Dear President Putin and  Russian citizens,

I am an American and I write this as July 4th approaches. Many people here already have their flags up, many more will be putting them up in preparation of the big celebratory day to come. They will wave them, place them on their vehicles, display them on their homes and wear them on their bodies. And what will it mean to them? An allegiance, a loyalty, a love for a nation in which they live? A tolerance, a living breathing collection of souls going about their lives with little or no regard for the direction in which our leaders are taking this country? How can this be? How can so many not care, but even endorse such madness that comes from Washington?

We have a President that spews venom, lies, and propaganda, against the Russian nation and you. A congress that does the same, passes laws, endorses sanctions and creates measures to cause misery and suffering for the Russian people. A disgusting group of corporations that is called the mainstream media that publish and broadcast the venom from Washington, never to question the true intentions of their masters but only promote their agenda.
Most of my fellow Americans have become so intellectually lazy that they accept this trash, this poison willingly, preferring to have their so called facts delivered through their God screens. That is what I refer to the TV. To Americans, it is like the word of God. Most will never refuse to believe it. The absolute refusal to see the other side of what is happening has blinded them. I believe a nation lost.

In that regard, I have for years considered putting up a flag on the 4th of July. But for over 30 years I have not been able to find a reason when I consider the actions and direction of my country. However, this year I have decided to put a flag up. Yes, finally I have a reason do so.

This year I will put the white, blue and red flag of the Russian nation on my house.

I will do it to show my support for my Russian brothers and sisters and you President Putin that are under attack by my evil leaders. I can not change their direction, they are to corrupt, but I can show that I do not accept it, I can say that I do not agree with them. It is but a little action in support of Russia that I can do, and I will defend it against neighbor, community, local, state and federal attack.

In addition, I would also like to apologize for a specific piece of poison delivered from the mouth of our pathetic president. His grouping of Russia as a threat to the US, equivalent to Isis and Ebola. This disgusting statement came from the charred and burnt soul of a little man that is frustrated and defeated. He will never acknowledge this mistake, and it saddens me greatly that he delivered it to the great nation of Russia. So please accept my sincere apology for this and all the other insane lies coming from Washington toward you President Putin and your people.
I would like to say persevere my brothers and sisters in Russia, but there is no need. You are Russian, and you do. You know hardship and adversity, you always overcome.

One day I would like to put up an American flag, right beside my Russian flag. That would mean so much to me and the world. It would mean my country has seen the light. But for now the light is eastward. I see it from here. A glow over the Motherland, a true Christian nation. God is pleased with Russia. This I know.

Listen and see America, you too Obama, Hillary, McCain and all you that demonize Russia. That is the sound and sight of an $18 trillion eagle being swatted out of the air by the Great Russian Bear.

Sincerely and with admiration and respect,


PS: the photo chosen by Carpenter to represent him is his late friend “Chainsaw looking due East with intend to go

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