoney that the Country 404 really gets

B is the planned Lend and Lease amount to be throw away through the window given

fn are Reality Modifiers Factors such as:

f1 : Us Congressmen racket percentage, which vary between 3 and 50%

f2 : Financial handlers theft Fees; usually not smaller than 10%

f3 : 404 Congressmen bribery salary percentage, usually a Term called ATCS(4)

f4 : 404 Oligarchic shakedown Percentage, usually a Term called ATCSFWL(5)

f5 : Military Industrial Complex CRAP (6) brazen robbery Overpricing Factor

when the Formula is worked

R404 =*(1-(0,5*0,1*0,14*0,14*0,1) = 1000.000.000

R404 = 1 billion Dollars.

Taking into account the effectivity of such investments in past events (7) after some months the Country 404 should surely muster a 10 men Army, equipped with hundredths of (obsolete) Tanks, APC, Planes, Artillery systems, anti-tank and anti-air rocket launchers (no warranty that any of these functions properly) with millions of tons of ammo (no warranty to be the appropriate ones for the mentioned weapons before). Of these men, half of them in Ironman suits and the other half dressed in Batman suits… that would terrorize the Russian people, Army soldiers, general Shoigu, minister Lavrov and Pres. Putin himself. And that would revert the Tide of Russian Hordes, destroying them in the process, and reach the Urals (and surely for 50 billion more, even reach the Kolyma Mountains as mentioned before)

Meanwhile, in Country 404, elites(8) and whomever can, is trying to leave the country to survive the reckoning in perspective.

In the US… same Shit as every day.

  1. The intoxication was caused accidentally when my television entered in a Zapping Cycle which exposed me to MSM reporting of the Events in Ukraine for about 4 minutes. Watching the News of CNN, BBC, CNBC, and such started a process of severe laughing that combined with the brain seizures were almost mortal.
  2. The medical solution has been around for quite a long time, it is a product that taken in small (or big, it doesn’t really matter) quantities makes you immune to Covid, poisoning, dementia and other maladies. Fact is, it makes you immortal! The Product is the (in)famous NOVICHOK. As all those who have taken it can testify about its efficiency.
  3. Best armies in the world with a budget close to 50 billion annually.

Reader Discretion is advised, this information about the best armies can cause severe laughing, and diarrhea once understood.

  • La France ca. 56 billion annual budget
  • Das Germany ca. 56 billion annual budget
  • Saudi Barbaria ca. 55 billion annual budget
  • Japan ca. 54 billion annual budget
  • South Korea ca. 50 billion annual budget
  1. ATCS = All They Can Steal
  2. ATCSFWL= All They Can Steal From What is Left

Please Note that ATCS and ATCSFWL are interchangeable and have a mathematical tendence to be as high as possible percentually, and catch me if you can.

  1. The products of the Military Industrial Complex, also known as CRAP, an Acronym for Concoptions Really Absurdly (over)Priced. As effective as those charlatan potions for hair growing,
    Wart removers and various maladies alleviators, et al. Sold in the Far West in the nineteen century.
  2. The 5 Syrian Rebels… yes, those trained for 500 million Dollars.
  3. By elites we all know I am referring to those oligarchs, politicians, and banderites that have done an ATCS or ATCSFWL to improve their personal advancement as exiles in other countries.


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